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There always seems to be more to explore in Penang when it comes to food. Whether it’s a local fare by the roadside, desserts in a heritage building, or brunch in the mountains, the options seem endless. Over in Balik Pulau, there’s another cafe to visit for an escape to nature: Fortune Day Cafe. This homey cafe serves Western mains and overlooks an unparalleled view of the vast mountain range and sea.

Panoramic dining in the mountains

Fortune Day Cafe penang - cottage
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In the mountainous landscapes of Balik Pulau on Jalan Pantai Acheh stands a quaint cottage-like building. It actually houses a cafe named Fortune Day Cafe

Fortune Day Cafe penang - view
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Like a safe haven from the rest of the world, the thatched-roof mahogany cabin is nestled on grassy terrain that stretches for miles. Inside, oak furnishings and lanterns make the space feel as warm and inviting as a familiar home.

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The adage “eat with our eyes” couldn’t be more apt for this cafe. It is set upon a parcel of land that has a jaw-droppingly spectacular view of mountain and sea. You may find it hard to tear your eyes away from the heavenly view.

Fortune Day Cafe penang - deck
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To properly indulge in unblocked views of the glorious scenery, head to the observation deck that overlooks a surreal canvas of pure blue skies greeting the rolling green. It’ll be a waste not to have such beauty on your ‘Gram, so snap away to your heart’s content.

Dine on food as good as the scenery

Once you manage to peel your eyes away from the view long enough to look at the menu, you’ll find that the cafe serves a range of filling Western dishes and beverages.

Fortune Day Cafe penang - food
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There’s the Fatt Chai Burger (RM33.90) that is a towering stack of bacon and beef sandwiched between bread, and served with a generous side of crispy curly fries. 

Customers rave about their Swiss Chicken (RM25.90) that’s juicy and tender with a perfectly glazy skin. This meal adds to the homeliness of the place.

Fortune Day Cafe penang - coffee
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Stay a while longer to bask in the sweeping views of the mountainside with a post-meal drink. Go for a soothing cup of Mocha (RM13), Hazelnut Latte (RM14) or Chai Masala (RM13) if you’re looking for a caffeinated drink. 

Otherwise, there’s also a selection of iced teas and sodas, including Raspberry and Peach tea and Redberry Crush priced RM13 each.

Fortune Day Cafe in Penang

If you’re craving a nourishing meal in nature undisturbed by concrete buildings and traffic, Fortune Day Cafe in Penang is the perfect place to be for city folks. Here, you can enjoy a wholesome meal and a million-dollar view of nature.

Address: Mukim 1, 193, Jalan Pantai Acheh, Kampung Pantai Acheh, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 10am-6pm | Fri-Sun 10am-7pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 012-690 5069 | Fortune Day Cafe’s Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: @jesselyn_lyr, Sgk Veronica, Sgk Veronica


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