Agro Market in Cameron Highlands 

When it comes to photogenic flower fields in Malaysia, there’s no better place to visit than Cameron Highlands. Best known for its cool climate, the popular destination for locals and non-locals alike has plenty of attractions that feature stretches of blooms.

A new one you can visit on your next trip to the hill station is Agro Market. If you’ve already visited the scenic tea plantations with its myriad of photo ops, this new lesser-known flora park has vibrant flower hills and a Santorini-inspired photo spot for your OOTD.

A rainbow of flower mounds and a Santorini-inspired photo zone

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - flower
Image credit: Shakira Abdul Rani via Facebook 

Cameron Highlands is well-known for its varied attractions that are well-worth the drive up to the hill station. A spot that has been turning heads in recent days is the serene and scenic Agro Market, a new flora park where you can admire a vast collection of vibrant and colourful flowers such as gerberas and orchids.

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - photo zones
Image adapted from: Yau Miao Hui via Google Maps

Needless to say, the entire park is one huge photo spot that visitors have been eagerly exploring ever since the park opened. From the galore of flowers that pepper various zones to a Mini Santorini photo zone, there are plenty of photo ops for shutterbugs. 

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - Santorini
Image credit:
Shakira Abdul Rani via Facebook

The latter is a unique one that has yet to be a feature at attractions in Cameron Highlands. The Mini Santorini area will transport you to the popular Greece island, with blue-and-white structures that resemble the ubiquitous whitewashed houses there.

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - flowers
Image credit: Shakira Abdul Rani via Facebook 

At the centre of the park are mounds of gorgeous fresh blooms in a variety of shades, such as scarlet, purple, and orange, that are a hard-to-miss sight. Take a stroll through this zone to be surrounded by a rainbow of flowers.

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - flower backdrop
Image credit: @_zurxxn via Instagram 

There’s an entry fee of RM25/pax for adults and RM10/pax for children ages 3 and above to enter this park.

Other photogenic zones and stalls selling knick-knacks

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - cactus
Image credit: Shi Leong via Google Maps

Besides the popular Santorini zone and flower hills, there’s also a succulent section where you’ll be whisked away to a paradise of various cacti with intricate patterns and shapes.

Agro Market in Cameron Highlands - stores
Image credit: Shi Leong via Google Maps

Once you’re done exploring the park, there are an array of shops at the entrance that sell all sorts of knick-knacks such as keychains and accessories, as well as fresh produce and small potted plants.

Agro Market, a new flora park in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a popular destination to visit for its cool climate and nature-based attractions. So, if you happen to be planning a visit here, drop by this new flora park to be surrounded by vibrant flowers and snap photos with the iconic buildings of “Santorini”. 

Address: Agro Farm Market,Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur.
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily

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Cover image adapted from: Shakira Abdul Rani via Facebook, @_zurxxn via Instagram 

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