Kebun Kebun Bangsar, a community farm in KL

As much as we enjoy hanging out in malls or cafes in KL on the weekends, there are those of us who prefer to take a break from the city. While we have easy hiking trails even beginners can tackle to properly log out of our daily 9-5s, we also have smaller, yet just as nature-filled, spots such as Kebun Kebun Bangsar.

More than just a park, it’s an urban community vegetable farm spanning 2.5 acres. It also sits on a hill in a residential area – which is why you’ll see impressive views of KL’s skyline from here. It’s also free to enter, and home to live animals, blooming flowers and sprouting vegetables for those looking for a family-friendly and scenic nature spot to unwind in the city.  

A 2.5-acre urban farm in the city

Kebun Kebun Bangsar - garden
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We often think of farms to be a world away from KL. But you’d be surprised at how much Kebun Kebun Bangsar – just a 7-minute drive from Mid Valley Megamall – resembles one, with a garden growing just about everything – from bok choy and chilli padi, to fennel and papayas. 

These crops are donated to soup kitchens and the underprivileged around the city as a way to give back to their community and ensure that they also have access to fresh produce. 

Everything you’ll see here is all made possible by the work of volunteers and donations from visitors. So while this urban community garden is free to enter, consider dropping off spare change or more in their donation box to help keep them running. 

Kebun Kebun Bangsar - garden
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During your visit, you’ll see your share of volunteers tending the gardens and even free-range animals roaming around. There are sheep, cows, chickens, and even a turkey running around the spacious garden, which is always fun for those with little ones who need something other than a playground to keep their weekends occupied and educative too. 

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As the garden aims to bring joy to nearby communities and educate visitors on environmental consciousness, there are often various family-friendly programmes. This includes sustainable farmer’s markets selling fresh produce from the garden and workshops, typically carried out here on the weekends. 

You’ll also see a board of “10 principles” hashed out at the entrance to take note of. It has points such as being mindful of the garden on your visit, and respecting its neighbours as it is located along a row of houses on Lorong Bukit Pantai. 

It also emphasises the importance of giving back, so if you’re looking to help the garden out, they are always open to volunteers – just reach out to a helpful keeper of the garden inside. 

Kebun Kebun Bangsar - garden
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Feed animals and soak in views of the city

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While it’s always nice to just chill in nature and get away from the city, you’ll be surprised at the things you’ll get to do here. As there are a flurry of “city” animals running around the area, you can donate any amount you’re comfortable with for a pack of feed to get up-close with them. 

Find a waddling duck pond and cuddly rabbits hanging out around the garden that’s sure to entertain kids and animal lovers. 

Kebun Kebun Bangsar - animal
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It’s not just a stunning panoramic view of KL’s skyline you’ll see at the top of the hill at this garden. There are other cosy, photographic spots inside too. 

From a bench and mirror hidden among bushes, to a corner boasting campfire vibes that’ll remind you of the whimsy gardens seen in Alice In Wonderland, you’ll get lots of chances to take your #OOTD shots here. 

Kebun Kebun Bangsar - garden
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Kebun Kebun Bangsar in KL

KL boasts countless spots to keep our weekends occupied. But for somewhere to get away from the bustle of city life, Kebun Kebun Bangsar is a great spot where you can  hang out with live animals in a garden and mini farm setting. 

Address: Lorong Bukit Pantai 59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 8AM-7PM (Closed on Mondays)

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