MyBurgerLab pays interns RM1,200 – RM1,500

MyBurgerLab, a popular burger joint in Malaysia, took to Facebook to express their support for the recent announcement of compulsory paid internships. 

On Friday (26 Jul), MyBurgerLab shared that they’ve been paying their interns RM1,200 – RM1,500 since “forever”. 

MyBurgerLab Facebook Post
Image credit: MyBurgerLab

This amount might come as a huge shocker to many, considering an intern’s allowance can go as low as RM300. Some of the big companies offer even less than RM1,000. 

MyBurgerLab internship — great burgers & even greater company

The homegrown burger joint understands that although interns are there to learn, they also have valuable contributions to the company. The company is all for letting young adults explore their potentials, so that they can be better equipped when they step out into the working world. 

MyBurgerLab Team
Image credit: MyBurgerLab

They even voiced out their opinions on companies that pay their interns around RM400, calling them “cruel”. 

We’d have to agree with MyBurgerLab as interns should be appropriately compensated for their time and contributions to the company. At the very least, the allowance given should cover their basic expenses for the month.

Another reason for Malaysians to love MyBurgerLab

The chain is already loved nationwide for their juicy patties and experimental flavours. 

MyBurgerLab Dirty Joe
Image credit: @myburgerlab

When Malaysians found out that MyBurgerLab is one of the few companies out there that pays interns fairly, they have nothing but praise for them. 

A Facebook user shared his previous internship pay of only RM300 but at least still had his scholarship allowance to cover his living costs. He said this wouldn’t be the case for many others out there who wouldn’t even be able to cover their food and transport.

FB comment on MBL's post 1
Image credit: MyBurgerLab

This commenter was only paid RM100 during their internship and praised MyBurgerLab for properly compensating their interns. They also brought up how companies that offer high pay can be more selective when recruiting.

FB comment on MBL's post 2
Image credit: MyBurgerLab

Another Facebook user shared his past experience interning for a media giant in the country and earned RM400 a month. He added that his mother had to pay his transportation fare. 

FB comment on MBL's post 3
Image credit: MyBurgerLab

Compulsory paid internships

On Thursday (5 Jul), the Youth and Sports Ministry announced that paid internships will be made compulsory in all government and private sectors. This comes shortly after the Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq sympathised with a Twitter user who lamented about low wages and high cost of living. 

He personally replied the netizen and said that he’ll fight for paid internship to help “correct this injustice.”

Syed Saddiq's Twitter Reply To Netizen
Image credit: @SyedSaddiq

The minister’s tweet in Malay can be translated as:

I feel you bro. Many of my friends are going through the same thing. The rising living costs and low wages are a chronic problem. I will start fighting for #PaidInternship and after that, #GajiBermaruah (#DignifiedPay) for the youths. We will correct this injustice.

Minimum RM1,200 pay for MyBurgerLab internship

MyBurgerLab called out the companies that only paid their interns a couple hundred ringgit a month. It seems that more and more companies out there are taking into account the youths’ concerns of low pay, be it for an internship or even a full-time job. Take for example, Colony, that offers no less than RM3,000 starting pay for fresh graduates. 

With this recent revelation by MyBurgerLab, we hope that this would inspire more companies to move towards the direction of #fairpay. Here’s to a brighter future for Malaysian youths!

Cover image adapted from: MyBurgerLab


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