15 Cafes For Coffee In KL For Connoisseurs When 3-in-1 Kopi Is Just Not Hitting The Spot

Cafes for coffee in KL

For many of us, it’s most convenient to grab a packet of 3-in-1 coffee to sip on-the-go as our daily fuel for work. But while it gives us decent caffeine boosts, real connoisseurs would agree that everyone deserves a good cup of freshly brewed coffee after all those tough days at work. 

So if you’re looking to take your coffee cup from survival juice to artisanal level, these 15 cafes for coffee in KL are just for you. With cosy interiors, great food, and beverages brewed with local and international roasters, these cafes will brighten up your everyday cup of joe.

1. Kissa {X} Coffee – coffee tasting with jazz bar vibes

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{X} Coffee has 3 locations in KL, including Q Sentral and their sister cafe, T Cafe, at the new Taobao store at MYTown Shopping Mall. But forego the office crowd and shoppers at these 2 spots by dropping by their specialty coffee lounge, Kissa {X} Coffee, in TTDI that oozes jazz bar vibes.

Dark furniture here that lends to the jazz bar vibes
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They are a Japanese-inspired coffee bar with 13 single-origin coffee beans available that are sourced mainly from roasters in Japan, including Maruyama Coffee. But don’t miss out on their Cup of Excellence (CoE) options from Honduras, Mexico, and Colombia, which is considered some of the best coffee beans produced. 

You can try these out in their Filter Coffee (RM18) that’s brewed with a C275 gold filter that gets rid of any unwanted bitterness known in black coffees. 

Get a Maruyama Coffee iced coffee, imported from Japan, that’s served in a fancy wine glass
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Other drinks to get here are their affordable cup of Long Black (RM5), as well as Iced Latte (RM10). There are also coffee beans and equipment for sale, and reusable and ceramic cups, all imported from Japan.

Kissa {X} Coffee @ TTDI
Address: 86A, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, KL
Opening hours: Thurs-Fri 11AM-10PM (Closed Mon-Wed)
Telephone: 03-7731 3311

{X} Coffee @ Q Sentral
Address: Level 12-16 (AP), Q Sentral, 2A, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00AM-5.30PM (Closed Saturdays and Sundays)
Telephone: 011-6334 7337

T Cafe @ MYTown Shopping Mall
Address: Lot No.G-03A, Level G, MyTown Shopping Centre No.6, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10.30AM-9PM, Daily

2. Kopikumy – hidden backyard cafe

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee in an alfresco garden setting
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Kopikumy is a coffee shop from Indonesia that used to sell cups of coffee for under RM10 at their pop-up stall at Plaza Mont Kiara’s Thursday Markets. But they’ve now found a permanent space in Sri Hartamas, serving their signature coffees from a cosy residential home at the same affordable prices. 

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Their Kopiku Special (RM7), which is espresso sweetened with coconut syrup, is a must-try here, and so is their rendition of black coffee, Kopi Kebun Sendiri (RM8). They brew all their drinks with their own organic Indonesian coffee beans and alkaline water, so you’ll be getting an extra silky cup of coffee here.

They also have quick to-go bakes, such as burnt cheesecakes and cookies, that change daily. But you’re also welcome to bring your own food, and read a book off the shelf next to the cashier, to make it feel as if you’re truly hanging out at a friend’s backyard. 

Don’t miss out on this hidden coffee spot that is located in the backyard of a house
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And if you can’t get enough of their coffee, pick up a bag of their house-blend ground beans, Kopi Kebun Sendiri Bean (RM19/100gr), to brew at home yourself. 

: Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Taman Sri Hartamas, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 8AM-7PM (Closed Mondays)
Telephone: 019-279 7122

3. LOKL Coffee Co – local signatures with condensed milk and coconut water

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Located right in KL’s city center, LOKL Coffee Co hosts a potpourri of locals and tourists alike for their Asian and Western fusion dishes and twists on local coffee drinks. 

So while you can order some old-school servings of Kopi O (RM7) and Kopi Susu (RM8), don’t miss out on their Coffee Bon Bon (RM9), a modern take on kopi susu that fuses condensed milk with a double shot of espresso. And their Iced Coffee and Coconut (RM12) replaces milk with coconut water for another interesting twist on a classic. 

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For those who like a surprise, they have a special menu every week that introduces a new snack, main, and dessert to their usual menu. They update their Instagram stories regularly on these surprises, so keep an eye out on it. 

But if you’re planning on making more than a trip and want something permanent, their Miso Honey Butter Chicken (RM24) and Caramelized Garlic Quiche (RM22) are worth trying. 

