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Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee: A Neighbourhood Pizza Joint With Half & Half Pizzas In Shah Alam

Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee in Shah Alam

The goodness that even a single slice of pizza offers is undeniable. Among the deep-dish, Chicago, and Sicilian style of pizzas, one that reigns supreme among Malaysians is New York-style pizza – Alexa, play Empire State of Mind.

In Shah Alam, many will point you to Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee for some of the best New York pizzas – think thin-crust pizza with a galore of ingredients over tart, sweet tomato sauce. This Muslim-owned pizza joint in Bukit Jelutong is a favourite among locals in the area, for both its pizza offerings and laidback vibes.

Popular New York-style pizza in Bukit Jelutong

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - store front
Image credit: Ainna.z

We arrived at Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee on a weekend in the evening, and there was already a snaking queue of patrons. But the line moved pretty quickly, as diners can scan through the menu and decide on their orders while waiting in line.

There’s even a Pizza Daily Stats on the restaurant’s window to let customers know how many pizzas are left, and the wait time.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - line of patrons
Image credit: Ainna.z

The pizza joint has 11 types of pizza flavours on its menu, including Alfredo Chicken, Mellow Mushroom, and Beef Salami.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - ordering counter
Image credit: Ainna.z

As for sizes, 12-inch (from RM29) and 16-inch (from RM54) pizzas are available.

If you’re dining with a friend, we recommend the 12-inch pizza as the portion is quite generous and enough to satisfy two. For groups of friends who are indecisive, there’s also half-and-half pizza (+RM3), so there’s no need to go back and forth choosing which cravings to meet.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - Whole mokky's pizza
Image credit: Ainna.z

We went with a 12-inch, half and half pizza with the popular Beef Pepperoni and Duck-Ah toppings, which cost us RM40.

For thin crust lovers, the pizza crust was perfect as it wasn’t too thick or too thin either – it truly embodies a New York-style pizza. The sauce base had just the right balance of sweet and sour from the tomatoes, while the cheese was present without being too greasy.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - beef pepp close up
Image credit: Ainna.z

The generous toppings made each slice satisfying and filling.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - beef pepp, duck ah collage
Image credit: Ainna.z

As for toppings, the beef pepperoni by itself didn’t have a strong flavour or scent. When we had a bite from the pepperoni side, the flavour of the tomato sauce undermined the main ingredient.

Likewise, the duck slices in the Duck-Ah was incredibly tender, but we thought that it could be grilled longer to bring out more texture and flavour. We wanted to be able to taste more of it along with the other ingredients like the parmesan cheese and homemade sauce.

Nonetheless, both flavours were solid, and will satisfy your craving for meat-topped pizzas.

Ambience at Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - indoor seats
Image credit: Ainna.z

When we stepped inside Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee, we found the sitting area to be a bit cramped when the shop was crowded. There are just a handful of dining tables indoors.

But it had a cosy and inviting atmosphere with laidback vibes – it feels akin to stepping into a neighbour’s kitchen for a meal.

Mokky's Pizza & Coffee - outdoor seat
Image credit: Ainna.z

For those coming by with friends or family, the outdoor seating area is a better choice. There are more tables set up on the quiet sidewalk, with arrangements to accommodate larger groups too.

The verdict

The pizza options at Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee offer a wide array of flavours. It’s definitely a place to stop by with friends when the whole geng is craving pizza and want to get together in a chill space. Under the shade of trees, the community vibes of the laidback, popular pizza joint truly shines.

Address: Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee, 4-G-04, Dvida Shop Office, Jalan Bazar U8/100, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam
Opening hours: Sat-Thu 11am-10pm | Fri 3.30pm – 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: Mokky’s Pizza & Coffee’s Instagram | Facebook

Cover image adapted from: Ainna.z