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10 Eco-Friendly Food Packaging & Cutlery From RM34 That Look Great So You Can Tapau In Style

Environmentally friendly and reusable food packaging

Long gone are the days of takeaway styrofoam food boxes and plastic straws as consumers today have become a lot more conscious of their habits and how they affect our environment.

While most eateries in Malaysia have already switched to cardboard and paper packaging, we can go further in cutting down waste such as plastic cutlery and takeaway bags by bringing along our own reusable food packaging when we head out to tapau. Here are 10 eco-friendly and sustainable food storage kits made with high-quality materials that are designed to last for a long time:

– Food –

1. W&P Porter Seal Tight Bowl – perfect for soups and stews (RM106)

eco friendly food packaging wandp porter bowlImage credit: @wandpdesign

Instead of tapau-ing your favourite hor fun noodles or soupy dish with a plastic bag that’s extremely hot to the touch and difficult to transport, especially if you need to place it in the car, try this spill-proof 16oz W&P Porter Seal Tight Bowl (RM106).

Made from durable borosilicate glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone, it’s also microwave-safe.

Shop at W&P here.

2. Stasher Bag Silicone Bag – the world’s first food silicone bag (RM34)

eco friendly food packaging stasher bag
Image credit: Stasher Bag

Perfect for carrying around sandwiches or snacks such as nuts and cut fruits, the Stasher Bag (from RM34) is equipped with a self-sealing, pinch-lock feature. It is made of a type of silicone that is said to resist degradation over time, and it can withstand extreme temperatures so you can stash any leftover food in the freezer and pop it into the microwave oven when you want to reheat it – you won’t even have to transfer the food to another bowl.

You will also be spoilt for choice as the bags come in a wide range of bright colours and light pastels, and sizes going as tiny as 1.5oz to all the way up to a 4.2oz half-gallon bag.

The Stasher Bag donates a portion of their proceeds to non-profit organisations such as Surfrider and 5 Gyers, that are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our oceans, reducing plastics pollution, and campaigning for clean water.

Shop at Stasher Bag here.

3. The Hive Silicone Ziplock Bag – hygienic way of packing raw food (RM39)

eco friendly food packaging the hive silicone bagImage credit: @thehivebulkfoods

Anyone who’s been to the wet market in Malaysia will have seen us hauling plastic bags of raw meat, and fruits and vegetables loosely wrapped in newspapers home. It may be an old school, local charm but there are more hygienic and eco-friendly alternatives today.

The Hive Silicone Ziplock Bag (RM39) fits a whopping 50oz of food, and is air-tight and spill-proof, so you can lug fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, and other raw foods from the market home. It’s also safe to store them in the freezer so you don’t even have to transfer the raw ingredients into other containers before packing them into your fridge.

Shop at The Hive here.

4. The Hive Collapsible Silicone Bowl – tailored to various meal portions (RM69 for a set of 4)

eco friendly food packaging the hive silicone bowlImage credit: @thehivebulkfoods

The Hive collapsible bowls (RM69 for a set of 4) are lightweight and take up less space in your bag, so you can bring them along wherever you go.

These are made of temperature-resistant silicone and are leak-proof, so they can be used for dry and wet meals, such as pasta and stew.

Shop at The Hive here.

5. Lékué Food Carry Bag – unique, functional, and high-quality lunch bag (RM68)

eco friendly food packaging lekeu food carry bag
Image credit: Lékué

At first glance, this creased food carry bag may look like an ordinary takeaway paper bag. But it’s actually a reusable and extremely durable food carry bag (RM68).

The exterior is made of Tyvek, a waterproof material, while the interior has a layer of insulation to keep food warm. It’s foldable, so it takes up very little space and can be easily carried around.

Shop at Lékué here.

6. Lékué Reusable Baguette Case – sustainable long sandwich wrapper (RM45)

Image credit: Lékué

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from collapsible cups, reusable lunch bags to silicone ziplock bags, Lékué comes up with an innovative reusable baguette case (RM45).

