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Butter & Spice: Charcoal Flan-Tarts Filled With Slurpable Hojicha & Matcha Custard In PJ

Butter & Spice in SS2, Petaling Jaya

Butter & Spice is a new cafe in SS2 that serves pasta, pizzas, and various pastries. But this trendy brunch spot’s calling card is its matcha and hojicha flans encased in flaky charcoal tart-shaped crusts. The marriage of flan and tart is a rarity in the dessert scene of Klang Valley, and the public is enticed – ourselves included.

Ergo, we headed to Butter & Spice to review the hot-selling charcoal flans.

Matcha & hojicha charcoal flans

Butter & Spice - interior

“Don’t be late” was our mantra when we visited Butter & Spice. We couldn’t risk being met with sold-out flans and ending up in awkward silence with the staff at the counter.

Butter & Spice - charcoal flans

At RM12, the charcoal flan is available in matcha and hojicha flavours. We thought the idea of turning flans into tart-shaped pastries was simply brilliant – it let us forgo the fork and spoon, and dive right in with our hands.

Food at Butter & Spice

Butter & Spice - Charcoal Matcha Flan

The Charcoal Matcha Flan reminded us of a miniature version of the viral Peak Cake, aka the gigantic matcha charcoal croissant by Nudake in Korea.

Butter & Spice - charcoal matcha flan

The charcoal crust of the flan was beautifully flaky, with each paper-thin layer nicely intact. Likewise, the matcha custard was delicate and jiggly, yet held an integrity structure that didn’t make it fall apart.

If it weren’t for the crust, we could have set our knife down and it would still glide right through the custard.

As for taste, it was rich and sublime. The earthy matcha and the sweet and eggy custard were in harmony. That being said, none of the matcha sauce that stained the knife survived.

Butter & Spice - Hojicha Mochi Flan

The Hojicha Mochi Flan was just as amazing. Like the matcha flan, the hojicha flan was also heated before being served. However, the surface of the hojicha custard melted even more aggressively into a slurpable sauce, intensifying the toasty flavour of the hojicha.

The mochi at the bottom had a stretchiness that was on par with an epic cheese pull. Each bite of this hojicha flan was a combination of flaky, creamy, and chewy – all at once.

The verdict

Butter & Spice - flan tarts

The attention these flans have garnered from the public is well-deserved. We couldn’t pick a favourite because both were equally delicious. Our only recommendation is to check out Butter & Spice ASAP to try the flans yourself.

Address: 53, Jalan SS2/30, SS2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8.30am-5.30pm | Fri-Sun 8.30am-9.30pm
Contact: 011-2625 6063 | Butter & Spice’s Instagram

Butter & Spice is not a halal-certified eatery.
No pork or alcohol is served on premise.

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Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal Malaysia

Photography by xinyeegoh.