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Noor Jahan Bakery: A Century-Old Bakery With 90 Sen Kek Kelapa & Nostalgic Doughnuts In Ipoh

Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh

With plenty of things to do in Ipoh, folks from KL often make day trips up north to explore the charming city. Among the many eateries that pepper the city and locals flock to, Noor Jahan Bakery stands out from the rest – it’s a 100-year-old bakery that’s best known for its sugar-coated doughnuts and plethora of old-school bakes.

Run by 4th generation descendants of the Rahiman family

Bakery - Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh 
Image credit: Kuchai via Facebook

Tucked along Jalan Raja Ekram, also known as Jubilee Park, Noor Jahan Bakery is a beloved family-operated bakery in Ipoh. It’s currently run by 4th generation owners, following the recent passing of the owner and the subsequent handover of the store to his so.

Named after the sister of the current owner, Habib Rahiman P. Mohamed Salleh, the bakery has remained a staple among locals, whipping up freshly baked goods for over a century. Prior to its current location, it was operating in Tambun before the year 1902 – hence, it’s widely considered to be the oldest bakery that’s still in operation in Ipoh.

Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh - shop
Image credit: CK C via Google Reviews

What sets Noor Jahan Bakery apart is its dedication to tradition and quality, and the fact that it has been operating for over a 100 years. Over 30 varieties of baked goods are made in-house using time-honoured family recipes.

Legacy baked goods at the Noor Jahan Bakery

Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh - kek kelapa
Image credit: @BobMahzan_81 via X

A must-try here is the Kek Kelapa, at just 90 sen per piece. The old-school cake, which resembles a flat bread, is packed with coconut and made from scratch at the back of the bakery. The baked good flies off the shelves during weekends, selling out as early as noon.

If you happen to get your hands on some, most of the baked goods here stay fresh for up to four days, so you can savour your purchases throughout the week.

Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh - doughnuts
Image adapted from: Haji D via Google Reviews

Another highlight here is the bakery’s beloved sugar-coated doughnuts for RM1. The nostalgic, fluffy snack has amassed a slew of loyal fans from Ipoh and beyond.

Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh - baked goods
Image credit: Rakeesh Radharkrishnan via Google Reviews

But don’t stop at these crowd-favourite treats. There’s a bunch of other nostalgic bakes spread out on the counter as well, including kaya, red bean, raisin and sugar buns, priced from just RM2/each. Also worth trying is the Biskut Lutut (RM3.50/packet) – a crunchy biscuit that pairs perfectly with hot tea or coffee.

Whole Cakes - Noor Jahan Bakery in Ipoh 
Image credit: Kuchai via Facebook

Don’t miss out on the bakery’s variety of old-school cakes either. Cream cakes (from RM18/kg) are beautifully decorated in an array of vibrant colours and designs, while fruit cakes with icing (RM15/each) is equally enticing.

A legacy bakery in Ipoh

If you find yourself in Ipoh, be sure to visit Noor Jahan Bakery, a century-old bakery that offers nostalgic baked goods that have been charming patrons for decades. Legacy bakeries aren’t exactly found at every street corner, and places that still sell baked goods at under RM1 each are just as rarer.

Address: 7, Jalan Raja Ekram, Taman Jubilee, 30450, Ipoh, Perak
Opening hours: Sat-Thu 11am-8pm | Fri 11am-12.30pm & 3pm-8pm

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Cover image adapted from: Kuchai via Facebook, Haji D via Google Reviews, CK C via Google Reviews