Dear You in George Town, Penang

Sure, we have our eyes on South Korea for the binge-worthy K-Dramas and catchy K-Pop songs that have grown in popularity in Malaysia and around the world. But there’s another scene that’s been stealing the limelight in recent years – their trendy cafes, which boast aesthetic and unique interiors which have got us planning trips to Korea to hunt for cafes and not just oppas.

Over in George Town, Penang, you’ll find a Korean-inspired cafe called Dear You. Unlike most cafes in town, this establishment’s discreet facade – marked by a single vending machine ‘door’ and coral-coloured walls – hides an extremely aesthetic space inside that’s perfect for weekend brunch with adorable snacks and drinks to share with your besties.

A hidden gem behind a vending machine

Dear You - vending machine
Image credit: Dear You 친애하는 당신

You might just miss out on Dear You while strolling along Jalan Penang in George Town. But here’s a tip for cafe hoppers seeking out this well-hidden spot in the city – look out for a coral wall, and an all-pink vending machine

Dear You in Penang - food
Image credit: @suixin_eat 

Once you walk through the quirky door to Dear You, you’d think you stepped into a cafe in Seoul. The cafe space is adorned with dried flowers, and furnished with pastel pink tables and chairs, all of which exude an overall feminine charm.

Through a large window, you can even spot a swimming pool.

Dear You in Penang - dining
Dine on comfy bean bags
Image credit: @jaimins_1491

Find various eye-pleasing kitsch – think old-school rattan baskets and vintage knick-knacks – scattered around the cafe, adding to its cottagey vibes. These are also perfect props for a great picture.

Dear You - inside
Image adapted from: @aseanfoodtravel & @wayneteo84

DIY toast sets & ‘bear’drinks

Dear You in Penang - toasts
Image credit: @joeycafe

The cafe’s snacks and beverages are every bit as quaint as their decor. Not to be missed out on is their signature Friendship Toast Set (RM45), which comprises four slices of cottony milk bread, a bowl of rich truffle mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, soft boiled egg, salad and a spread. 

Dear You in Penang - dining
Image credit: @kayaiteeemmyouand

The set also comes with a toast burner, so you and your besties can toast your own bread slices to individual desired crispness. So, there is no need to worry about rubbery toasts, lest you get too caught up in talking or snapping photos.

Dear You - platter
Image credit: @yitching

There is also Brunch Platters (RM65 for 2 pax, RM125 for 4 pax) on their menu that’s great for sharing among groups. Served on a wooden tray, the spread is a mix of savoury and sweet breakfast foods such as smoked salmon, chicken sausages, cold cut meats, crackers with cheese, bread, truffle mushroom soup, Greek yogurt, and an assortment of fruits and greens.

Dear You - cakes
Image adapted from: @littlefat517 & @junorlaw

Find whimsical drinks and adorable sweet treats on the menu too. We recommend the Tira-miss you (RM22) – a Kahlua-infused tiramisu cake – and Too Cute To Eat! (RM32) – a dark chocolate cake that’s decorated and frosted as darling animals, and are indeed too cute to eat. 

Dear You - drinks
Image adapted from:@dearyou_my & @dearyou_my

If you’re mainly here for the ‘Gram, their IG-worthy drinks won’t disappoint. Order the Beary Cute (RM18), a creamy blend of bananas and strawberries, with an adorable bear-shaped ice basking in the concoction. 

For a caffeine fix, there is the Americano (RM10) – cheekily named Oppa Black Coffee. If you’re feeling feisty enough for a kick of alcohol during brunch, go for the Yoju (RM26) – a popular mix of soju and a yogurt drink. 

Dear You is a Korean-inspired cafe in George Town, Penang

Part of Dear You’s charm is discovering the dreamy oasis of pastel pink hidden behind its vending machine door. Coupled with their impressively aesthetic sweets and drinks, you’ll get the whole package of a Korean-style cafe experience in the heart of Penang. 

Address: No. 495F, Jalan Penang, 10000 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 11AM-9PM | Fri – Sun 11AM-10PM
Telephone: 017-456 6587
Dear You’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @jaimins_1491, @leochan_kh & @ksy.syk.foodie

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