Cafes in Shah Alam

Shah Alam is the capital city of Selangor. But when it comes to food, most Klang Valley residents would skip this industrial and residential area for cafes in neighbouring Subang and PJ instead. But this has all changed in recent years, with steady developments in the city giving rise to new shopping malls and places to eat including stylish cafes.

If you ever wondered of adding Selangor’s capital to your cafe-hopping list, you can certainly do so now as there are some amazing places serving good food in IG-worthy spaces. Here’s a list of 10 of them that you can visit to hang out with friends for your next breakfast, lunch and dinner dates.

1. The Third Letter – cosy cafe for pasta lovers

The Third Letter cafe
Image credit: @thethirdlettercafe

Bukit Jelutong is a well-developed township in Shah Alam, so you can easily find a lot of places to eat here. But this also means that you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices available. 

Image credit: The Third Letter

For those who haven’t been to this part of Shah Alam, The Third Letter is a good place to start for food. This cosy cafe has a long list of items on its menu including brunch sets, entrees, Asian delights, pasta and grills so you can always come back for another visit to try something new.

The pasta are a highlight here – there are up to 16 varieties available such as Seafood Belacan Olio (RM27.56), Lamb Pasta (RM25.44) and Spicy Beef Bacon Olio (RM16.96), with customisable spiciness level.

Cafe drinksImage credit: The Third Letter, The Third Letter & The Third Letter 

They have plenty of drinks on their menu too, such as customisable coffees (from RM7.42) with different espresso shots and temperatures to suit coffee drinkers. Teas, garden spritzers, fresh juice and hot chocolate made from single origin cocoa are other drink options to get here. 

Address: No 2, Jalan N U8/N, Seksyen U8 Bukit Jelutong Timur, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-9.30PM
Telephone: 03-7831 9702
The Third Letter Facebook | Instagram

2. Pinggan Puteh – fairy tale vibes & fusion dishes

Pinggan Puteh cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Pinggan Puteh

There aren’t many cafes with aesthetic interiors in Shah Alam that give you fairy tale-like vibes like Pinggan Puteh. This cosy cafe with delicate wall murals, welcoming interior decor, and various seating arrangement is a perfect spot for your next brunch date.

Malaysian dishes at cafe
Image credit: Pinggan Puteh & Pinggan Puteh

With plate in its name, the cafe conveniently groups food items on their menu under Pinggan Utama for the main course, Pinggan Tepi for side orders and appetisers, and Pinggan Manis for desserts.

Their mains are a treat, as it includes twists to local dishes such as Lontong Nasi Lemak (RM18) and Salted Egg Beef (RM16), as well as their Nasi Jumaat

Pinggan Puteh cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: @aizanazniedar

If it’s your first time visiting a unique cafe like this, be sure to bring along a friend as you certainly want to enjoy the ambience and food in good company. There’s a popular photo spot here with the cafe’s indoor signboard and a rattan swing that visitors often gather around for good photos of themselves.

Address: 30G, Jalan Kristal K7/K, Seksyen 7, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12PM-8PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 03-5524 6828
Pinggan Puteh Facebook | Instagram

3. One Serambi Cafe – woodsy ambience & dining area for larger gatherings 

One Serambi Cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: One Serambi Cafe

Rustic and woodsy themed cafes are gaining popularity among cafe hoppers. In Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, there’s One Serambi Cafe. This woodsy cafe is suitable for larger gatherings and special occasions as it has dedicated dining tables and chairs for big groups.

Food options are aplenty here and you’ll definitely like the ambience of the cafe developed around the wooden flooring, matching chairs and tables, and decor.

Pasta and meatballs
Image credit: One Serambi Cafe & One Serambi Cafe

Signature dishes such as Aglio Olio Salmon (RM22.90), Grilled Norwegian Salmon Steak (RM32.90) and Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce (RM29.90) are highly recommended if you’re craving hearty Western dishes for brunch or dinner.

Waffle with ice cream
Image credit: azmi wahab

For desserts, there are Belgian Waffles (RM16.90) served with summer berries and ice cream, and scones served with whipped cream (RM8.50). Special bakes such as Strawberry Almond Tart and Caramel Pecan Cheese Cake (from RM6.90) can also be purchased from the counter.

Address: 1-G, D’bayu Commercial Centre, Jalan Serambi U8/21, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Wed – Sun 11AM-7PM (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Telephone: 03-77347700
One Serambi Cafe Facebook | Instagram

4. Scrumptious Sugar – kid-friendly cafe with mini pavlovas 

Scrumptious Sugar cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Scrumptious Sugar

Scrumptious Sugar is another cafe in Bukit Jelutong, offering picture-perfect desserts for the sweet tooth. But unlike most cafes with just a handful of pastries and cakes, this cafe’s sweet bakes include unique ones such as pavlovas and sandwich cakes. Their offerings change every day too so you’re always in for a surprise here.

