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Jadi Batek: DIY Batik Paintings & Tote Bags From RM35 At This Batik Handicraft Centre In KL

Jadi Batek

Malaysia is a nation with a diverse and vibrant cultural landscape. This naturally results in a multitude of interesting traditions and crafts, one of which is batik. The familiar art form is a major part of Malaysia’s cultural identity, and is upheld and celebrated by both traditional communities and the local contemporary fashion scene.

To learn more about the culture around batik and the process of producing it, drop by Jadi Batek, one of the largest handicraft centres dedicated to the art form in Kuala Lumpur.

Learn about the origins of the art

Jadi Batek - gallery

Batik, which loosely translates to “a cloth with little dots” in English, is an old art form in which a handcrafted fabric is waxed, dyed, and boiled repeatedly. Methods of producing batik vary across the region, and Malaysia’s own distinctive process is showcased at Jadi Batek.

Jadi Batek - pro

If you wish to discover how batik’s pretty colours and patterns are created on fabric, you can visit this spot in Kuala Lumpur. Here, you can learn more about batik by chatting with batik-makers in the studio and trying your hand at making your very own masterpiece.

Jadi Batek - art

Marvel at stunning patterns, rich symbols, and alluring colours on the free guided Batik Tour. As you make your way through the batik gallery and workshop, you’ll encounter a myriad of batik pieces in diverse designs and patterns.

Besides being awed by the exquisite fabrics, you’ll also learn about the history and creative process behind Malaysian batik from knowledgeable artists and guides passionate about the handicraft.

Create your own batik masterpieces

Jadi Batek - draw

If you’re feeling crafty, sign up for the Batik Class to discover the intricate artform up close. Observe how the traditional fabric is made through a demonstration by professional artists. Then, get started on your very own batik masterpiece, which you can bring home with you upon completing it.

Jadi Batek - class

For beginners, there’s the simple Batik Colouring class (RM35), which comprises filling colours in a pattern that has been pre-drawn on a small canvas.

Those who would like a more authentic experience can opt for the Batik Drawing and Colouring class (RM68). This session lets you to sketch wax drawings on fabric using a traditional canting tool like a true batik artist.

Jadi Batek - paint

Jadi Batek also offers other classes, including Batik DIY Tote Bag (RM68), Batik DIY T-shirt (RM80), Batik Scarf Drawing class (RM200), and Batik Pareo Drawing class (RM300).

Jadi Batek in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s traditional art forms are as alluring and diverse as its heavenly cuisines. Here at Jadi Batek, you’ll be able to understand the batik tradition better, and even create your very own batik masterpiece in an immersive experience.

Address: 30, Jalan Inai, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 9am-5.30pm, Daily
Contact: 03-21451133 | Jadi Batek’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Photography by Hans Leong.

Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Malaysia