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Mon Chinese Beef Roti: Viral Chinese Muslim Crispy Roti Stuffed With Beef & Chicken From RM5 In Bukit Bintang, KL

Mon Chinese Beef Roti in Bukit Bintang, KL

Just a stone’s throw from Bukit Bintang MRT station, Mon Chinese Beef Roti has recently become the talk of the town among KL folks. People come by and willingly wait in long queues just to have a taste of the only item on the menu it serves: Chinese Muslim crispy roti.

Curious about all the craze surrounding this meat-stuffed flatbread, we visited the stall to bring you this review:

Chinese Muslim crispy roti filled with beef & chicken

Mon Chinese Beef Roti - exterior

As expected, Mon Chinese Beef Roti was heaving with a crowd when we visited it – the queue was so long, it formed a U-shape. 

Despite having the corner lot to itself, the shop operates more like a street food stall: a grab-and-go style with no seating arrangements for patrons wanting to dine in. The entire space is used as the kitchen instead.

making chinese muslim roti

Behind the shopfront window, chefs can be seen making the Crispy Roti, which comes in two variations: Beef (RM6) and Chicken (RM5)

The view of the cooking process was so clear that our anticipation grew as we moved up the queue and had a peek into the kitchen.

dough filled with meat and rolled up

The chefs skilfully rolled out the dough, gave each piece a nice butter wash, and spread minced meat, chopped scallions, onions, and spices over it. Finally, the dough was rolled up to tuck everything in, forming a well-stuffed mound.

a tray of chinese muslim crispy roti after fried

One of the workers was responsible for the frying work of the day. He smashed each dough flat before shallow-frying them in the indoor kitchen. What came out were crispy pieces of roti, shining in golden brown and ready to be served.

Here’s our verdict

chinese muslim roti filled with chicken and beef

The roti came piping hot in a takeaway paper bag, but we still took a big bite to sample everything at once. It was a satisfying experience – though our tongue paid the price. That being said, do this at your own risk.

The pastry had a flaky and crispy exterior while the inside of the roti remained soft and slightly chewy. 

The best part of the crust was the edge. It was even more thoroughly fried, providing an extra layer of toughness we very much enjoyed.

the meat fillings of crispy roti

Both chicken and beef fillings were flavourful, with the latter carrying a stronger buttery taste. The chopped onions and scallions provided a subtle kick, which was what we needed amidst the savouriness.

We weren’t completely won over by the stuffed roti, as we wished there were more fillings to enhance the meat flavours. But overall, it was still delicious. 

Indulge in hot & crispy stuffed flatbread in Bukit Bintang

staff servicing a customer at the counter

Viral or not, Mon Chinese Beef Roti’s crispy flatbread is an addictive snack, especially when you want to go down the decadent route for tea time. 

For us, the crust was too good to pass up, and everything together was worth the calories.

Address: 82, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 8.30am-12am, Daily
Mon Chinese Beef Roti is
not a halal-certified eatery.

Also watch the video feature here:

Photography by: xinyeegoh.

Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Malaysia