Their desserts – including cakes, pavlovas, doughnuts and cupcakes – are all made to perfection with careful attention to detail. So make sure your phones are fully charged before your visit so you can snap photos of your order in the cafe’s simple, yet welcoming, space flooded with natural lighting.

Desserts at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Scrumptious Sugar & Scrumptious Sugar

The Mini Nutella Pavlova and Victoria Sandwich, which also comes in a set box, are a must-try here. They are perfect bite-sized treats that are great for tea time. There are also cakes in familiar flavours such as Pandan Gula Melaka (RM13 per slice), and trendy ones such as Biscoff and Nutella.

Kid's corner at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Scrumptious Sugar

Scrumptious Sugar has a dedicated kids corner for children to play and have fun. So, worry not about bringing your children to a cafe while you enjoy their scrumptious bakes.

Address: 59-1, Jalan Bazar P U8/P, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Tue – Thur 11AM-6PM | Fri – Sun 11AM-6.30PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 016-634 4340
Scrumptious Sugar Facebook | Instagram

5. Cake Jalan Tiung – modern cafe with cartoon-themed creampuffs

Cake Jalan Tiung cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Abdus Fauzi

Cosy, modern cafes are aplenty in cities like PJ and KL. But in recent years, cafes have been mushrooming beyond these cities in well-developed areas such as Shah Alam too. Take Cake Jalan Tiung, for example. This modern cafe is suitable for anyone looking for a place to chill out and get away from the crowd.

Kuih bakar cheesecake
Image credit: Cake Jalan Tiung

Unlike other cafes, this one offers only desserts and drinks but with ample choices. For starters, you can try their Kuih Bakar Burnt Cheesecake (RM15 per slice), inspired by the local kuih and cute, handcrafted creampuffs such as the Hello Kitty and Keroppi, made to look like cartoon characters.

Creampuffs at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Cake Jalan Tiung & Cake Jalan Tiung

For drinks, try something different as they have interesting options such as Raspberry Latte (RM12) and an array of speciality sodas (from RM15) made with ingredients like dragonfruit and bunga telang.

Address: 9, Jalan Sukun 4/7, Seksyen 4, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-6PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed on Thursdays)
Telephone: 012-878 7258
Cake Jalan Tiung Facebook | Instagram

6. Kopimeo x La Carne – plant-filled cafe with fresh bakes to meat-based dishes

Kopimeo cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Kopimeo Cafe

Kopimeo x La Carne is a rustic cafe in central Shah Alam that offers fresh bakes, pizzas and meat-based dishes for those who crave a fulfilling meal. This cafe is a collaboration between two popular cafes – one of them known for their speciality coffees and the other for their tantalising meals.

Burger and pizza
Image credit: Kopimeo Cafe & Kopimeo Cafe

Visitors can have the best of both worlds when they hang out here. You should definitely try their in-house pizzas, and burgers (from RM20) made with fresh buns during your visit. For carnivores, there are Chimichurri Steak (RM56), Roast Beef (RM34) and Peruvian Grilled Chicken (RM27), among other filling options.

Desserts at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Kopimeo Cafe & Kopimeo Cafe

If you’re craving something sweet, try their Pina Colada On The Beach (RM15), which comprises caramelised pineapple with coconut ice cream and orange shortbread crumbs. 

Otherwise, go for their version of the local Apam Balik (RM12) topped with ice cream, and a special sauce with a cup of cold espresso.

Address: 33, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah B 9/B, Seksyen 9, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Daily 12PM-7PM
Telephone: 03-5886 2643
Kopimeo Facebook | Instagram

7. Kedai Makan Fei & Ali – perfect date spot for two over cakes

Kedai Makan Fei & Ali cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Bahijah Bakhtiar

If you’re looking for an IG-worthy cafe for your next brunch date, then you should visit Kedai Makan Fei & Ali, one of the most visited cafes in Shah Alam. The interior decor with soothing colours and lighting makes it a perfect date spot for two as you sip on coffee and take a bite of their delicious cakes.

Crepe cake at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: @qistinahussein

The Almond Salted Caramel Crepe Cake (RM15.90) is a must-try here. So, do ask their friendly staff for a slice to pair it up with a choice of drink such as Teh Tarik Caramel (RM6.70) or vanilla frappes and yoghurt smoothies (from RM10.20). For something a little special, you can go for their colourful cupcakes with special toppings and mini doughnut brownies. 

Desserts at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Kedai Makan Fei & Ali by Foodsbury & Kedai Makan Fei & Ali by Foodsbury

If you’d like a savoury meal, there are a variety of pasta dishes (from RM14) and best-selling local favourites such as Nasi Kambing Goreng Kunyit with Sambal Terangkat (RM17).