Image credit: @e.s.t.repeat

LOKL Coffee Co
30 Jalan Tun H S Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: Thur-Sun 8AM-5PM (Closed Mon-Wed)
Telephone: 03-2052 8506

4. Maven Coffee Store – sells Nespresso pods & brewing equipment

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Maven Coffee Store’s spacious interior that’s filled with minimalist wooden furniture will make you want to kick back here on a lazy afternoon. And it doesn’t hurt that they serve up Maven Coffee (RM8) that lets you sample the coffee beans of the day from local and international roasters such as Cloud Catcher and Industry Beans

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For a milkier coffee mix, get Milk Espresso (RM10), with choices of Flat White, Latte, and Cappuccino that’s creamy and frothy. There are pastries and brunch food available too, such as Crispy Chicken Pancakes (RM16) and Fusion Beef Stew (RM22) that’s doused in a thick beef broth. 

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They also sell Specialty Coffee Collective Coffee Capsules (RM35/10 capsules) that’s both convenient and compatible with Nespresso machines. You can also choose from a long list of coffee beans from Malaysia and Australian roasters to brew up a cup of coffee from your home too. 

Maven Coffee Store
Lot G-30, Shamelin Star Residence, No. 36A, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10.30-10.00PM (Closed Mondays)
Telephone: 03-2728 2685

5. Kohi Yatta – cold-steeped beverages

Kohi Yatta is another Japanese-inspired coffee spot on the list. And while coffee beans get switched out weekly here, you don’t want to miss their brews of Italian Gardelli coffees and Ethiopian Gesha Village that are common options.

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Some of the specials here include Lungo (RM10), an Italian-style coffee. Or for something cold to fight off the heat, opt for the Cold-Steeped Chocolate (RM15/250ml) and Cold Brew Coffee (RM12/250ml) instead. It’s available in store, and also at Village Grocer and Ben’s Independent Grocers in KL.

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Pair your cuppa with food items on the menu, such as Yuzu Katsu Udon (RM26) and Gyu Don Ultra (RM26). But for something a little unique, their Nasi Lemak Bento (RM13) is served in a bento box with chicken karaage and miso soup on the side.  

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They often cater to private events as well, so be sure to check out its Facebook page to see if it is closed for the day before you pay a visit to this cafe. 

Kohi Yatta
: 4, Jalan Sungai Besi, Chan Sow Lin, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Sat-Sun 9.00AM-6.30PM
Telephone: 012-250 7281

6. Cottle Coffee – cafe from Melbourne

Coming in straight from Melbourne which is known for its buzzing coffee culture, Cottle Coffee is a coffee joint on Jalan Tun HS Lee that roasts their own coffee beans and uses it in their drinks. 

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Flat White (RM10) and Long Black (RM8) are recommended drinks here to fully tease out the fruity and nutty notes of the cafe’s house blend. But there are also options of Chocolate (RM11) and Matcha (RM11) if you’re bringing along someone who prefers a non-coffee beverage.

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For a hearty brunch meal, try the Avocado Egg Sourdough Sandwich (RM16) and Beef Ghoulash with Baguette (RM18) that’s available from the series of sandwiches and pastries they have. 

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Cottle Coffee
: 18, Jalan Tun HS Lee, City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: 8AM-4PM, Daily
Telephone: 017-269 3242

7. Little People – coffee-tasting sets

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Little People is an open-concept cafe that’s meant to make you feel like you’re walking into someone’s kitchen. And they take their coffee seriously as their 3 founders are all baristas. 

Coffee beans here are sourced from local roasters Artisan Roast, and Square Mile Coffee Roasters from London. It gets switched out weekly, but to sample options here in one-go, order the Duo Set (RM25) – a coffee-tasting set with 2 specialty-filter coffees for you to sample the weekly beans. 

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Other coffee options here include Clever Coffee (RM13) that’s made with the brew of the day, and staples such as Latte (RM12). 

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@littlepeople_ & @littlepeople_

They also handmake over 9 variations of pastas, including Beef Ragu Bolognese Tagliatelle (RM28) and Pink Pasta (RM22), which is a simple and delicious plate of al-dente beetroot pasta with feta cheese and roasted walnuts. 

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Don’t miss out on their unique dessert offerings either, such as their Popiah Ice Cream (RM22) and series of delicious cheesecakes.

Little People
G-01, Avantas Residences 162, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 10AM-11PM (Closed Tuesdays)
Telephone: 03-7971 9209

8. Kopenhagen Coffee – Danish coffee with an IG-worthy interior

Coffees are served in cups made from Royal Copenhagen, a famous Danish porcelain-maker.
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Embracing the best of hygge decor, this Danish cafe is filled with light and minimalist furniture that feels homey and simple while you sip on a cup of Latte (RM12) or Flat White (RM12) here.

