Ramadan bazaar in Perak affected by flash flood

Flooding has become a constant battle for many Malaysians due to disruptive, unpredictable weather patterns observed in our country since last year. There were several incidents of flash floods reported throughout 2021, including one that hit KL on the first day of Ramadan due to heavy rain and strong winds.

Unfortunately, a similar incident took place in Tapah, Perak, this year at a Ramadan bazaar in the area. It hindered traders from carrying out their business as usual, with water levels reaching up to their knees.

Traders at Ramadan bazaar unable to operate due to flood

Flood at Ramadan Bazaar in Perak
Image credit: Aireel Awall

Heavy downpour in Tapah, Perak, on 6th April 2022, resulted in sudden flooding at a Ramadan bazaar just before buka puasa hours begin.

This comes after Malaysian Meteorological Department (METMalaysia) announced last month that the country will experience a Monsoon Transition Phase until mid-May – during which sudden, strong winds and heavy rain are expected to occur. Such weather has caused a majority of flash floods in the country.

Vendors at Ramadan Bazaar floodImage credit: Aireel Awall

Based on several photos and a video shared by netizen Aireel Awall in the Warga Tapah community group on Facebook, the flooding looked severe. Tents were seen slanting to one side, and the entire bazaar looked rather empty with little visitors.

Video credit: Aireel Awall

One of the vendors who spoke to Aireel mentioned that the flooding was really bad, as the water level was almost at his knees.

The vendor said it was one of the worst flooding they’ve experienced so far in the area, and that he hoped for appropriate actions to be taken by local authorities to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Flash flood in Malaysia during festival season

Many Ramadan bazaar traders around Malaysia are no doubt glad to be able to return to normal business after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. So it’s heartbreaking to see bazaars and its traders affected by floods.

As it is the fasting period for Muslims in the country, we hope the weather will improve for the better, so that vendors at bazaars as well as the people residing in these areas can observe a peaceful fasting month ahead.

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Cover image adapted from: Aireel Awall

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