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Double Knott: A New Penang Cafe With Indoor Swings & Halal Fusion Meals Such As Ayam Percik Pasta

Double Knott in Penang

We head to cafes and look forward to our taste buds being tingled. But what can make the experience all the more better is if it comes with some fun as well. Enter Double Knott in Penang, a new cafe where you can dine on a wide range of Western and local dishes with a fun twist – on pretty swing chairs.

Hop on a swing seat and snap photos at IG-worthy photo zones 

Double Knott Cafe penang - inside
Image credit: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

As cool cafes go, they don’t come much cooler than Double Knott. Located in the heritage area of George Town, this delightful cafe provides diners a respite from the busy streets outside its doors with its snug ambience. Cosy and homely with its conspicuous light-wood accents throughout the space, and subtly decorated with hanging shrubs and plants, the cafe is the perfect spot for a chill outing with friends or as a simple date spot.

Double Knott Cafe penang - seats
Image credit: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

But the coolest part about Double Knott is the suspended indoor swings that they have in place of chairs. There is a wooden seat dangling from the ceilings for each of the high table spots, and all of them are whimsically decorated with leafy tendrils. This doesn’t just make for a fun dining experience, but also an IG-worthy one.

Double Knott Cafe penang - swings
Image credit: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

There’s even a photo area with a large wooden swing against a gorgeous backdrop of lush foliage for you to pose away for that perfect IG shot. The cafe’s dreamy setting makes it a suitable space for special events and occasions as well.

Double Knott Cafe penang - events
Image adapted from: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

A vast menu offering of Western & local meals

Settle down on a pretty swing and get ready to tuck into the cafe’s wide array of food offerings from their menu. From fusion pastas to stuffed wraps, everything here is hearty and substantial, you’ll struggle to choose just one enticing dish.

Double Knott Cafe penang - food
Image credit: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

Cosy up on the swings and order a plate of a no-frills Seafood Aglio Olio (RM24.90), or the Pasta & Percik (RM24.90) that’s an intriguing medley of ayam percik and percik sauce over spaghetti noodles, a typical Western carb. If you prefer something more familiar, the Butter Rice with Fried Ayam Percik (RM24.90) makes for an aromatic and fulfilling meal.

Double Knott Cafe penang - pasta
Image adapted from: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

Other main dish options include Double Knott Nyonya Fish (RM21.90), Sirloin Steak (RM36.90), and Chicken/Beef Fajita Wrap (RM18.90). There is also an assortment of appetisers that are meant for sharing. The Chilli Con Pollo Fries (RM15.90) is a feisty favourite, while the Buffalo Wings (RM16.90) and Texas Nachos (RM17.90) are easy crowd-pleasers.

Double Knott Cafe penang - meals
Image adapted from: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram

While relatively simple, their drinks menu is extensive as well. Their Mocktail Series (RM13.90/glass) has eclectic flavours such as Elderflower and Passion Fruit, while the Yogurt Soda Series (RM16.90/glass) will cool you off with fruity combos including Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, and Grape.

Swing by Double Knott in George Town for a hearty meal 

If you’re looking for a fun dining experience, you’ll want to KIV the Double Knott – here, you can feel like a kid again while snagging a seat on their indoor swings – and with good food and drinks to accompany you, of course.

Address: 90, Lebuh Gereja, George Town, 10200 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: Sat -Tue & Thu 12pm-11pm | Fri 3pm-11pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 010-393 5172

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Cover image adapted from: @doubleknott_cafe via Instagram