Malaysian men rocks baju kelawar

M'sian men wear baju kelawar
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@datininaz, @faiz__zamri, & @danieleskay

Most Malaysians have been working from home during the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO). And since there’s no need to head to the office, we no longer have to get dressed up to go to work. 

Some Malaysian men have taken comfort to a whole new level, by taking cues from their wives’ stay-at-home outfits: the casual baju kelawar. Unsurprisingly, the trend is now taking off among local men. 

Husband tries on his wife’s comfy loungewear

Ultimate comfort was discovered by a Malaysian man when he tried on his wife’s baju kelawar in their home during the MCO. His wife, known as Inaz, shared a series of photos of him donning a fabulous pink and black one-piece on Twitter

She said that after he had tried the comfy tunic on, he didn’t want to take it off – presumably because of how comfy it is. 

Husband tries out baju M'sian men wear baju kelawar, Twitter post
Twitter post from Inaz which shows her husband enjoying the newfound freedom in the tunic

Image adapted from: @datininaz

If you didn’t already know, baju kelawar can be translated from Malay to English as “bat gown”, but it’s more of a tunic than a dress with its straight-cut design that allows for easy movement. This is why it’s the preferred wear of most Malay women while at home, and now even men. 

Night At The Museum
Even the villain from the film, Night At The Museum, knows the difference between a dress and a tunic

Image credit: Get Yarn

In an update to her previous post on 1st April, Inaz let her followers know that her husband had started to wear the tunic while playing DOTA on his computer. But as he is new to it, he hilariously wore it inside out. 

Husband plays DOTA in baju M'sian men wear baju kelawar
Inaz’s husband seen wearing an inside-out baju kelawar while playing DOTA.
Image credit: @datininaz

Other men have also been wearing baju kelawar during MCO

Man smokes in a baju M'sian men wear baju kelawar
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Inaz’s Twitter post brought to surface several others who have also proudly started to rock the baju kelawar during MCO, including user @faiz__zamri who can be seen lepak-ing in his garden while wearing a floral-patterned tunic. 

Another user, Melur, also took to trying on these comfy loungewear, opting for his mother’s baju kelawar that she had left behind on a visit. 

“I agree. I stole my mother’s one because she went back to Ipoh and left her baju kelawar in Shah Alam”.
Image adapted from: @danieleskay

Twitter user @NisyanMaryshal went the extra mile by donning an actual dress while cooking in his kitchen. It was so comfy that he said he’d continue cooking in it if needed. 

Man wears dress while cooking
“Already try. Very comfortable. If you finish, I can cook more”.
Image credit: @NisyanMaryshal

Malaysian men wear baju kelawar during MCO

Malaysian men have proven that they’re down to trying new things while on MCO – including having to buy sanitary pads and go grocery shopping on their own. 

And now they’ve also taken up to rocking baju kelawar that women already know the comforts of, showing us all that we can still be fashionable and comfy while staying at home. 

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