MySawasdee train ride & schedule

If you enjoy basking in scenic views unfolding through the window, travelling by train is a potent remedy for the soul that beats a flight any day. For a unique travel experience, consider hopping on MySawasdee, a special offering by Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB).

Aptly named after the Thai word for “welcome, this limited-schedule train ride will whisk you away to Hat Yai, where bustling commercial centre and shopping paradises await – all for the price of RM95.

Here’s all you need to know about the train schedule, including fares for 2024:

Travel from KL Sentral to Hat Yai, Thailand

KTMB train - MySawasdee train ride
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Operated by KTMB, MySawasdee is a special train ride transporting passengers to our neighbouring country, Thailand. Much like its sister train the Jungle Railway, this limited-schedule train ride takes you on a voyage by train – but all the way to Hat Yai, on specific travel dates in the year.

Train ride view - MySawasdee train ride
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Offering an affordable and alternate mode of transportation, particularly for those looking to travel the traditional way, this diesel locomotive train takes the electrified train route that travels from KL Sentral up to Padang Besar Railway Station, on the border of Thailand.

At the Padang Besar station, you will need to disembark with your luggage and belongings, and pass through the Malaysian and Thai immigration checkpoint – so be sure to bring along a passport. This process will usually take up to an hour, depending on the crowd and the season you’re travelling.

Paspport - MySawasdee train ride
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From Padang Besar Railway Station, passengers will then continue their journey by switching to a Thai locomotive, which ferries them all the way to Hat Yai. The carriages, however, remain the same.

A sleeper carriage with a cafe onboard

Platform - MySawasdee train ride
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This 440-kilometre journey spanning up to 11 hours lets you savour the timeless charm of a traditional train ride – so to keep yourself occupied, don’t forget to pack that book you’ve left on your TBR list for an uninterrupted reading session during your journey.

Berths - MySawasdee train ride
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While the journey may sound long as opposed to taking a flight, passengers can choose to lounge in the sleeper carriage and stretch out their legs. Each berth comes equipped with a comfortable bed and a privacy curtain that can be pulled closed for a peaceful rest while travelling. 

Plus, you’ll also have the pleasure of soaking in picturesque views of lush green landscapes – a unique addition exclusive to traditional land travel.

Train ride views - MySawasdee train ride
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The lower berth is priced at RM119. But if you prefer more comfort and privacy, opt for the upper berth (RM109) next to a window that lets you soak up scenic nature views. Those who prefer to stay upright and enjoy the classic train ride can opt for the standard carriage seats priced at RM95, which come with generous leg space for a comfortable journey.

Seats - MySawasdee train ride
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Once hunger strikes during your journey, take a few steps from your seat and head over to the train’s cafe where you’ll find a plethora of packed foods such as the much-loved instant noodles (RM4-6) and pre-packed fried noodles (RM8). There’s typically a delightful assortment of snacks, such as Apollo (RM2) and Super Ring (RM2), to keep you company during your train ride too.  AS for warm liquids, opt for a steaming cup of Teh Tarik (RM3) or Nescafe (RM3).

MySawasdee 2024 travel dates & how to buy your tickets

If you’re planning to experience this limited-time train ride to Hat Yai, KTM just released their MySawasdee train schedule for 2024. Tickets will go on sale through KTMB’s official website, with travel and return dates as follows:

Trips Departure Return Tickets go on sale
April 11th April 14th April 4th March
May / June 31st May 3rd June 4th April
July 5th July 8th July 4th June
October / November 31st October 3rd November 4th September
November / December 29 November 2nd December 4th October
6th December

13th December

23rd December

9th December

16th December

26th December

4th November

Do keep in mind that you can choose to select a one-way trip, if you’re planning a longer trip to Thailand. Plus, you’ll also get to begin your train ride from the opposite direction by starting off at Hat Yai Junction which heads to KL Sentral Station.

Hatyai Junction - MySawasdee train ride
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To purchase your tickets and get more information on departure times, you can visit KTMB’s official website here. It’s also best to stay updated on the latest routes on their Facebook page here.

Embark on a scenic journey with MySawasdee train rides from KL to Hat Yai

With the constant rush hour traffic and never-ending jams no matter the time of day, a train ride can be a relaxing alternative that actually lets you enjoy your journey. Not only is it affordable, but it also saves you the hassle of keeping your hands glued to the steering wheel.

So if you’re planning a quick getaway during this year-end holiday, consider a visit to Hat Yai with this limited-time-only train ride that will not break the bank for an international trip to Thailand.

Cover image adapted from: @mohamadzulhanafi via Instagram, @lieyana_halim via Instagram

This article was first published on 16th October 2023, and updated by Janet on 4th March 2024.

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