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8 Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Shopee To Surprise Every Kind Of Dad

Father’s Day gift ideas from Shopee

With Father’s Day coming up on 16th June, you might have just begun your hunt for gifts to say ILY with. But if you feel like your dad is someone who already has it all, finding the perfect present for him can be a real challenge.

To help you kickstart your search for dad this year, we compiled a list of under-RM60 gift ideas from Shopee for every kind of dad and budget out there. They come with glowing reviews from buyers and will be dad-approved with how practical they are.

1. Portable wireless keyboard for hardworking dads

Portable bluetooth keyboardImage adapted from: Shopee 

A lot more of us have the option to work from home or anywhere. Instead of being glued to a laptop keyboard, which can lead to strained wrists from long hours of hustle, consider a more comfortable option: a portable Bluetooth keyboard.

With one of these nifty gadgets in hand, hardworking dads out there can opt to stand while typing or adjust their seating for better back support with the flexibility it offers. The days of being confined to one space will be gone too, as a wireless keyboard allows dads to work on their computer, tablet, or phone at the kitchen table, in the living room, or even in their beloved backyard.

Price: RM23.49

Get the colourful bluetooth portable keyboard set.

2. MagSafe wallet for on-the-go dads

father's day gift ideas from shopee - wallet
Image credit: Shopee 

When there’s too many things for dads to remember, it’s easy for them to forget important things at home, like their wallets. For iPhone dads, there’s a quick fix for this – a MagSafe wallet, which can be attached magnetically to their phones.

As we rarely leave home without our phones these days, you can ensure that your dad will have everything he needs, wherever he goes, with this wallet. He can walk around with one less item in his pocket too, and eliminate the potential risk of a strain from trying to reach for his wallet from the back pocket of his pants.

Price: RM43.50

Get the MagSafe wallet with metal ring.

3. Bluetooth tracker for absent-minded dads

father's day gift ideas from shopee - tracker
Image credit: Shopee 

If your dad is someone who tends to forget things or gets sidetracked easily, it might be the best time to introduce him to a Bluetooth tracker from Baseus.

No, it’s not to track your dad, but for them to keep trace of their personal items that may go missing.

This handy gadget not only serves as a great tool for dads to find their items easily, it works as an alarm and sends out reminders too. The gadget is linked to the Baseus app, so you can easily track your things and set alarms from there.

To use it, simply attach it to important belongings such as keys and bag, and voila – no more missing items.

Price: RM33.90

Get the Baseus Bluetooth tracker T2 pro.

4. Neck pillow for dads who travel often

neck pillow Image adapted from: Shopee 

For dads who frequently travel for work, neck aches can be a pesky thing to deal with. With bones having the tendency to get more fragile with age, it’s time to upgrade your dad’s travel gear by adding a neck pillow to his travel essentials. It’s simple, but a good pillow with great cervical support can help relieve neck pain.

Bonus points if it’s portable, so your dad won’t be able to make an excuse for not bringing it along with him on his travels.

Price: RM15.50

Get the portable neck pillow.

5. 3-In-1 charging pad for tidy dads

father's day gift ideas from shopee - charging pad
Image adapted from: Shopee

For tidy dads, the sight of a cluttered desk filled with cables and chargers is less than ideal. It’s even harder when they lack enough chargers for all their devices and have to constantly ask to borrow ours. If this describes your dad, then he’ll surely appreciate a 3-in-1 charging pad.

The charging pad fuels up wireless charging-supported gadgets, Android and Apple included, simultaneously. Dads won’t have to worry about forgetting where their charging cables are with this item, as all their devices can be charged in one place, from just a cable. It’s foldable too, so it’ll take up little space on a desk or in a backpack.

Price: RM37.99

Get the 3-In-1 wireless charging pad.

6. Bluetooth speaker for dads who like to vibe to music

Father's day gift ideas - bluetooth speaker Image adapted from: Shopee 

If your dad is a music enthusiast, it’s time to up their game and get them a Bluetooth speaker – one that’s portable enough so they can bring it around and vibe to music wherever they are. Though mums may disapprove of this idea, but at least he can turn on some tunes while he cooks for dinner for two – very romantic.

There’ll be no more fumbling with earbuds that make him uncomfortable, or struggling to listen to music from the pocket of his pants while he becomes Bob The Builder of the house, with a Bluetooth speaker by his side.

Price: RM28.59

Get the SPRISE Bluetooth speaker.

7. Portable vacuum for dads who love their cars

Father's day gift ideas - portable vacuum cleaner Image adapted from: Shopee 

Dads can get really frustrated when their cars have been invaded by cockroaches due to food crumbs. A professional car wash can be expensive, and dads may not have the time to clean it themselves. So the way to cool the dads down is to get them a portable vacuum cleaner.

With a vacuum cleaner of their own, they’re able to constantly take care of their cars. The small nozzle of the vacuum makes it easy for them to maneuver around spaces that are harder to reach. They can quickly clean their car whenever they need to and save money in the long run.

Price: RM56.90

Get the Samu Giken portable vacuum cleaner.

8. Massage gun for stressed-out dads

 Father's day gift ideas - massage gun
Image credit: Shopee 

After a long day at work or tackling household chores, dads deserve to relax and unwind. That’s when you surprise them with a massage gun that can help soothe all those pesky aches. From sore shoulders to achy legs from hours of standing and sitting, it just takes a few minutes of aiming the massage gun on sore spots to give their bones a break – it’s like having a personal masseuse at home.

Price: RM59

Get the LED portable massage gun.

Affordable Father’s Day gift ideas from Shopee

With just a over a week left till Father’s Day, it’s time to find the perfect gift for dad. Whether you know exactly what he’d love or need some inspiration, these under-RM60 options are sure to make a big impact on him.

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