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HYBE Insight: The Daydream Believers First Look – An Immersive Experience With 9 Sections & Exclusive Merch

The Daydream Believers exhibition in Malaysia

Calling all fans of K-pop groups such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT. They may not have announced a concert in Malaysia in 2024, but we found an event to tide you over their absence on our shores – HYBE Insight’s The Daydream Believers exhibition.

The immersive experience takes place from 1st July to 1st September 2024 in KL. Nine sections highlight the journey of 54 artists from seven HYBE LABELS groups, through their portraits and costumes, as well as behind-the-scenes interviews and more.

Here’s what we experienced first-hand.

What you need to know about The Daydream Believers


The Daydream Believers exhibition, curated by HYBE INSIGHT, first debuted in Korea in June 2023. At the exhibition, fans can follow the journey of seven HYBE artists – BTS, SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, fromis_9, and &TEAM – who fearlessly pursued their dreams to become the stars that they are today.

There are nine sections at the exhibition that shine a spotlight on the artists’ journeys towards their dreams and their backstage stories. Fans will get to put themselves in their bias’ shoes, from their aspiration phase to realising their dreams.

For starters, fans get to bask in the spotlight with their favourite artists at the exhibition’s main zone, The Daydream Believers. It features stunning portraits of each member from the seven groups, highlighting the pinnacle of their popularity.

The portraits are accompanied by actual costumes worn by the artists in photoshoots, and further enhanced by real-life props like studio lights and balloons, to recreate an immersive experience for fans. As these are authentic props, there’s a no-touch rule here.

The Daydream Believers exhibition in Malaysia is located at LaLaport BBCC in the heart of KL, on LG1 in the mall just next to the Burger King outlet there. Tickets can be purchased online at Ticket2U’s website. Entry fees are priced RM138/pax, but purchase your tickets before 30th June to enjoy an early bird pricing of RM88/pax.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - photocard freebies

Before you head inside, be sure to collect your free photocard that comes with each ticket purchased at the registration counter. You can let the staff know your favourite group and they’ll give you a photocard at random.

Nine zones at The Daydream Believers in Malaysia

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - interview

The Daydream Believers kickstarts with an introductory video interview featuring photographer, Shin Sun Hye, explaining the process of creating the exhibition’s stunning visuals. Shin has collaborated with multiple HYBE artists for album concept photos and magazine shoots.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - backstage

Your journey through the exhibition truly begins Backstage, where you can experience the behind-the-scene jitters of K-Pop stars as they prepare to step on stage. A dressing room is presented, with mirrors, makeup tools, and changing robes.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - hazy photos

Next, the Dreamy Words, Dreaming Minds and Faces of Dreaming Minds zones capture the faint beginnings of the artists’ dreams through projected quotes and portraits.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the Darkroom. Film slide images of the groups and their members are viewable in this blackout zone, on a light table with a magnifying glass slider that lets you zoom in on each slide to fully appreciate your bias’ beauty.

There’s also a hands-on section, where you can view film slides in acrylic blocks via a table projector.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - post-it

This is followed by the Toward Our Dreams gallery zone, where you’ll find more portraits of the artists on display. This aptly-named area leads to the exhibition’s centre stage, namely The Daydream Believers, the finale where even more photos can be viewed.

At this main zone, there are booths where fans can write encouraging messages on post-it notes to their favourite artists. The notes are said to be collected and sent to HYBE for the artists to read after the exhibition concludes.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - messages
Fans can also check out encouraging short messages written and signed by some of the artists.

Exclusive merchandise & photobooths

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - merch

As you reach the end of the exhibition, you’ll come across a merch section selling exhibition merchandise featuring the highlighted groups.

There are film photo sticker sets (RM65) and photocard sets (RM80), as well as poster sets (RM85), postcard books (RM90), and film cameras (RM165). Some items are on a pre-order basis, and will be available at end-July.

HYBE INSIGHT The Daydream Believers in Malaysia - photobooth

Look out for the photobooth just outside the exhibition’s entrance. Strike poses with your friends and print them out with The Daydream Believers film frame as a keepsake. Two photo strips are priced RM15 – note that the booth accepts only cash.

The Daydream Believers opens in Malaysia till 1st September

Just like Jungkook from BTS sang in Dreamers, “Look who we are, we are the dreamers”, Malaysian HYBE artist fans can journey through The Daydream Believers exhibition to dream along with their favourite groups.

Do note that each visit is limited to a duration of 60 minutes, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to experience the zones without too much of a crowd. There will be 44 sessions per day, starting from 10am with the last entry at 9pm. Each slot will accommodate 40 visitors.

Admission: RM138/pax. You can purchase your tickets at Ticket2U website.
Venue: LG1, LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre
Date: 1st July to 1st September 2024
Time: 10am-10pm, Daily

Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal Malaysia

Photography by Janet.