M’sian Man Stumbles Upon RM1 Nasi Lemak Sold By Cancer Survivor Aunty, Netizens Chime In To Offer Jobs

Malaysians offer jobs to cancer survivor

It’s no secret that Malaysians are a compassionate bunch – this has been proven time and time again by these local stories of humanity, such as the police who escorted a Malaysian woman with her sister who was in labour to the hospital, or that time when a German tourist got stranded during the MCO, and Malaysians helped him out.

Our generosity is definitely a trait to be proud of, as observed by @RoobGanesan who posted a tweet 2 days ago to raise awareness about a roadside nasi lemak stall and its owner whom he stumbled upon in Taman Sentosa Klang. Little did he know, his tweet about the owner who needed a side job blew up with more than 12,000 retweets at the time of writing, and replies from altruistic Malaysians wanting to help poured in. 

Netizens chime in with job offers and donations for the aunty

Image credit: @RoobGanesan

After chatting with the nasi lemak stall seller who was selling each packet for RM1, a humble sum considering the hard work needed to cook the breakfast dish, Roob Ganesan found out that she’s also a cancer survivor having a difficult time making ends meet since the MCO.

So he took to Twitter himself to share that the aunty had been looking for a job, and that he’d then hooked her up with a friend who needed someone to help her peel onions. 

Roob Ganesan recalls that the aunty had said, clearly touched by their kind gesture, “Thank you. You’re both like my saviours, reaching out to help me.”

Image credit: @Ikmalshahh

Netizens then started inquiring about the seller’s contact details, and replied with possible job offers for her. This tweet by @Ikmalshahh stated that his company has a platform that will enable her to work from home. 

Image credit: @sleepygirlhana

Meanwhile, @sleepygirlhana presumably offered to donate to the aunty and asked for her bank account number.

Image credit: @GengKroh

There was also a suggestion by @GengKroh to start a fund for her. The user also added that they would continue to keep her in their prayers.

The aunty’s new employer was pleased with her work 

Image credit: @MckiahKitchen

Roob Ganesan’s friend, who first hired the aunty to help peel onions, posted a follow-up tweet saying that she had just collected a second batch of peeled onions from her. She was very pleased with her diligence and neat handiwork. 

Image credit: @MckiahKitchen

She also managed to obtain a copy of the aunty’s medical report to prove that she was indeed in the process of receiving medical treatment, accompanied by the caption, “As a confirmed cancer patient who may not be as able as a normal person, she doesn’t even whine about it.”

Malaysians impressed with cancer survivor’s spirit

Everyone has challenges to overcome, and you never know what a stranger is going through, so perhaps it’s not that bad to take some time out to talk to strangers after all. Just like this aunty, someone you meet on the street could be in dire need of help. 

And if we are in a more privileged position to help, there is always a way to contribute – be it in the form of financial support, raising awareness of the situation, or even in prayers.

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