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Union Bistrot: Indulge In Multi-Course Tasting Menus That Showcase Malaysian Cuisine In KL

Union Bistrot at The Exchange TRX

We all enjoy our mamak fare – nothing quite fuels us up like a cup of teh tarik and plate of roti canai. But there are also those times when we just want to dress up all fancy and enjoy food that makes our taste buds tingle from the unfamiliarity.

There’s a new restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for you to do just that: Union Bistrot. This swanky fine-casual dining spot at The Exchange TRX has tasting menus blending local and Western flavours that are perfect for those fancier date nights with bae.

We paid the restaurant a visit so you know what to expect from their menus – including their limited-time emoji-themed tasting menu, only available till 27th May 2024.

A collection of tasting menus

There are plenty of dining options offered at KL’s latest mall. For a multi-course meal that will leave you surprised from beginning to end, head to Union Bistrot. Founded by Malaysian Tham Lih Chung, the restaurant serves menu degustation – or tasting menu.

For the uninitiated, this menu comprises a lineup of flavour-packed dishes served in small portions, so diners can embark on a culinary exploration. Each course will begin with a starter, and end with a dessert.

Union Bistrot in KL - tasting menu

While Union Bistrot has an all-day menu, it’s their take on the tasting menu that you’ll want to try. They’ve curated three options for their patrons, depending on how many small plates you want to indulge in: the Tempting Three (RM158/pax), Fantastic Five (RM368/pax), and Seven Wonders (RM658/pax), as well as vegetarian-friendly versions of these.

The limited-time Curiosity Menu

Union Bistrot in KL - tasting menu

To celebrate their opening, they’ve launched their limited-time Curiosity Menu (RM238/pax) with three different courses. There’s the Chef’s Kiss, ideal for surf-and-turf lovers with crab and duck plated up; Earth’s Lover that’s vegetarian- and vegan-friendly; and Mindblown, centred around chicken and fish, that we opted for.

Union Bistrot in KL - satay croquette

Our meal began with a delightful amuse bouchesatay croquette. It was the perfect blend of crunchy and succulent, with tender fish paired with a rich peanut sauce. This was followed by the MPW Gold Standard Fish Pie – a decadent take on the humble pie, with tender fish and creamy white sauce encased by flaky pastry.

Union Bistrot in KL - fish pie

We were served Sweet Basil Granita as a palate cleanser before we embarked on to the mains – it was a simple but robust granita flavoured with aromatic basil.

Union Bistrot in KL - snapper

The highlight for us was the Crispy Red Snapper. Perfectly-cooked tender, flaky fish with a crispy skin was paired with deep-fried tapioca. Our dining experience concluded with an Affogato, a classic, bittersweet Italian dessert that can’t go wrong.

Three stylish dining areas

You’ll get to enjoy these multi-course meals at one of the restaurant’s three dining zones – the date-friendly Alfresco Zone, communal-style Main Dining, and relaxed Orchid Conservatory.

Union Bistrot in KL - dining area

We had our meal at the Orchid Conservatory near the bar area, which was adorned with plush sofas arranged to resemble an inviting living room.

Union Bistrot in KL - dining area

Go on a multi-course gastronomy experience at Union Bistrot

Whether you’re here for the playful all-day offerings or the robust tasting menus, Union Bistrot is a destination for those who appreciate the art of fine dining. So, to enjoy a feast for the senses, plan to visit the restaurant soon – especially if you’re looking to indulge in their Curiosity Menu.

Address: L1.46, The Exchange TRX Mall, Tun Razak Exchange, 55188, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 011-2713 8826 | Union Bistrot’s website | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: TheSmartLocal Malaysia

Photography by Hans Leong & Yusintha.