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China’s KKV Opens First Store In Malaysia With 4 Floors Of Quirky Lifestyle Products & Beauty Goods From RM2.90

KKV in Kuala Lumpur

If you’ve been in the Bukit Bintang area in recent days, you’ve likely seen a striking yellow store crowned with a giant LED screen. Meet KKV, a popular lifestyle store from China that just opened a spanking new store in Malaysia right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

Think of a 4-storey Daiso-meets-Miniso that’s local- and tourist-friendly. Find everything from quirky lifestyle products and Halal snacks, to travel-sized beauty and skin care must-haves. And the best part? They are all priced pretty affordably too, with many items going for just RM2.90.

Below, we rounded up some of the best items worth getting here, so you know what to beeline for on your visit.

Lifestyle products from China in Malaysia

Straight from China, KKV’s first store in Malaysia is just like their overseas counterparts. Walk past their bright yellow storefront and be greeted by aisles stocked with lifestyle products in 8 categories – from food and drinks to clothing and accessories. 

KKV home goods

There are 4 floors to discover at the marine-themed outlet in KL that resembles a department store. The sheer amount of items here might make you feel slightly overwhelmed, but the products are actually sorted into dedicated zones and arranged neatly. If you’re someone who regularly splashes moolah on quirky products, be prepared to spend at least an hour here. 

Read on to find out what you can discover on each floor, and the highlights.

What you’ll find while shopping at KKV

KKV travel-friendly goods

On the first floor of KKV, shoppers can quickly grab travel essentials such as travel-friendly bottles, nifty disposable cotton underwear, and even bedding, priced RM19.90 for a pack.

As a plus, the disposable fabric products come in compressed packaging, so they barely take up any space in your travel bags.

KKV home fragrances

There are home essentials like floral-scented home fragrances and bins of snacks on this floor too. And if you’re just not over the blind box craze yet, you’ll find a dedicated zone for adorable figurines at the front of the store.


Stationery and DIY kits

Venture up to the second floor of KKV, and find more adorable toys and aesthetic stationery to browse.

KKV stickers

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, you’ll be thrilled by the aisles of sticker sheets (from RM6.90) and washi tapes (RM3.90) bearing adorable illustrations.

We also spotted a 100-piece sticker set (RM15.90) that even comes with tweezers for plucking and pasting the stickers.  

KKV notebooks

For students and office workers who regularly take notes, there are notebooks (from RM2.90) that include palm-sized pads to A5 spiral ones.

KKV stationery

There’s also a wall with an impressive display of pens and highlighters (from RM2.90), and a zone just for the large variety of sticky notes (from RM2.90) that the shop carries. 

KKV plushies

As for toys, you’ll find everything here – from adorable food-themed plushies and keychains, to kid-friendly building blocks and intricate DIY kits. 

KKV arts and crafts kits

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, detailed miniature DIY room displays (RM129), 3D wood puzzles (RM27.90) and a unique 3D Relief DIY Painting kit (from RM35.90) of well-known paintings make for perfect de-stressing activities.

Apparel & home essentials

KKV apparel

Bukit Bintang is well known as a paradise of shopping malls. But if you’ve patronised the regular retailers there a million times now, take your shopping spree here instead. 

You can get your hands on trendy essential apparel made stylish and Gen Z-approved. There are shelves and aisles of pastel-coloured caps (from RM29.90) with embroidered illustrations of doggos and emojis, and also trendy sunglasses, handbags, hair accessories, and jewellery. 

Over at the home essentials section, unveil all sorts of nifty items like underarm sweat-absorption pads (RM12.90), white shoe cleaners (RM15.90) and clothes cleaning wipes (RM9.90). They even have clear storage boxes (from RM3.90) that are legit Muji dupes.

KKV mugs

The variety of drinking vessels for your morning coffee at KKV will leave you spoilt for choice too. Whether you’re into delicate teacups or bold mugs, you’ll find all manner of funky shapes and bright colours to make your next sip a stylish affair.

Beauty & snacks

KKV beauty sponges

One of the first things you’ll spot on the 4th floor of KKV is a vibrant rainbow-coloured display of beauty sponges (RM6.90/pc). They may look like candy from afar, but there’s another section for snacks on the same floor. More on this later. 

For an affordable at-home manicure sesh, there are shimmer- and glitter-based nail polishes – snag two for RM9.90

KKV in KL must-buy beauty products

The beauty zone is divided into four main sections to creatively display bath bombs and soaps, makeup, skincare, and beauty tools. There are more than 100 products, with new-to-Malaysia brands as well as unique takes on familiar brands that we know – like these tea-based Darlie tube toothpaste (RM12.90) in flavours like passion fruit, lychee, and cheese snow top. 

Other neat items we found are face, hand, arm and leg masks to keep your well-used body parts well cared for, and purse-friendly bottles of dry shampoo (RM12.90) in scents like earl grey tea and urban forest.

KKV ramen wall

Not to be missed out on are the snacks. The last thing you’ll expect to find here are photo ops, but there’s one area here that has become popular among shutterbugs – a ramen wall with displays of instant noodles from all over Asia, including China and Thailand. 

You can snag some of what you’ll see at shelves just next to the wall, with flavours priced between RM4.90-6.90 per instant noodle cup. 

KKV in KL halal snacks

For instant gratification, head to their snack shelves, where gummies, candies, and yoghurt drinks are stocked. As for our Muslim friends, there’s a shelf dedicated to a selection of Halal food that everyone can purchase.

Shop for snacks to apparel at KKV in Bukit Bintang

We may have numerous malls in KL, but we’re not complaining about another shopping haven with floors upon floors of products sold at affordable prices. So pop by for a visit and you’ll be in for a treat with a plethora of beauty products, Halal snacks, and more. 

You can find KKV just a stone’s throw from the McDonald’s and Mix outlets in Bukit Bintang. We recommend parking at a nearby mall – Lot 10, Sungei Wang Plaza, or Fahrenheit88 – and walking over, or alighting at MRT Bukit Bintang station.

Address: No.106, 108 & 110, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100, Kuala Lumpur, WPKL
Opening hours: 12pm-12am, Daily
Contact: KKV Global’s Instagram

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Photography by Janet Cho.

Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal Malaysia