Chinese New Year clothes from local brands

Shopping for Chinese New Year clothes can feel as stressful as spring cleaning your home for the new year. Between the plethora of ong-spicious colours and festive prints available, the choices for your bai nian outfit may seem endless.

No matter what you end up opting for, you’re sure to find a CNY outfit from these 8 homegrown brands that’ll ensure you’re comfy and glowing with huat no matter how many bai nian visits you’ve made.

1. Li’s Atelier – Tropics-friendly linen pieces

CNY clothes - Li's AtelierImage credit: Li’s Atelier

Looking good doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on comfort. If you’re not one to compromise on staying cool for looking great, Li’s Atelier has a sustainable Chinese New Year collection that checks all the boxes for stylish and comfy festive threads for him and her. 

They have cheongsams and Mandarin-collar button downs made of 100% linen, so you can look and feel fresh no matter how hot it gets this CNY. Their Two-Way Cheongsam (RM299) in pink or grey is a standout – it has a removable Mandarin collar that allows you to style up the piece even post-CNY. 

Shop online at Li’s Atelier here.

2. Hutz Fashion – Flirty and playful crop tops

CNY clothes - Hutz Fashion Image credit: Hutz Fashion

When it comes to making a fashion statement, interesting silhouettes make as much of an impact as any vibrant prints and colours. For their CNY 2024 collection, Hutz Fashion has a wide array of youthful and feminine offerings – from form-flattering cheongsams to airy, floral sundresses. 

CNY clothes - Hutz FashionImage credit: Hutz Fashion

As the crop top has become a wardrobe staple, they also feature heavily in the brand’s ongoing festive collections. We spotted many iterations of this fashion-favourite, in soft pastels and deep jewel tones. Even without prints, they stand out with their unique silhouettes and interesting details like dainty ribbons and pearl-accented tassels. 

Shop online at Hutz Fashion here.

3. Love Knot – Festive family sets 

CNY clothes - Love KnotImage credit: Love Knot via Facebook

Picture this – your whole fam turns up at a relative’s house in classy matching fits that look and feel comfortable. You’ll surely be complimented for the coordination. For effortlessly put-together outfits, Love Knot has family sets that feature modern prints and everyday-comfort styles. 

Mums will get to dress it up in timeless dresses while the dads can stay cool and comfy in stylish everyday pieces that still match with the rest of the family. As for the kiddos, they’ll be getting matching dresses and T-shirts – it’s safe to say that your family photos for the new year will look super cute and coordinated. 

Shop online at Love Knot here.

4. What To Wear – Vibrant and colourful prints

CNY clothes - What To WearImage credit: What To Wear

Gone are the days when we only wore all-red on Chinese New Year. Nowadays, there are other perfectly acceptable fashion options to bring the festive vibe to your bai nian visits. What To Wear, a contemporary local fashion brand, has super Instagrammable CNY pieces that feature traditional details and bold prints so you don’t have to look like a walking angpow.

They have a series of Mandarin-collar blouses with puff sleeves and unrestricting silhouettes that make a statement. 

Shop online at What To Wear here.

5. Bash Clothing – Affordable cheongsams from RM69

CNY clothes - Bash Clothing
Image credit: Bash Clothing

Going on a shopping spree for the CNY season doesn’t mean emptying your wallets completely. Bash Clothing, a local brand established by two friends in 2014, has affordable and modern cheongsams that start from RM69. Besides options for cheongsam tops and skirts, they also have looser silhouettes that are plus-size friendly. 

CNY clothes - Bash ClothingImage credit: Bash Clothing

Whether you’re going for a boho look or dainty vibe, you’ll find modern classics to match both styles at this shop.

Shop online at Bash Clothing here.

6. Dreamscape – Traditional cheongsams

CNY clothes - Dreamscape
Image credit: Dreamscape

Trends may come and go, but traditional style and prints are here to stay. If you’re a fashionista who leans towards more traditional cheongsam styles, Dreamscape has the iconic Chinese piece in multi-coloured satin. Stun in a timeless red cheongsam with a high slit or go bold with a knee-length piece, both with classic Chinese floral motifs.

They also offer contemporary mini qipaos – from delicate florals to contrasting prints, there’s something for every qipao lover at this shop. 

CNY clothes - DreamscapeImage credit: Dreamscape

For a complete OOTD that turns heads, don’t skip the details – Dreamscape has a collection of intricate jewellery with traditional Chinese icons and motifs for the perfect finish to your ong look.

Shop online at Dreamscape here.

7. Doublewoot – Sophisticated and vintage dresses

CNY clothes - Doublewoot
Image credit: Doublewoot

If you’re going for that all-out goddess look this CNY, look no further than Doublewoot. This well-known homegrown brand has locals keeping a keen eye out for their festive collections each year. Their CNY line has a wide range of dresses that are graceful with a touch of opulent. 

When it comes to necklines, there’s everything from traditional high Mandarin collars to bold cutout fronts. As for fabric, you’ll find soft chiffons to ribbed knits that retain their comfort despite being form-flattering.

Shop online at Doublewoot here.

8. Arimee – Modern and feminine pieces

CNY clothes - Arimee
Image credit: Arimee

Those looking for modern and feminine looks that can be worn again even past the CNY season should have Arimee on their shopping radar. This Penang-founded brand has a collection of petite pieces in soft pastel colours and girlish florals that are sold separately, so you can mix and match the pieces for a unique bai nian outfit or everyday look.

CNY clothes - Arimee
Image credit: Arimee

Mums with young ones can also twin with their kiddos, as they have a selection of twinning toddler dresses and sets (from RM186).

Shop online at Arimee here.

Where to buy Chinese New Year clothes in 2024

Putting together CNY outfits for the bai nian season doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. You can usher in the Chinese New Year with auspicious and fire looks with the options of clothes from homegrown brands these days – you’ll be sure to find something to fit your personality and style.

Prep for the new year by brushing up on your CNY greetings and don your best ‘fits to head to this public art installation in KL that will be around till 3rd March 2024.

Cover image adapted from: Bash Clothing, Hutz Fashion, Love Knot via Facebook

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