M’sian wears protective gear when frying chicken

Frying chicken cover pic
A Malaysian housemate frying chicken while covered in a sarong and wearing a helmet
Image adapted from: @Fuzedahostages

If you’ve spent time in the kitchen, you’d know that cooking can be quite a hazardous task. You run the risk of slicing your finger open or getting splashed by hot oil. Sometimes, your dinner might even end up plotting an escape plan.

While most of us tend to just keep a safe distance from the wok when we’re frying something with hot oil, it’s impossible to dodge all the oil splatters. This is why this Malaysian man came up with a hack to shield himself from getting scalded. Hint: It involved the creative use of props. 

An all-over protection gear

On 25th February 2020, Twitter user Amirul shared the story of his housemate’s hilarious attempt at frying chicken. The 2 pictures below were posted along with a single liner caption that can be translated as “My housemate’s causing trouble”, referring to his seemingly silly antics. 

Amirul's Tweet
Image adapted from: @Fuzedahostages

With almost 4,000 retweets and 8,000 likes, the post quickly blew up in the Twitterverse as Malaysians gathered in amusement of the housemate’s cooking methods. 

Housemate frying chicken
Image credit: @Fuzedahostages

In the picture above, we can see that Amirul’s housemate has cocooned himself in a sarong, and even has his fingers entirely covered. To complete his protective gear, he put on a motorcycle helmet to shield his face from oil splashes. 

It may be a funny sight, as seen from Amirul’s reaction, but one can’t deny the ingenuity and practicality of this hack. An apron certainly would not be able to protect you much from hot oil splattering out of the wok. 

Netizens share cooking hacks

While Malaysians could not help but share a laugh or two, they were still generous enough to give out some much-needed cooking advice and hacks.

A Twitter user who goes by the nickname Ibu said that to avoid chicken or fish from sticking to the wok when frying, you just have to throw in a pinch of salt into the oil before frying. 

Twitter comment (1)
Image adapted from: @qianxing_

In the same thread by Ibu, another Twitter user shared some cooking tips that were given by her grandmother. 

The post in Malay can be translated as, “If you want to fry catfish without having the oil splatter and “explode” everywhere, you need to scoop a little of the hot oil and splash it over the fish before placing it into the wok. It’s to reach an equilibrium between the oil’s temperature and the fish.”

Twitter comment (2)
Image adapted from: @ainanonanona

One of the most interesting hacks we came across was the use of asam keping when frying, but with so many mentions of it, we’re sure that it’s tried and tested. 

Kell was one of the many that shared this hack, saying “Leaving a piece of asam is the one hack I’ve always followed. The oil doesn’t explode nor does the food you’re frying stick to the wok. But if you’re cooking catfish, it’s normal for it to splatter everywhere, so just cover it with a lid when frying.”

Twitter comment (3)
Image adapted from: @KellKHI

A creative way to safely fry chicken

fried chicken
Image credit: NeedPix

While most will burst out laughing at the photo of Amirul’s housemate, his ingenuity must be acknowledged. He made use of the things lying around his house like a sarong and helmet to create a full-body protection gear that definitely scores points for practicality, though we imagine it’d be easier if he had equipped his hands with kitchen mittens instead. 

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