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Kopenhagen Coffee 

The cafe’s must-trys include Filter Coffee (RM15) and Espresso Tonic (RM12) which is a bubbly shot of house blend coffee that has fruity and nutty tasting notes. And you can choose to swap out regular milk with almond, soy milk (both RM4), or even oat milk (RM6).

Get a cup of coffee at this IG-worthy spot in the cafe
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Pair your coffee with Gluten-free Banana Cake (RM10), or Versatile Viking (RM18), which has banana over wholemeal bread and a side of Greek yoghurt, granola, and fruits, for a healthy breakfast. 

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Open-face sandwiches are unique to Danish food, and you can try them out with their Bof Sandwich (RM28) with beef brisket, and Kopenhagen Chick (RM28) which comes with poached chicken, mushrooms, and asparagus on wholemeal bread. 

Kopenhagen Coffee
: Vista Kiara, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-5PM | Sat-Sun 8AM-7PM
Telephone: 03-6211 6363

9. Pause Cafe KL – sparkling and stout-inspired coffees

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@klbreakfastdiary & @yumtummy28_

Reoccupying an old apartment building on Jalan Choo Cheng Kay, Pause Cafe KL has relaxed, nostalgic vibes and artisanal coffee right in the heart of the city. 

Image credit: @rey.winter.stuff

The Sober Tonic (RM15) is a must-try coffee drink here. The blend of sparkling water, shot of espresso, and ginger syrup is a fragrant caffeinated refresher. And not to be missed is the Stout Alike (RM13), a frothy cold brew coffee with 4-shots of espresso sweetened with coconut syrup that is served in a beer pint. 

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Their menu features some classic Malaysian dishes such as Roti Bakar Set (RM6.50) with soft-boiled eggs and toast bread with kaya. But for something a little more filling, order the sinful Pork Lard Rice (RM12) – a favourite among customers for its generous portions and piles of crispy lard. 

Pause Cafe KL
: 140, Jalan Choo Cheng Kay, Kampung Attap, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 9.30AM-5PM (Closed Tuesdays)
Telephone: 012-506 0878

10. Neighbour’s Coffee Bar – coffee with fluffy Japanese pancakes

Image adapted from: @kevin.voon

Desserts and coffee go together like bread and butter. And Neighbour’s Coffee Bar does not disappoint with a cup of Americano (RM9) or Latte (RM11) – brewed with its own house blend from Ethiopia – that’s served with a plate of signature “Fuwa Fuwa” souffle pancakes. 

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@chchchchoong & @neighbours.coffee

The Fuwa Fuwa Pancake with Softserve (RM24) is soft, moist and fluffy, and comes with seasonal ice cream flavours, which can also be swapped with seasonal fruits (RM22).

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They also have their own line of Cold Brew (RM15), if you’re still in need of coffee and want something cold to take with you on your way home. 

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar
Address: A-G-1, Seri Gembira Avenue, No 6, Jalan Senang Ria, Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Thur 9AM-6PM | Fri-Sun 9AM-11PM
Telephone: 012-238 7185

11. Rage Coffee – coffee with vegan and vegetarian dishes

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RAGE is your non-traditional cafe on the block with unique drinks to match. Their drink options include Espresso-Cado Shake (RM10), an avocado-espresso smoothie, as well as Matcha Gula Melaka (RM10) and Matcha My Asam (RM10) for a touch of local flavours.  

For something even more unique to keep the grind going, Bulletproof Coffee (RM8) is a Keto-friendly option with butter added to black coffee for extra creaminess. 

A pink rage room for you relax on a bean bag and sip on your cup of coffee
Image credit: @janhops_

For those who want an alternative to milk, switch out your regular milk with Oat, Coconut or Soy Milk for just RM2. They also serve vegetarian and vegan food and drinks, such as their Rage Sambal Aglio E Olio (RM12) and Mamee Goreng (RM9) with Cha Cha Kombucha (RM13).

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Rage Coffee @ Bangsar
Address: Menara UOA Bangsar, Unit LGF-3A, No 5, Jalan Bangsar Utama 1, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.45AM-8.00PM (Closed Saturdays & Sundays)
Telephone: 012-527 5451

See all locations here.

12. Bean Brothers MY – coffee with tasting note cards

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David L 

To save you that trip to another country with a buzzing coffee culture, Bean Brothers from Seoul now has 2 industrial-style cafes with live greenery in PJ and KL. 

A Flat White (RM12) here comes with 2 options: Black Suite for chocolate tasting notes, and Velvet White for a lighter, fruitier base. And if you want to try different coffee extraction methods, you’ll have options to brew your Pour Over Coffee (RM14) with a V60, Aeropress, or Clever too. 

