MBO Cinemas’ popcorn promotion

It isn’t just the big screen that makes the movie theatre experience so fun. It’s also the popcorn – the familiar caramel-y smell and the satisfying crunch makes our buttery fingers after hours of fishing fistfuls of popcorn all worth it. But there never seems to be enough of it once the ads and previews wrap up.

If this quintessential movie snack keeps us you all the more entertained at the cinemas, you’ll be thrilled to know that MBO Cinemas in Malaysia is having a unique popcorn promotion on 27th November 2022. Moviegoers can bring a bucket of their choice and fill it to the brim with popcorn. 

Here’s how you can go about the process once 27 November rolls around. 

Fill up your own bucket with popcorn

MBO Popcorn - containers
Moviegoers in Vietnam get creative with their containers.
Image adapted from: Discover ASEAN

Many moviegoers in Vietnam had a blast feasting on literal buckets of popcorn from an unlimited free popcorn event held at Lotte Cinemas several weeks ago – and it went viral around the world, Malaysia included. Now, it’s finally our turn to rise to the fun challenge.

MBO Popcorn - buckets
Image credit: MBO Cinemas

MBO Cinemas has hopped on the bandwagon and announced on their Facebook page on 9th November that they’ll be hosting a popcorn promotion titled “Popcorn Monsterrr: Bring Your Own Bucket”. The 1-day promotion on 27th November will take place from 1pm to 5pm.

All patrons at MBO Cinemas outlets nationwide are welcomed to bring along their own bucket of choice and size to be filled with popcorn galore. These are their outlets throughout Malaysia:

  • Kota Kemuning: Quayside Mall
  • Petaling Jaya: Atria Shopping Gallery
  • Kepong: Brem Mall
  • Shah Alam: Space U8
  • Melaka: ElementX Mall and Melaka Mall
  • Skudai: U-Mall
  • Taiping: Taiping Sentral Mall
  • Perak: Teluk Intan

If you’re up to overindulge in some caramel buttery goodness, you’ll have to purchase a minimum of 2 tickets, and either a single or share combo. Every customer who purchases a combo will be entitled to fill up only one container of their choice per entry.

Head to an outlet as early as you can, because the promotion is gifted to the first 200 customers per location.

Limits on containers to avoid food wastage

MBO Popcorn - what to bring
Image adapted from: MBO Cinemas & MBO Cinemas

The local cinema is welcoming all sorts of creative containers from Malaysians – think purses, flower pots, and frying pans – but they are limiting the size of all carriers to a maximum of 10 litres to avoid any food wastage. 

While nieces and nephews of a certain uncle can even bring along a rice cooker if they prefer too, also note that plastic bags and paper bags are not allowed.

A helpful guide shared on the cinema’s Facebook page cheekily listed a selection of banned “containers” suggested by netizens – which includes dumpsters, tractors, inflatable pools, lorries, water tanks, bath tubs, and for whatever reason, cats.

It goes without saying that you should ensure your container is hygienic and food safe.

MBO Cinemas’ popcorn promotion on 27th November

As our eyes feast on the movie in the theatre, it is only right to also let our taste buds feast on handfuls of buttery-gold popcorn. So mark your calendars, get your tummy and containers prepped, and indulge in gallons of popcorn that won’t disappear before the movie even starts.

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Cover image adapted from: (For illustration purposes only) Hồ Nguyễn Trúc Vi and MBO Cinemas

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