Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant in Ampang

As much as we love the comfort of air-conditioned, aesthetic spaces found in restaurants and cafes in the city, we also won’t hesitate to try unique dining experiences – like the one at this restaurant in Ampang where you get to dip your feet in the river while gorging on seafood. 

For more escapades into nature away from the bustling streets of cities, drop by Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, also in Ampang. This established restaurant set among nature serves a menu of seafood items, Thai food and more from speedboats whizzing past the river for a feel of Bangkok on our very own shores.

Nature-filled restaurant in Ampang

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - speedboatImage credit: @vegfishfarmthai

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is not like typical restaurants in Malaysia. The restaurant, comprising an open-air dining space, is located in a forest amidst a small farm which they source vegetables for their dishes from.

A highlight of this spot is the river that surrounds the restaurant, on which speedboats whiz back and forth to serve Thai food that’s whipped up in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - food
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Reminiscent of how food gets served from boats in Thailand’s well-known Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, patrons will be in for a unique dining experience that’ll make them feel like they’ve taken a trip to the country. But sans the plane ride, as the restaurant is located a 40-minute drive from the heart of KL. 

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Have your pick of dining seats from rustic huts set against a backdrop of lush greenery, or choose to eat in an open-roof area that has plenty of seats to cater to crowds even during peak hours, typically around 6PM. 

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - restaurant
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Menu of Thai food, and fresh seafood dishes 

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - food
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Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant is a pork-free restaurant that serves a long list of seafood and meat dishes – free-range chicken, fish, prawns, lala, squid, snails and oysters, and more. Pair these with stir-fried vegetables, fried eggs, fried rice and Thai-style salads, like you would at typical restaurants that serve dai chow

To start off your meal here, it’s recommended to order their Fish Cake (from RM12/8pc) for deep-fried fish patties, also called tod mun pla in Thai. 

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - food
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For a sense of their price range, you can expect protein options such as butter prawns (from RM28), pandan fried chicken (RM21/7pcs), squid salted egg (RM23), lala fried chili sauce (RM16), barbecued oysters (RM15) and king prawn butter (RM16.80/100g).

If you’re opting for fish, you’ll get to pick from Steam Limau Thai Style Grouper Dragon (RM13/100g), Siakap Fish (RM6.80/100g) or Talapia Fish (RM4.20/100g), with options to have it cooked in 11 different cooking styles. You can get it in creamy white tom yum broth, barbecued or fried with mango slices and served salad-style and more.

It’s recommended to order rice from the eight choices available here, including Seafood Fried Rice (from RM10) or Tom Yam Fried Rice (from RM8), to go with your meals. 

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - food
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As we all know and love tom yum from Thai cuisine, Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant has various protein options to go with the white or red flavourful broths. Each order of tom yum soup (RM40) satisfies up to five people, with options of various seafood for non-picky eaters, or with prawn, squid or vegetables. 

Cap off your meal with refreshing jelly desserts, such as JackFruit Sticky Rice (RM8/pc) and Green Tea Jelly (RM5/pc), as well as Thai classics of Mango Coconut Milk (RM5) and Tako Corn (RM3/pc), a Thai dessert comprising coconut milk with sugar, tapioca pearls and corn. 

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant - food
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Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant serves food from speedboats

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to spend time among nature sounds ideal to most busy bees. But even if it isn’t, Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant might convince you otherwise, with its restaurant space set among nature, and a unique dining experience to boot that’ll make you feel like you’re dining in a forest in Thailand. 

Address: KM4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat Ampang 43100 Selangor
Opening hours: 11AM-11.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 019-2606493 | 012-2868193
Veg Thai Farm Restaurant’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @vegfishfarmthai and @vegfishfarmthai

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