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Hobbitoon Village: A New Attraction Near Cameron Highlands With IRL Hobbit Homes & A Cafe For Major Shire Vibes

Hobbitoon Village in Perak 

Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of The Lord Of The Rings, you probably know about the Hobbit houses. These charming mound cottages with round doors not only feature in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional The Shire. They actually exist in New Zealand at the country’s famous Hobbiton Village.

Here in Malaysia, you’ll find a replica of these homes at Hobbitoon Village, a new attraction just a 30-minute drive from Cameron Highlands. It has homes that look straight out of The Shire and even an in-house cafe called Hobbitoon Cafe that serves whimsical drinks.

A quaint village with Hobbit houses for photo ops

Image credit: @hobbitoon_village via Instagram

Despite only having opened on 1st January 2024, Hobbitoon Village has quickly captured the attention of Malaysians. And it’s not hard to see why.

Image credit: @hobbitoon_village via Instagram

This new Hobbit-inspired attraction, situated about 30 minutes from the popular Cameron Highlands, Pahang, and Simpang Pulai, Perak – and a 40-minute drive from the city of Ipoh – is a sight to behold. 

Image credit: Hobbiton Village via Google Maps

Like a scene right from the LOTR films, there’s a collection of quaint cottages that house the beloved diminutive characters from the film.

Do note that this attraction is different from the one at Cameron Highlands Flora Park called Hobbiton Village, which also features white Hobbit homes that make a backdrop for afternoon tea.

Image credit: @hobbitoon_village via Instagram

Reminiscent of the idyllic, pastoral corner of Middle-Earth, the attraction allows you to walk through a village dotted with the cottages. Most of them are facades that make for great photo spots, as they are complete with vegetable patches, stone walkways, and decorative sculptures. 

But there’s one that you can actually explore within to really feel like Frodo and his gang. 

Image credit: Hobbiton Village via Google Maps

While you journey through The Shire, you can spot other familiar village features such as a well, a waterfall, a ship, and barrels. 

Tickets to the attraction are priced RM40/adult and RM20/child aged between 5-12.

A cafe that serves whimsical drinks

Image credit: @hobbitoon_cafe via Instagram

Once you’re done exploring the village, you can head to the in-house cafe called Hobbitoon Cafe. The pork-free restaurant operates between 9am-6pm, serving staple Western dishes such as Fish & Chips and Chicken Chops. 

Image adapted from: Hobbiton Village via Google Maps

But a star here are their whimsical drinks, including a Dwarven Draught presented in a beer mug that the Hobbits drink from at their lively gatherings. There’s also another drink on the menu called Ogre Crush, topped with chunks of Oreo bits. 

Image adapted from: @hobbitoon_cafe via Instagram

You can savour all these at a dining area overlooking the village, and surrounding greenery and mountains.

Explore a piece of The Shire at Hobbitoon Village in Malaysia

hobbitoon village - entrance
Image credit: Hobbiton Village via Google Maps

It isn’t every day that you get to travel to New Zealand – or Middle-Earth. At Hobbitoon Village in Simpang Pulai, you can have a taste of the Hobbits’ world by exploring these homes carefully set in a garden and built to resemble the original structures in The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Address: PT,24739, Mukim, 31300, Perak
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily
Contact: Hobbitoon Village’s Instagram | Hobbitoon Cafe’s Instagram

Cover image adapted from: @hobbitoon_village via Instagram, Hobbitoon Village via Google Maps, @hobbitoon_village via Instagram

This article was updated on 7th January 2024.