Affordable clothes dryers in Malaysia

 A washing machine is an essential home appliance for most Malaysians, as it makes daily chores so much easier. Even in many low-income families, a washing machine is much valued because laundry can be a tiring task, especially for working adults.

Laundry can be even more difficult during rainy seasons, as the sun barely shines through the day to enable us to dry our clothes. 

Thankfully, there are some good dryers out there that you should consider buying to stop worrying about living in musty clothes for as long as the monsoon season lasts. Here’s a list of some of the best and most affordable dryers in Malaysia under RM2,000.

Note: Clothes dryers are typically categorised into three types: vented, condenser and condenser with heat pump. Vented dryers are the cheapest in the market. They extract warm, damp air from clothes and release them through an open space via a ducted hose. Meanwhile, condenser dryers convert the damp air into water droplets that are stored in a reservoir.

A condenser dryer with a heat pump recycles heat as it extracts moisture from clothes. This is generally more expensive than the other two types of dryers. So for this list, we have only included vented and condenser dryers without heat pumps, as they are more affordable for a lot of people.

1. Khind CD619 – energy-efficient dryer made in Malaysia

Khind dryer
Image credit: Shopee / my1483_65733

The cheapest one on this list is Khind’s CD619 dryer which can be the best bet for your buck if you are looking for a device that dries your clothes quickly and that consumes less energy.

Dryers like water heaters and air-conditioners generally consume a lot of energy when used. But Khind’s CD619 consumes only 1,350W of energy compared to most other vented dryers, making it a suitable choice for people who are looking to save on electricity bills.

Because of its energy-saving property and automated safety feature that prevents overheating, this dryer is meant to last longer. It has a stainless steel drum that enables quick drying and a large door for easy loading and unloading of clothes.

There’s also a double lint filter in it that prevents lint from gathering in the dryer. This 6kg laundry equipment comes with a 2-year general warranty and a 5-year motor warranty so you can rest assured that you are covered for service repairs for a long time.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 6KG
Dimensions (L x W x H):  605 x 465 x 700mm
Price range: From RM779

Get your Khind CD619 here.

2. Midea MD-7388 – packed with safety features

Midea dryer Malaysia
Image credit:
Shopee / zatulrosli

Managing kids at home is not an easy task for most parents – especially if your child likes to play with washing machines and dryers when you are not around. To avoid situations like that, electrical brand Midea has designed a dryer that’s packed with safety features.

The Midea MD-7388 is just the right dryer parents with little kids should consider buying, because it has a number of safety features making it an ideal option for families with children. Its child lock feature keeps the machine safe from your kids, and the built-in error alarm notifies you when there’s something wrong.

Besides, the safe thermostat heater in the heater is also designed to turn off automatically when the temperature reaches the set limit, making it safer for your precious garments as well.

A standard full load dry time takes about 145 minutes, and this vented dryer comes with 2 years’ general warranty from Midea with an additional 3 years on the control panel and 5 years on the motor.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 595 X 550 X 840mm
Price: From RM799

Get your Midea MD-7388 here.

3. Haier HDY-D60 – easy-to-use clothes dryer for beginners

Haier clothes dryer
Image credit: @gabs87

Most newbies often crack their heads over which settings to use on a dryer for the different types of garments they have. But you don’t have to break a sweat trying to figure this out because Haier’s HDY-D60 is made for beginners.

This vented tumble dryer has a knob control button for easy operation along with seven programme cycles suitable for all laundry care. The stainless steel drum is designed with a washable and detachable filter for easy cleaning.

The dryer also has motor overheating protection as a safety feature. Unlike the rest, this product comes with a 1-year general warranty but its simple design and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice if you are new to clothes dryers.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 6KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 585 x 600 x 830mm
Price: From RM856

Get your Haier HDY-D60 here.

4. Haier HDV70E1 – anti-creasing dryer for wrinkle-free clothes

Clothes dryer Malaysia
Image credit: Shopee

Machine drying has its pros and cons just like line drying, and wrinkly clothes are one downside of it. But that’s not the case with Haier HDV70E1, a reversible tumble dryer with an anti-crease function.

The anti-crease function is a new feature that’s being incorporated into a lot of modern dryers nowadays. So, you only need to iron your clothes if you need to. Otherwise, using a reversible tumble dryer such as the Haier HDV70E1 is just enough to keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Its clockwise and anti-clockwise spinning direction reduces wrinkles in clothes while drying them and uses fresh cold air to eliminate odours. Its high-temperature drying function above 60°C eliminates bacteria from clothes, making them completely safe for you.

Besides, Haier HDV70E1 also supports flexible installation which means it can be stacked, mounted on a wall, or placed on the floor to fit different home layouts. Just like the Khind CD619, this dryer also has 2 years’ general warranty and 5 years’ motor warranty.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 600 x 585 x 830mm
Price: From RM840

Get your Haier HDV70E1 here.

5. Toshiba TD-H80SEM – 10 years’ motor warranty

Toshiba dryer
Image credit: Shopee

If you’re not picky on features but just want the peace of mind of a long warranty period for your dryer, consider Toshiba TD-H80SEM.

A motor warranty is an important feature to consider when buying a dryer because if yours spoils within a year or two, you may have to spend hundreds of ringgit trying to repair it. Most dryers offer up to five years of motor warranty but Toshiba gives double that period with this dryer.

With a sleek, modern design with an LED digital panel control, a zinc-coated drum to prevent rusting, a child lock and anti-crease protection on your garments, this dryer carries a 10-year motor warranty and 2-year general product warranty. It’s one of the longest warranty periods you can see on a dryer. 