Each cup of coffee comes with a tasting note card that lets you know all about your coffee
Image credit: @foodebble

The cafe has several light snacks, including buttery croissants with interesting fillings such as Avocado and Sea Salt (RM7) or Sriracha Egg Mayo (RM6) to pair with your coffee. The Mutton Curry Spaghetti (RM32) is another unique combo, and along with Grilled Polenta-coated Seabass (RM32) make up the heartier food menu items here.

credit: @beanbrothers.my 

Bean Brothers @ KL
Address: G-1, The Linc KL, No. 360, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 012-816 1340

Bean Brothers @ PJ
Address: Jalan PJU 3/50, Sunway Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: 8.30AM-8PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-7733 5418

13. Feeka Coffee Roasters – dessert-like coffee beverages

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Take a break at Feeka over a cup of their decadent coffee creations Coco Sunset (RM18), a creamy orange-and-chocolate espresso mix, and Sticky Bun Latte (RM15) that has caramel syrup and sauce over frothy latte. 

But traditionalists who like their coffee dark can opt for a Long Black (RM9) that can be brewed from their house blends – Feeka from Coffee Collective, and Blackbird from Artisan Roast. Or swap them out for a Premium Blend or Single Origin for an additional RM1. And if it all sounds Greek to you, consult a helpful barista here to explain their daily selection of beans.

Outdoor seats have surrounding live greenery and ping-pong tables for dining tables
Image credit: @plantmeinkl

The Gold Cup Brewer (RM15) is another item on the menu that coffee connoisseurs should check out here. Baristas will grind, brew, and slowly extract your coffee to order, and have it served in a glass carafe for a true coffee-tasting experience. 

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They also have a series of mains to go with your coffee. For breakfast (8AM-3PM), there’s the vegetarian-friendly French Toast with Matcha Custard (RM19). And for lunch and dinner, the Swedish Meatballs (RM25) with handmade meatballs and Grilled Chicken with Couscous (RM25) are good options to go with. 

Feeka Coffee Roasters
Address: 19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours: 8AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2110 4599

14. Coffea Coffee Arkadia – quiet zone for uninterrupted coffee seshs

Image adapted from: @thehumanbeans.co

Coffea Coffee is a franchise from Korea that has their own house blends too. The Maestro, a full-bodied blend, and Madonna, a sweeter and lighter blend, is brewed pour-over style here so you’ll be getting a creamy and pure cup of coffee. 

There are 13 types of single origin beans as well. Have it unadulterated and black from RM13, or get a cup of Cafe Latte (RM13) or Americano (RM10). Or go all out with its CoE coffee bean options, Mexico Agua Raspos and Nicaragua Bella Aurora (RM22/each).

Quiet zone on the second floor of the cafe with dividers and personal wall plugs for laptop users
Image credit: Coffea Coffee

And while you’re here, order a Set Lunch (RM23) – from 11.30AM-2.30AM – that comes with a main and a cup of Americano, or any milk-based coffee for an additional RM2. The set menu changes every month and is announced on their Facebook page, but you can expect options of Tomato Meatball Pasta (RM25) and Tuna Benedict (RM25).

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Coffea Coffee Arkadia

And if you’re looking to pick up some serious coffee knowledge, join their Coffee Appreciation: Discovering Single Origin (RM30/pax) workshop which lets you sample 3 single origins brews and learn about food pairings and tasting profiles.

Coffea Coffee
Address: Block E-G-2, Plaza Arkadia, No 3 Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa Park City, KL
Opening hours: 8AM-12AM, Daily
Telephone: 03-2712 3546

15. Eight Ounce Coffee – New York-style bagels with coffee

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Suria KLCC has several coffee franchises for you to satiate your caffeine needs at. But for a change of scene and homegrown cup of joe, hit up Eight Ounce Coffee. They have their own unique blend of coffee beans from Guatemala, Columbia, Brazil, and Sumatra that you can test out in their Macchiato (RM10) or Latte (RM13).

To-go drinks at Eight Ounce Coffee Co. comes in cups with batik designs
Image credit: @eightouncecoffeeco

And go full-on New York style with their selection of bagels to go with your coffee, including Bagel Sandwich (RM13.90) with salted beef slices, and Cheese and Olive Bagels (RM7.50).

Image credit:
Eight Ounce Coffee Co. 

Eight Ounce Coffee
Address: Unit 115, Level 1, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30AM-10.00PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-10PM
Telephone: 03-7622 8780

Caffeine boosters at cafes for coffee in KL

Whether coffee is just your breakfast beverage, or your survival juice throughout the day, these cafes for coffee in KL will help amp up your everyday cup of coffee. And with cosy and minimalistic interiors as well, they make for good spots to kick back and satisfy all your cafe-hopping curiosities. 

Here are other cafes you should check out in Klang Valley: 

Cover image adapted from: @thehumanbeans.co, @kohiyatta, @specky.terrence & @kopenhagencoffee