Delivery riders help elderly auntie cross the road

Road users can get pretty impatient in Malaysia. This can make things difficult for pedestrians crossing busy intersections – a double take is often necessary to ensure that there aren’t any oncoming vehicles.

Our elderly neighbours have it especially hard, as they need extra time to navigate roads. Looking out for this vulnerable community are this pair of foodpanda and GrabFood delivery riders, who took time out of their busy schedules to patiently escort an elderly auntie crossing a busy road.

Auntie crosses the road with ‘bodyguard’ delivery riders

A video of the food delivery riders assisting the auntie as she crossed the road has been shared by several netizens online. The video was uploaded on TikTok by user @nurilfarhanahibrahim, for one, where it racked up over 90,000 views at the time of writing.

The 25-second long video was accompanied with the text “Malaysians are kind”, followed by a message of appreciation for the GrabFood and foodpanda riders.

Riders help elderly auntie - riders
Video credit: @nurilfarhanahibrahim

In the video, an elderly woman in a dark red blouse was captured on camera ambling across an intersection with the help of an umbrella.

But her walking aid wasn’t the only help that she had. Two delivery riders with their respective pink and green carrier bags were seen flanking her as she made her way across the busy road to the other side.

Riders help elderly auntie - assisting auntie
Video credit: @nurilfarhanahibrahim

They matched her slower pace as they escorted her on their motorcycles, pushing their vehicles along with one foot on the ground – looking much like her personal bodyguards.

Riders help elderly auntie - help
Video credit: @nurilfarhanahibrahim

The duo ensured that the auntie was able to continue on her journey safely on her own before they went on their own ways. The elderly woman also appeared to gesture to the riders to carry on with their duties at around the 16-second mark of the video.

According to comments under reshares of the video on Facebook, the heartwarming incident is believed to have taken place in Johor.

Delivery riders help elderly auntie cross the road

Cover image adapted from: @nurilfarhanahibrahim

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