Another interesting feature of this dryer is that it has an inbuilt sensor that automatically stops when clothes reach optimal drying, sparing you all the in-between checks. This also means that you can save time and concentrate on something else while your clothes are drying, such as going for a quick grocery run.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 595 X 555 X 840mm
Price: From RM989

Get your Toshiba TD-H80SEM here.

6. Beko DTGV7001W – up to 15 drying modes available

Beko dryer
Image credit: Liana Lai

Having a dryer at home that is suitable for a lot of materials is ultimately what many of us want apart from affordability. This is where Beko DTGV7001W has the upper hand. With up to 15 drying programmes and wave-like drum action for gentler treatment, this dryer is suitable for most materials that we use at home such as cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, silk and so on. 

These 15 programmes support different kinds of drying required for specific garments. What’s even more interesting about it is that it has a filter cleaning indicator for cleaning reminders. This is especially useful if you are the type who forgets to replace your cleaning filters regularly, just like forgetting to clean your washing machine tub.

This dryer also has an LED digital control panel ideal for tech-savvy users, along with sensor drying and child lock features for safety. As with most dryers, this one too has a 2-year general warranty.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 597 x 584 x 856mm
Price: From RM1,439.00

Get your Beko DTGV7001W here.

7. Electrolux EDV705HQWA – better colour care than sun drying

Dryers in Malaysia
Image credit: @jho2970

Buying expensive clothes and seeing their colours fade so easily due to frequent laundry is definitely not good for your hard-earned pennies. Even if you are using colour-protective detergents on your clothes, they can still fade during the drying process.

And if you are someone who cares about your clothes fading within a few laundry cycles, then Electrolux EDV705HQWA could be your next best friend. This ultra-modern dryer guarantees up to 80% better colour care compared to sun drying.

Its alternate clockwise and anti-clockwise drum movements also reduce creasing and ensure up to 32% fewer wrinkles compared to line drying. There are 12 drying programmes with a smart sensor for overheating protection. This dryer also supports flexible installation so you don’t need to worry about fitting it according to your home layout.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 600 x 600 x 845
Price: From RM1,246

Get your Electrolux EDV705HQWA here.

8. Midea MD-C8800 – condenser dryer below RM2,000

Clothes dryer
Image credit: Midea

Condenser dryers can easily cost you RM2,000 or above because they use a different technology to convert steam into water at the designated reservoir. But Midea MD-C8800 is one of the cheapest options available in Malaysia at below RM1,500. 

Since condenser dryers are suitable for windowless rooms as you don’t need to vent out the hot air, this is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a dedicated vent or an open space in their laundry area.

As compared to Midea MD-7388 that was mentioned earlier on this list, this dryer is a bit more advanced as it has an anti-wrinkle function, child lock, and thermal sensor for safety. It also comes with an LED display and knob control button for easier handling.

Another interesting feature about this dryer is that it has a total of 15 years of combined warranty. Those are 2 years on general warranty, 3 years on the control panel and up to 10 years on the motor making it another great deal worth every penny.

Type: Condenser
Capacity: 8KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 595 x 615 x 845mm
Price: From RM1,167

Get your Midea MD-C8800 here.

9. LG TD-C7066W – dry your clothes quietly at home

LG clothes dryer Malaysia
Image credit: Shopee / fazyzaa

One of the advantages of having a condenser clothes dryer is that it can be significantly quieter than a vented dryer and LG’s TD-C7066W is an affordable condenser dryer with guaranteed quiet drying at home.

If you have been to a laundry shop, you have probably experienced the noisy environment often due to a dryer. Imagine having such a scenario at home when you are trying to relax or putting your children to sleep. 

This won’t be the case if you settle for LG’s TD-C7066W as it has an anti-vibration design that actively eliminates noise. This condenser dryer also reduces tangling with its two-way tumbling and it supports up to 14 drying programmes.

The multiple sensors in it such as humidity sensor, comp out sensor, pump water level sensor, high- and low-temperature sensor, and steam temperature sensor ensures optimum drying. In case you run into an unexpected problem, you can even troubleshoot it with its smart diagnosis feature that can be operated from a mobile phone.

Type: Condenser
Capacity: 7KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 640 x 600 x 850
Price: From RM1,821

Get your LG TD-C7066W here.

10. Panasonic NH-E80JA1WMY – largest loading capacity under RM2,000

Panasonic dryer
Image credit: Seng Huat

During rainy seasons like this, wet clothes can easily pile up in the laundry basket and going several rounds on the dryer can be troublesome. With Panasonic’s NH-E80JA1WMY you can try up to 8kg of garments and it is even suitable if you have lots of bed and sofa covers to wash.

This vented dryer uses a smart positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater to maintain a constant temperature for even drying, reducing the chances of needing a second round of drying. 

Besides, it comes with a hygiene drying function above 60°C to eliminate bacteria which is suitable for drying different items such as duvets, soft toys, and pillows.

Despite its big loading capacity, Panasonic’s NH-E80JA1WM only uses 1900W of energy so you can save on electricity bills. It supports flexible installation so it can be wall-mounted, stacked or placed, side by side.

Type: Vented
Capacity: 8KG
Dimension (L x W x H): 595 x 600 x 850 mm
Price: From RM 1,769.00

Get your Panasonic NH-E80JA1WMY here

Affordable dryers in Malaysia under RM2,000

From reduced energy consumption to extended periods of warranty, clothes dryers have seen a lot of improvement in recent years to better suit the needs of modern society. 

Whether you are living in an apartment or a regular terrace house, a dryer can be an incredibly useful home appliance to have. These 10 dryers under RM2,000 cover the needs of most families who are looking for ways to make daily chores so much easier.  

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