What to buy at Objet

If you have a whole bunch of saved Instagram posts of cosy rooms you dream of having, you should have Objet on your radar. This homegrown home and living store with multiple Klang Valley outlets has aisles of affordable aesthetic goods waiting to be discovered by anyone who wants to zhoosh up their home. 

We did the legwork for you and rounded up 15 best things to buy at Objet – from plush door stoppers to aesthetic glass containers. 

1. USB nightstand lamp

Aesthetic USB table lamps

“Light layering” is a term you’ve probably come across while decorating your home. While this method undoubtedly adds instant cosy vibes to any living space, it also comes with the pain of purchasing the right light bulb for each light fixture.

If this is your predicament, these USB nightstand lamps we found will be just what you need. With their light wood bases, they make for an aesthetic piece of table decor while also being functional, offering just enough light to add a soft glow to any corner in a room. 

Price: From RM50

2. Ceramic vases

Minimalist ceramic vases

When it comes to filling up shelves and decorating window sills, an artful display of vases can never go wrong. Objet has several ceramic vases of varying heights and organic shapes, which you can mix and match to create the perfect vignette for that empty spot in your room.

Effortless and minimalistic, these vases work well as standalone decorative pieces. But if you are a fresh flowers kind of person, you can fill them with blooms and add a pop of colour to your space.

Price: From RM19.90

3. Plush door stoppers 

Plush door stoppers

Most of us have at least one of those basic red, rubber door wedges found in almost every Malaysian household. While they do their jobs of holding doors open well, we can all agree they aren’t exactly aesthetic.

We found these adorable door stoppers at Objet that look more like plushies to replace those old-school ones. They come in the form of adorable animals such as dogs, squirrels, and penguins – there’s even a pyramid-shaped one that resembles a giant Batu Seremban

If you’re wondering if they’re able to actually hold your doors open, trust us – they are much sturdier than their cute appearances make them seem.

Price: RM29

4. Dried flowers

Dried flowers

Dried flowers don’t always come cheap at florist shops. But Objet has a selection of dried flower bundles from RM18. As they come with long stems, you can opt to place them in a floor vase or simply trim them down for a table vase. 

If you’re going for a boho-chic look in your home, you’ll want to check out the dried fan leaves – or daun kipas – which can be layered with the dried flowers for a fuller arrangement. 

Price: From RM18

5. Tissue boxes

Woven tissue boxes

Tissue box holders are likely one of the last things we consider when trying to put together a chic space. But we found these woven tissue box holders that will make even pulling out a tissue at the dining table an aesthetically-pleasing affair. 

These boxes come in light shades of brown that will easily blend in with a subtle minimalist aesthetic, while also serving as pretty statement pieces on your tabletops.

Price: RM29

6. Glass teapots 

Glass teapots

Avid tea drinkers will know all the pros of brewing tea from a clear teapot. For one, you can see how strong the brew is and determine water levels with just a glance. Tucked among the myriad of pretty kitchenware here are these glass teapots with removable stainless steel infusers.

As cups are sold separately, you can pick out what you want to pair the teapots with – and their glass bodies pretty much guarantee that they’ll look great with almost any kind of cup.  

Price: From RM29

7. Holographic jars & cups 

Holographic jars & cups

If you need inspiration for cups, Objet has a whole aisle of eye-catching drinkware and even jars for all your party hosting needs.

Holographic jars & cups

We spotted holographic vessels that’ll make great conversation starters – serve up fizzy drinks from these cups, and have your guests feeling like they are sipping on cocktails at a fancy bar.

Price: From RM12

8. Glass containers

Glass containers

If you’re the kind of person who hoards plastic takeaway containers just because ‘they have potential’, it’s time to go full-blown #adulting and ditch them for these airtight glass containers.

Besides being more eye-pleasing and coordinated with their light wood lids, they are also stackable and easy to clean. There won’t be any need to search up hacks for removing lingering smells and stains from plastic when you make the switch to glass. 

Price: From RM12

9. Rattan baskets  

Rattan baskets

Whether you’re a pack rat or a minimalist, a good storage bin can do wonders to help keep clutter at bay. While Muji’s frosted plastic ones have become popular among homeowners, Objet has several sizes and designs of rattan baskets that’ll help add a bit of rustic flair to your living space while working to hide your random personal knick-knacks.

Rattan baskets

Price: From RM4

10. Ceramic serving dish

Ceramic dishes

When it comes to having nibbles and snacks at home, we don’t usually think too much about how we eat them. It’s obvious to just pass the food packets around. But you can opt to share what you love in a more aesthetic way with these pastel-coloured ceramic serving dishes. With their adorable knobs, they make plating up your light bites – even Super Rings – look and feel special.

You can also use them to hold dips, as they are wide and just deep enough for group-sized servings.

Price: RM15

11. Candle holders

Candle holders

Candles just instantly add a homey and cosy touch to any space, making them essential decor items for any hygge lover. At Objet, you’ll find a range of these wax blocks and all manner of holders to suit your personal tastes – whether you’re into elegant glamour or want a modern farmhouse vibe in your home.

Price: From RM20

12. Indoor planters

Indoor planters

If you’re into European decor and design, you’ve probably seen those popular aesthetic paper sacks, aptly called le sac en papier – they are commonly used as indoor planters in well-designed homes. Objet has a dupe of sorts, made of ceramic but achieving that same sculptural look but with added durability. 

The planters even have drainage holes and a plant dish to catch excess water. 

Price: RM45

13. Cushions


A space isn’t truly comfy unless there are a bunch – or at least a couple – of plush cushions that invite you to put your feet up and relax with them. If you agree with us on this, you’ll find yourself in comfy heaven at Objet’s cushion zone. Whether you’re into art deco patterns or fun tufted images, you’ll find it hard to leave without grabbing something from the delectable wall of plushness.

Price: From RM10

14. Serving bowls

Every adult home needs a dedicated salad server – it’ll make putting together a wholesome meal feel more intentional. It might also just inspire you to start on that New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, if you haven’t been doing so already.

But if you’re not a fan of salads in general, there’s no rule against using these beautiful, raised bowls to toss your pasta or even hold your apples and bananas. 

Price: From RM40

15. Coasters

With how affordable the coasters are at Objet, there’ll be no excuse to not stock up a bunch of these in your home to save your tables and books from those pesky mug rings.

We spotted these light-brown woven ones that are sure to fit well in almost any home. There’s also a white version with illustrated red tulips for your Scandi- or cottage core-inspired home. 

Price: From RM4

Shop for aesthetic home and living items at Objet in Malaysia

When it comes to home essentials, it’s hard to beat the range and aesthetic value that Objet offers. They have outlets in major malls in Klang Valley, including Sunway Pyramid, IOI City Mall, and Setia City Mall, so you know where to shop or get inspo for your next home makeover.

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Photography by Janet Cho.

Cover image adapted from: The Smart Local Malaysia

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