That’s right, you can now tapau all the Subway sandwiches, Vietnamese bahn mi, and dare we say, yau char kwai using this silicone wrapper. It’s designed to be elastic and adjustable, and will securely wrap itself around the shape of the sandwich, so you don’t have to worry about runaway fillings that will make a mess.

Plus, there’s also a dedicated spot for you to write down the sandwich’s name or the ingredients in it – perfect for those with a long list of Subway requests.

Shop at Lékué here.

7. ECOlunchbox stainless steel bento set – three-tiered lunch box (RM153)

eco friendly food packaging stainless steel lunchbox
Image credit: ECOlunchbox

Zhap fan lovers will gravitate towards this bento tiered lunchbox that has separate compartments for your lauk, so you don’t have to deal with a flood of gravy drowning your rice anymore.

This three-in-one stainless steel bento box (RM153) comes with an upper (14oz) and lower deck (12oz), plus another mini container (5oz) that can fit perfectly in them, or be used on its own.

It’s not leak-proof as the lid is secured with clips, so you’ll need to keep it upright if you’re getting any gravy dishes.

Shop at ECOlunchbox here.

– Beverage –

8. Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup And Tumbler – suitable for all type of drinks on-the-go (from RM64)

eco friendly food packaging stojo collapsible cupImage credit: @stojo

We rely heavily on beverages for sustenance. Whether it’s a fruity smoothie to fuel our morning workout, Starbucks coffee for a midday pick-me-up, or bubble tea to satisfy our sweet tooth during tea break, most of us seem to always have a drink in hand.

A Stojo cup makes for a good investment as its silicone material makes it pretty much suitable for every type of beverage – from a steaming hot cup of tea to iced-cold coffee brews.

It’s also leak-proof and comes with a silicone bendy straw, which means you never have to rely on disposable plastic cups and straws from now on.

eco friendly food packaging stojo collapsible cupImage credit: @stojo

Since it’s also collapsible, it takes up less space in your weekday work bag and fits into smaller pouches too, so there’s no excuse not to bring it along the next time you make a beverage run. Plus, teh ais ikat tepi from the mamak has never looked so chic.

Stojo cups come in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz sizes (starting from RM64), while their tumbler (RM106) is only available in a 20oz size.

Shop at Stojo here.

– Cutlery –

9. The Sustainability Project Bamboo Cutlery Set – complete set of sturdy cutleries (RM46)

eco friendly food packaging bamboo cutlery
Image credit: The Sustainability Project

Plastic cutlery isn’t only bad for the environment, they are flimsy and oftentimes don’t work well too. With this set of bamboo cutlery (RM46), you won’t have to go through the struggles of your plastic fork breaking when you try to poke into a piece of tougher meat, or noodles spilling out of a small plastic soup spoon before you can eat it again.

The set comprises a spoon, knife, fork, and a pair of chopsticks made from compostable bamboo, and coated with beeswax and tree resin.

The Sustainability Project, a  Singapore-based company, also donates a percentage of their profits to green initiatives.

Shop at The Sustainability Project here.

10. W&P Porter Utensil Set – slim and sleek-looking cutleries (RM76)

eco friendly food packaging wandp porter utensilImage credit: W&P

For a cutlery option with more longevity,  invest in this set of compact, stainless steel silverware (RM76). It comes in a slim silicone case – in a variety of soft hues from blush pink to charcoal grey – and the spoon, knife, and fork slip out from the case’s Y-shaped opening easily and rest on it so you won’t have to worry about placing your utensils on a dirty surface.

Shop at W&P here.

Live sustainably with eco-friendly food packaging 

The level of innovation and technology that we have today has enabled sustainable businesses to come up with plenty of new food storage kit products to meet all our tapau needs.

Although they may cost more at first, they’re ultimately a handy investment that will be beneficial for our health, the planet, and quality of life in the long run.

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Cover image adapted from: Lékué, @stojo, Lékué and The Sustainability Project