Jalan Jalan Japan, Malaysia

It’s safe to say that we all love a good deal. This is why thrift shops are no longer just fun for the frugal and the shrewd, but for anyone who enjoys the satisfaction of sniffing out a bargain after browsing through aisles of pre-loved goods. 

If you love hitting up thrift shops in KL, consider adding Jalan Jalan Japan to your list. This chain of thrift shops, with 6 outlets in Malaysia, will be your new hunting ground for cheap finds beyond just clothes. You’ll find houseware and toys, bags and shoes, all imported from Japan and going from just RM1

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Pre-loved goods from Japan in Malaysia

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - Jalan Jalan Japan in Bangi
Jalan Jalan Japan’s outlet at KIP Mall in Bangi

Jalan Jalan Japan has been in Malaysia since 2016, so it’s no newcomer in the thrifting scene. Its pre-loved goods are from Bookoff, a well-known thrift shop in Japan that buys used goods from Japanese locals and has over 850 outlets there.

A shipment of over 9 containers packed with thrifted goods from Bookoff comes in every month, so you’ll always have something new to look forward to when you’re taking a stroll through any one of Jalan Jalan Japan’s stores. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - Bangi outlet
Interior of Jalan Jalan Japan in Bangi

Neatly arranged goods for an easy thrifting experience

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - shoes
Shelves of shoes clearly marked with labels to help shoppers navigate the aisles

You may associate thrift-shopping with the headache of having to rummage through bins of items to get a good deal, but Jalan Jalan Japan turns that misconception on its head.

Everything at its outlets are neatly sorted according to type, with apparel, shoes, handbags, houseware, children goods, sporting gear, stationery, plushies and figurines displayed in separate, wide and well-lit aisles.

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - sports equipment
Sports section at Jalan Jalan Japan, with gym balls, exercise equipment, surfboards, and even camping gear up for grabs.

Clothes are sorted by style too, while shoes are neatly arranged according to colour. So if you have your eye on a specific item to add to your closet, you won’t have to take long to find what you want. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - shoes
Shoes are arranged according their colours at Jalan Jalan Japan

Seasoned bargain hunters won’t want to miss checking out their promotion section. Although not as neatly arranged as the rest of the goods in the store, there are major discounts camping out in these bins, with clothes, bags, hats, and kitchenware all going from just RM1 each.

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - discount bins
The items in these bins are going for under RM5 as the shop is trying to clear space for new goods

What you’ll find while thrifting at Jalan Jalan Japan

It’s not just the bins where you’ll find goods for RM1. Walk through the shop’s aisles and you’ll find even more pre-loved items – from clothes to toys to kitchenware – with starting price points of RM1 hiding out in racks and on shelves. Here’s what to expect: 


Clothes are always a good starting place for anyone new to the thrift shop game. Here, you’ll be in for aisles of them, sorted to style. You’ll see rows of skirts, tops, jackets, dresses and pants, and more.

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - clothes
Clothes are sorted according to style at Jalan Jalan Japan

You’ll find that prices on average go at RM5 or RM15 for tops, bottoms, and dresses, while outerwear ranges anywhere between RM20-RM50. But there are racks of skirts going for as low as RM1 per piece, and these are from brands such as UNIQLO and Japanese indie boutique stores. 

Condition of the pre-loved clothes ranges – some are as good as new, while others can be upcycled by creative customers looking to turn them into new fashionable pieces. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - skirts
Skirts for just RM1

Those with an eye for accessories will have hats (from RM5) to browse through, with bucket hats, berets, and sun hats popular ones to find here. You’ll also have backpacks, clutches, tote bags, and sling bags (all from RM1 each) – that are sorted by style to rummage through too. 

Fashion finds at Jalan Jalan Japan

Aisles of fashion items for men, with tops, bottoms, outerwear, and even neckties starting from RM1, can also be found here. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - men's clothes
Men’s aisle at Jalan Jalan Japan


Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - figurines
A wall of toys that all come plastic-wrapped at Jalan Jalan Japan

While thrift-shopping almost always makes you think of clothes, a gem for collectors to be found at Jalan Jalan Japan is its toy section. There are walls of collectible figurines and plushies of Japanese characters such as Rilakkuma, Pokemon, and Sumikkogurashi.

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - plushies
Sumikkogurashi bouncy figures at Jalan Jalan Japan

Those who find comfort in plushies and litter their houses with them can also have their share of kawaii stuffed toys (from RM1 each) too. Have your pick of adorable characters from manga series such as Moyashimon, and the beloved “Maneki-neko” cats of Japan. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - plushies
Some of these plushies still have their original tags on them


Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - houseware

The kawaii factor at Jalan Jalan Japan doesn’t stop at its toys. You can find Rilakkuma and Pompompurin plates and bowls at the houseware section. There is a range of these items in glass, plastic, and ceramic so you’ll be spoilt for choice too. 

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - houseware
Have your pick of glass or ceramic bowls with Jalan Jalan Japan’s array of kitchen goods 

While there are even more kitchen staples, including pots, pans, plates, and containers, to browse through, keep a lookout for unique finds such as their onigiri containers (from RM1 each) that can perfectly store the Japanese rice ball snacks. 

We found a wrapped one from Bento & Co, a popular Japanese houseware brand, going for just RM3 here. These usually cost around USD9.70 (~RM41.25) when you buy straight from the brand.  

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - onigiri containers

You’ll also find authentic Japanese bento boxes (from RM10 each) in different shapes and sizes that also come plastic-wrapped.

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - Bento boxes
Japanese bento boxes 

Jalan Jalan Japan is a Japanese discount thrift shop in Malaysia

Jalan Jalan Japan in Malaysia - Bangi outlet

Jalan Jalan Japan has 9 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia. So for those looking to shop pre-loved or save money on harga giler deals at this time, drop by their outlets to find cheap goods from Japan that are hard to spot elsewhere. 

Jalan Jalan Japan @ Bangi
Address: Level 3, KIP Mall, No. 1, Jalan Medan Bangi, Off Persiaran Kemajuan Seksyen 6, 43650 Bangi
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 012-267 3840
Jalan Jalan Japan’s website

See all Jalan Jalan Japan locations here.

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Photography by Janet Cho.

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