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M’sian Nail Artist Puts Famous Bubble Tea Brands On Her Nails, She Obviously Loves Xing Fu Tang

Malaysian artist creates bubble tea nails

Bubble Tea Nail Art Cover Pic
Image adapted from: @tay_tiffany

Artistic boba lover Tiffany Tay has found the perfect way to combine her love for bubble tea and nail art. She accurately replicates her favourite boba brands’ logo with her delicate handiwork and nails them as the perfect manicure design. We’re sure that the list is only going to keep growing, especially with new bubble tea chains popping up every other week.

5 bubble teas on 1 hand

As featured on The Rakyat Post, Tay spent 3 days to paint 5 bubble tea brands on her nails, and if you’re a big fan of the beverage, you’ll probably be able to instantly recognise all 5 of them.

Image credit: @tay_tiffany

She has Xing Fu Tang on her thumb and it looks like their signature brown sugar bubble milk tea. She’s able to hand-draw the crisp, intricate lines of Chinese characters and has even nailed the tiny red inscription of the logo. 

On the rest of her nails, she has Chatto, Shifen Station, Pin Tea and Whale Tea. You can even see that for Shifen Station, she opted for 3D bubbles sitting atop a thick layer of cream. The tapioca pearls are even glistening like how they usually are after preparation!

Loyal to Xing Fu Tang

In another Instagram post, she featured a different set of nails that featured 2 bubble tea brands, Koi and again, Xing Fu Tang.

Xing Fu Tang And Koi Nail Art
Image credit: @tay_tiffany

You can also find a third Xing Fu Tang-inspired nail art as you continue scrolling down her Instagram feed, which features the brand’s soda-flavoured bubble tea. The light pop of pastel blue would definitely suit those who are looking to have more colourful nails. 

Image credit: @tay_tiffany

It becomes apparent that Tay has a lot of love for Xing Fu Tang compared to other brands. At least now she doesn’t have to get caught up in a long queue to get her hands on a drink from the popular chain since she already has them right on her nails! It could be a good way to curb cravings as well. 

Boba nail art as a fashion statement

The next time you get your fix of bubble tea, you might be able to spot someone sporting these nails. This latest bubble tea trend is the healthiest option out there – it’s definitely free of calories – and you can flaunt off your love for boba at any occasion.