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Cameron Santorini: A New Santorini-Inspired Attraction That Lets You Ditch Your Passport For A Snap

Cameron Santorini in Cameron Highlands

We can’t all get ourselves to Greece just for a snap with the famed blue-and-white buildings there. The closest that most of us can get to an European vacation to see these icons up-close are legit Santorini dupes in good ole’ Malaysia. And that’s not an impossible feat.

Enter Cameron Santorini. The aptly-named and recently-opened attraction in Brinchang melds together the best of Malaysia’s famed Cameron Highlands and Greece’s iconic Santorini – think hills blooming with flowers alongside blue and white structures all around you.

Mini Santorini in Cameron Highlands

Cameron Santorini - overview
Image credit: Goh Yi Sing via Google Reviews

There seems to be a new attraction opening their doors in Cameron Highlands every other week – we were just #blessed with the whimsical Hobittoon Village. Not that we’re complaining.

Cameron Santorini - blue dome
Image adapted from: @terrence_foo via Instagram

Another spot to add to our itinerary on upcoming trips to the hill station is Cameron Santorini, a new kid on the block that just opened on 5th April 2024. It’s located just across Water Cress Valley, and about a 10-minute drive from other popular attractions in the area like Cameron Highlands Flora Park.

Cameron Santorini - building
Image credit: @terrence_foo via Instagram

Dubbed a “Mini Santorini” by locals, this spot brings to Cameron Highlands a collection of blue-and-white “houses” made to resemble the ones on the famous Greek island. One of them is even crowned with an eye-catching blue dome.

Cameron Santorini - photo spots
Image adapted from: @sooyee215 via Instagram, @terrence_foo via Instagram

These photo zones are connected by pebbled walkways and pristine white stairs that further add to the Greek island vibes. Along your way, you’ll spot other neat photo features such as windmills, blue pools, and arched doorways – and, of course, flowers in bloom.

Cameron Santorini - pink gate
Image credit: Hadi Batori via Google Reviews

Do take note that the attraction is perched on a hill, and the steps can get steep, so wearing comfy shoes is highly recommended. Driving up here can also be difficult, but there are parking spots near the entrance.

Cameron Santorini - flowers
Image credit: Goh Yi Sing via Google Reviews

As for entrance fees, admission to Cameron Santorini will cost you RM40 per adult and RM20 for children and senior citizens.

An in-house cafe with a menu of blue drinks

The attraction also operates Santorini Cafe, which serves cakes, macarons, and azure-hued drinks. The beverages are a highlight, as they match the surroundings perfectly.

Cameron Santorini - cafe
Image credit: @cameronsantorini via Instagram

Find refreshing options such as ice-blended Blue Lagoon lemonade and Azure Sky, a coconut milk and butterfly pea concoction, that are priced RM15.90 per cup.

Cameron Santorini - blue drinks
Image credit: Ian Loh via Google Reviews

Take a trip to Greece at Cameron Santorini

One thing is for certain – you won’t be feeling blue after a visit to Cameron Santorini. Its blue-and-white structures and azure drinks will have you feeling like you’ve landed in Santorini, sans the 20-hour journey.

Address: Brinchang, 39000 Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily
Contact: Cameron Santorini’s Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Goh Yi Sing via Google Reviews, @terrence_foo via Instagram, Ian Loh via Google Reviews