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HOOGA Has Christmas Gifts Such As Diffusers & Rugs Below RM59.90 That Will Win Over Your Loved Ones

HOOGA Christmas gift ideas

With just over a month until Christmas Day, you’ve likely started your search for gifts for your loved ones. But shopping for them can get stressful, especially when you’re racking your brain for meaningful gifts while sticking to a budget.

Enter HOOGA, a Danish home decor shop with Christmas gift options priced below RM59.90 for anyone looking to surprise their loved ones with stylish items they can use in their daily lives. 

We rounded up several practical Christmas gift ideas and scouted out 10% off deals to make your gift shopping experience a little easier this merry season. 

Quality home decor items priced under RM59.90

Practical Christmas gifts don’t always have to mean notebooks and mugs. There are plenty of other useful items suitable for gifting that’ll add colour to your giftee’s life too.

Since we’re always looking to make ourselves comfortable at home, HOOGA has decor items such as blankets, throw pillows, vases, wall frames and more for under RM59.90 that’ll add cosy and comfortable touches to all types of living spaces. 

HOOGA Christmas Gift Ideas
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For those looking for functional home decor pieces, HOOGA has a variety of reed diffusers with elegant glass bottles that come in floral, fresh, and fruity scents that’s bound to suit every unique personality in your circle. 

HOOGA Christmas Gift Ideas - diffusers
White Intense Reed Diffuser and Gourmand Reed Diffuser

Image credit: HOOGA

The Gourmand Series Reed Diffuser (RM49.90), for starters, features a crystal-like bottle with scents such as Apple Caramel in pastel tinted liquids. 

Those into more muted aesthetics will be glad to receive the White Series Reed Diffuser (RM59.90) – a frosted white glass bottle paired with bold scents including Cypress & Bay Leaf, and even mystical ones such as Moon and Aqua & Ozone

The Black Series Reed Diffuser (RM49.90) is an all-black alternative that comes with more soothing scents such as Bergamot & Balsam and Ocean.

HOOGA Christmas Gift Ideas - pots & frames
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Other interesting decor pieces that you can find at HOOGA are their Faux Botanical 04Pote101 Bailey (RM38.90) that comes in a minimalist pot to introduce fuss-free greenery into someone’s life, and the Wall Frames Langley (RM55.90), which you can add photos to before wrapping it up to make your gift extra memorable. 

HOOGA Christmas Gift Ideas - soft toys
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If you have a friend or family member who’s comforted by the sight of their throw pillows, HOOGA’s comfy soft toys in soft muted colours will win over both the young and old alike. 

They feature minimalist designs of Mystical Moon (RM32.90) and Mystical Star (RM29.90), and also adorable dew-shaped ones with different animated faces to represent each family member such as Mama Dew and Papa Dew (RM35.90/each).

10% off on selected organisers and rugs

For friends who want to Marie Kondo their space, HOOGA’s organisers are the perfect gifts.

These aesthetic storage boxes with glass lids have neat compartments to store different items – jewellery, watches, and trinkets. 

HOOGA Christmas Gift Ideas - sale items
HOOGA Merynna Faux Sheep Rug
(RM49.90) and HOOGA Watch Box Remington (RM44.90)
Image credit: HOOGA and @hoogaofficial

Along with their full-sized rugs, their watch boxes, trinket boxes, and jewellery organisers will see slashed prices from 19th November till 22nd November 2021. Many of them will be priced below RM59.90, so you’ll have more options for gifts during their holiday sale. 

HOOGA Christmas gift ideas priced below RM59.90

HOOGA’s home decor items embody the Danish word hygge, which refers to a state of comfort and cosiness that leads to contentment. 

So those looking to show their loved ones that they care by gifting functional items can check out HOOGA’s online shop for Christmas gifts this year.

The homeware store based in Singapore and Malaysia will be having several sales leading up to Christmas Day too. This includes an upcoming Black Friday sale running from 26th-28th November 2021 to look out for that’s a treat for holiday shoppers. 

Plan ahead for your Christmas shopping this year to get quality home decor items that will add cheer to your loved ones’ lives this Christmas season. 

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