Drones deployed in Malaysia to observe MCO

Drones for movement control order
Drones being used to monitor the Movement Control Order
adapted from: The Star

When the rapid spread of COVID-19 caused people all over the world to go into panic buying frenzies, netizens likened the scenario to the futuristic apocalypses we’ve seen in movies and video games. 

Now, as Malaysia has entered its 8th day of the Movement Control Order (MCO), we’re inching closer towards living like we’re in one of these movies – with the Malaysian Armed Forces releasing drones to monitor the situation

12 hot spots to be monitored with drones

Following reports of crowding and non-compliance with MCO around Malaysia, the Armed Forces now have drones that’ll patrol selected areas to spew reminders to the public to follow the MCO guidelines. 

The Star reported that the drones will relay recordings of reminders in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil in 12 hot spot areas. These areas include red zones like Lembah Pantai and Titiwangsa that have seen a higher number of confirmed cases. 

Drones movement control order
Officials will be able to see live footage from the drones
Image adapted from: The Star

Armed Forces Chief Jen Tan Sri Affendi Buang also noted that the drones are unable to cover the whole country. Instead, the current ones deployed can record live footage that’ll help the Armed Forces identify people who aren’t complying with the MCO. 

Meanwhile, footage of the drones have already started surfacing, according to a short clip posted by Twitter user @Sathguru_

Armed Forces drone spotted in Brickfields
Image adapted from: @Sathguru_

In the 8-second video clip, the drone stops for a few seconds, relays a message in Malay, and buzzes off with a siren. 

Drones used to deter public from gathering outdoors

We can’t help but feel a sense of familiarity when seeing the drones taking off to monitor the streets of Malaysia. It’s reminiscent of futuristic and post-apocalyptic films and video games. But this move by the Malaysian Armed Forces isn’t to harm the public – it’s simply to make sure that people aren’t out gallivanting and gathering in groups unnecessarily. 

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