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Catch Julie’s Cute Combi Van On Tour In M’sia To Be Charm-ed By Mystery Gifts & Their Dessert-Themed Sandwich Biscuits

Julie’s dessert flavours & Charm Indulgence City-Roving event

Desserts are always good for the soul, and that’s a non-debatable fact. Be it a reward for a task well done, or a pick-me-up for that much-needed midday sugar rush, a sweet treat never fails to perk us up.

The trusty Malaysian snack brand Julie’s has released two dessert-themed cream sandwiches, which are sure to charm your socks off with their decadently sweet flavours. There are also mystery gifts to be won at their Charm Indulgence City-Roving event set to travel across Malaysia. Read on for more details:

Tiramisu & double chocolate sandwich biscuits from Julie’s

Julie's charm - charm biscuits

We all know and love the nostalgic peanut butter and cream cheese-filled sandwich biscuits from Julie’s that have placated our rumbling tummies in every situation  – from draggy college lectures to rushed morning commutes.

Of course, we do crave something a little more decadent at times. And Julie’s Charm cream biscuits that are rich and luscious are exactly that.

Julie's charm - sandwich biscuits

Moreish and every bit a substantial snack is the Charm Double Chocolate Cream Sandwich. At its core is deep, velvety chocolate that pairs the right sweetness levels with dark cocoa biscuits and cream.

Julie's charm - dessert biscuits

The Charm Tiramisu Cream Sandwich is no less luscious. It has light tiramisu cream infused with warm espresso and a hint of cocoa – reminiscent of the luxurious Italian dessert, for sure.

Julie's charm - packs

Each pack contains two rectangular sandwich biscuits, a serving that’s just enough for a snack so rich in flavour – think pocket-friendly desserts for whenever you’re on the go.

Mystery gifts & discounts at Julie’s Charm Indulgence City-Roving event

If your mouth is already watering for a taste of the Charm biscuits, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Julie’s will be roving about Malaysia in an adorbs van to dish out these biscuits at a discount.

Throughout the month of May, Julie’s will be hosting a Charm Indulgence City-Roving event that lets Malaysians with a sweet tooth catch the van at different locations each day.

Combi van at Julie's Charm Indulgence City-Roving event

The locations are not only within Klang Valley – folks in Johor and Penang can anticipate the appearance of the Julie’s combi van at the dates below too:

  • Klang Valley: 1st-14th May
  • Johor: 16th-22nd May
  • Penang: 25th-30th May

Charm Indulgence City-Roving event

And when you do spot the adorable-looking van – a cosy trailer adorned with fairy lights – go up to it to grab some decadent chocolate-y Charm biscuits at the exclusive price of RM6 per pack.

Julie's mystery gifts for Combi Van Roving event

If you need more reasons to pop by and stock up on these sweet treats, Julie’s also has a Snap and Tag giveaway going on at the event as well. Visitors will get to win mystery gifts – in forms of baking mats, summer plates, and Julie’s key chains – on the spot by just snapping a picture with the travelling van and tagging Julie’s Biscuits when you upload it to social media.

Julie's Snap & Tag Giveaway event

Treat yourself to Julie’s dessert-themed sandwich biscuits

Julie's Chocolate & Tiramisu biscuits

Julie’s said “self-love” with their new line-up of Charm dessert-themed sandwich biscuits, and we don’t see why we should deny ourselves of that – especially when these flavours sound like absolute bliss.

So, spread the word: Julie’s combi van will be roaming around Malaysia to spread their decadent sandwich biscuits, as well as mystery gifts obtainable with just a click of your camera.

Treat your sweet tooth to Julie’s Charm sandwich biscuits


This post was brought to you by Julie’s. 

Photography by Hans Leong.

Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Malaysia