KFC Opens 24-Hour Outlet In Klang With A Giant Chicken Bucket Entrance & 50s-Style Diner Seats

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KFC opens new retro 24-hour outlet in Klang

Nowadays, we have plenty of conveniently-located fast food joints to choose from. But for a crispy piece of fried chicken straight out of an ubiquitous bucket, KFC – or Kepci to locals – is where most of us head to without a second thought.

Besides their pops menu offerings like fried chicken and Zinger burgers, KFC’s new retro-themed outlet that opened yesterday, 18th April 2021, in Klang, will dish out an authentic 50s-style diner experience to visitors.

Judging by the retro diner seats and an oversized KFC bucket to welcome guests at the entrance, this spot seems inspired by old-school fast food joints in the United States. Here’s what to expect if you’re heading down soon.

New outlet is a throwback to old-school KFC outlets 

KFC outlets typically take on pretty standard fronts – a monochromatic outline of Colonel Sanders’ face and the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) acronym emblazoned on red and white-striped signboards.

But their new outlet in Klang is a throwback to old-school fast food chains from the 1950s. Inspired by art deco-style fast food chains in the US, the eatery is housed in a standalone building with large windows reminiscent of vintage drive-through restaurants.

New retro KFC outlet in Klang - exterior
Image credit:
Rivertree Signatures

The gigantic fried chicken bucket centerpiece – which lights up at night – will be hard to miss, if you’re strolling around Bukit Raja, Klang where the outlet is located.

We spotted four-paneled “diner” doors, and vibrant oblong windows that allow guests a sneak preview of staff hustling within.

Although KFC’s 3-letter initials are featured prominently, the brand’s previously-known name, “Kentucky Fried Chicken” is also showcased in full, mounted as 3D letters in a stylised manner.

New retro KFC outlet in Klang - KFC in US

Old-school KFC outlet in US
Image credit: Reddit

Retro diner seats and art deco finishes

Within the outlet, you’ll find swanky car seat-inspired booths at KFC Klang’s new premises. This is most likely a throwback to the rising popularity of drive-ins and drive-throughs in the past.

New retro KFC outlet in Klang - seats
Image credit:
Rivertree Signatures

A neon sign bearing KFC’s full name also adds to the retro ambiance you’ll find inside the store while you’re munching away on fried chicken and sipping on soda. 

New retro KFC outlet in Klang - seats
Image credit:
Rivertree Signatures

The ordering counter here also gives a nod to the past, ditching the familiar red counters for ones that blend into the rest of the retro-themed store with splashes of gold and more rounded edges. 

New retro KFC outlet in Klang - ordering area
Image credit:
Rivertree Signatures

New retro KFC outlet in Klang, Selangor

KFC is a beloved fast food franchise for most Malaysians who fancy a fried chicken and mashed potato feast. While it’s not hard to find outlets near us to place an order for the fam, this new KFC outlet in Klang boasts a retro-inspired space – from its exterior, to American diner-style interior. If you’re in the area, we would definitely recommend that you drop by for a photo op – or for old times’ sake.

Address: 41050, Jln Astaka 1/KU2, Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor
Opening hours: 24-hours

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Cover image adapted from: Rivertree Signatures

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