La Maison d’Antiques in George Town, Penang

Minimalist-style cafes are popular these days around Malaysia. But there are a fair few spots with eclectic decor that have been charming patrons all the same as Muji-inspired spaces with minimal furnishings. 

A treat for anyone who admires the opulent interiors of French chateaux is La Maison d’Antiques. This antique store with a newly opened cafe in George Town, Penang, is filled with European antiques and flower displays, as well as bookshelves that bring to mind settings from Beauty And The Beast.

European antiques and bookshelves

La Maison d Antiques Penang - dining Image credit: @babecheryl9919

Don’t be fooled by La Maison d’Antiques’ unassuming entrance. 

When you step past the doors to this antique store, you’ll be transported back in time and greeted by an antique collector’s treasure trove of old-world European furniture and collectibles, which include ornate cabinets, Victorian-style couches, gold candlestick holders, and even a piano with sconces. 

La Maison d Antiques Penang - antiquesImage adapted from: Christine Wong and @lynyee

The entire cafe looks like a set right out of Bridgerton – it is over-the-top lavish and emanates an elegant and romantic ambience with floral arrangements and mint-coloured walls.

La Maison d Antiques Penang - dining
Image credit: Lin Ling

Patrons who enjoy combing through a mine of antiques can browse the huge collection of gorgeous storied pieces here. Or simply revel in the opulent atmosphere and dine like a 19th-century literary character under large chandeliers.

La Maison - cornersImage adapted from: Christine Wong & Christine Wong

French-inspired brunch menu and mocktails

The food offered here is just as European, with a French-inspired menu comprising savoury and sweet items with a unique twist in flavour. 

There’s Parma Ham and Melon Sourdough (RM33), an interesting combination of smoky and refreshing on a thick sourdough toast. Brunch like a Parisian with the Croque Madame Monte Cristo (RM38), the cafe’s take on the famous French sandwich – heavy-laden with Gruyere cheese, Bechamel sauce and topped with a sunny-side up egg. 

La Maison - foodImage credit: @lamaisond_antiques

Those who prefer their brunch meals sweet, opt for the selection of sweet thick french toast – Rum & Raisin Peanut Butter French Toast (RM40), Hazelnut Spread French Toast with Berry Compote (RM35) or Chocolate French Toast with Mix Berries (RM40).

Their list of beverages don’t fall short either. Go for their refreshing specialty and summer mocktails, such as Grapefruit Lemonade Espresso Shakerato (RM20), Lychee En Rose (RM20) or the Besame Mucho (RM18).

La Maison - mocktailImage credit: @lamaisond_antiques

Last but not least, their teas are really something to rave about.

They have brews from Mariage Frères – a French gourmet tea company – so take your pick from the various elegant options available, from a fragrant bodied tea like Fantome De L’opera to a zesty floral one like Marco Polo. Each serving is priced at RM20 per person.

La Maison - teaImage credit: @lamaisond_antiques

La Maison d’Antiques in George Town, Penang

If you like old objects and romantic settings, you’re in luck with this gem of a cafe in George Town. With its grand furnishings and French-inspired brunch menu, the cafe lets you have a quick escape to “France” over French-style sandwiches and gourmet teas.

Address: 48 Jalan Burma, 10050 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: Thur – Mon 1PM-9PM (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Telephone: 017-888 0013
La Maison d’Antiques’ Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @lynyee, @kelv_teoh, and @babecheryl9919

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