Cafe meals in Shah Alam
Image credit: @afiqhalid

Address: 22, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah A 9/A, Seksyen 9, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Mon – Wed 12.30PM-9PM | Fri – Sun 12.30PM-10.30PM (Closed on Thursdays)
Telephone: 011-1053 8061
Kedai Makan Fei & Ali Facebook | Instagram

8. Sips & Bites Cafe – neighbourhood cafe with unique meals to cheer up your day

Sips & Bites Cafe in Shah Alam

Those who visit Shah Alam are more familiar with cafes in its central and northern townships such as Section 7, Section 13 and Bukit Jelutong. But developing townships in southern Shah Alam are also actively attracting visitors within Klang Valley in recent years.

Eggs Benedict at Shah Alam cafe
Image credit: Sean Lim jx

Sips & Bites Cafe in Bukit Rimau is one such place to hang out with your friends. This cafe has fusion and unique meals that you should try during your first visit. Salmon Breakfast (RM15) and Eggs Atlantic (RM19.50) are staples on their menu, while daily specials for lunch include Crab Meat Fried Rice and Salted Egg Baby Crab (RM18) and Miso Pasta with Prawns (RM21).

Prawn pasta
Image credit: Celine

If you prefer rice dishes with sides, their Asian Bentos such as Curry Chicken Bento (RM16) and Marmite Pork Patties Bento (RM16) are good options to go with. There are also classic coffees and special teas to quench your thirst such as Hazelnut Latte (RM11) and Nymph Of The Nile (RM7.50), a fragrant white tea.

Coffee and tea
Image credit: Peggy Lim & Hiew Mun

Address: 38-G, Jalan Sungai Burung AA32/AA, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Tue – Thur 9.30AM-6PM | Fri – Sun 9.30AM-8PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 03-5525 1309
Sips & Bites Cafe Facebook

9. Commoners Space – rustic cafe that offers grilled sandwich

Not many cafes in Malaysia have grilled sandwiches as a staple item on the menu. But at Commoners Space, you can have grilled sandwiches any time of the day as they specialise in making them.

Commoners Space cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Khairulnizam Bakeri

If you’ve never tried a grilled sandwich before, consider starting off with the RTB (RM14) made of sourdough, cheddar, mozzarella, ulam raja, tomato and bacon. But for grilled sandwich fans who already had their share of this classic sandwich combo, there are Caramalized Onion & Mushroom (RM14) and Pesto and Smoked Salmon (RM20), among other sandwich fillings.

Grilled sandwiches
Image credit: Commoners Space

Apart from their sandwiches, there are other scrumptious meals to savour on such as the Breakfast For Champions (RM25) that comes with chicken bangers, turkey slices, beef bacon strips, grilled tomato, scrambled egg, mushroom and sourdough bread. They also have a variety of pasta, risottos and daily special menus that you can try during your visit.

English breakfast
Image credit: Commoners Space

Commoners Space has a rustic feel to it with plants dotted in and out of the cafe, wooden furnishing and retro rattan chairs, making it an ideal space to take pictures. So, even if you’re going there alone or with friends, remember to snap some photos to update your Insta feed.

Commoners Space cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: Khairulnizam Bakeri

Address: 71, Jalan Snuker 13/28, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Daily 9AM-6PM
Telephone: 03-5523 3006
Commoners Space Facebook | Instagram

10. Gula Cakery – bakery cafe with premium cakes baked fresh every day

Gula Cakery is a bakery cum cafe that started out in Shah Alam in 2015, but now you can also find their outlets in KL and PJ as they are slowly expanding due to their popularity.

Gula Cakery cafe in Shah Alam
Image credit: AZ-Zakwanul Faiz bin Zakaria

This cafe specialises in dozens of varieties of cakes and pastries that visitors can choose from. One look at their display of freshly baked, unique treats at the counter and you’ll be planning for second servings.

Cakes and pastries
Image credit: Gula Cakery & Gula Cakery

For cakes, there are Nutella Burnt Cheesecake, Pandan Gula Melaka, Biscoff Chocolate Cake and Victoria Sandwich priced between RM17 to RM18 per slice. You can also try their pastries such as Strawberry Danish (RM12), Salted Caramel Doughnut (RM7) or Caramel Almond Croissant (RM15) if you’re looking for something special.

Nasi tomato
Image credit: IzanShahrina Adam

Gula Cakery also has plenty of food options and drinks for you to choose from. You should definitely try their Mum’s Tomato Rice (RM29.90) served with fragrant ayam masak merah, iced lemon tea and a cupcake of the day. For coffee lovers, there’s Vanilla Latte (RM12) and Cappuccino (RM11) to enjoy.

Address: 11, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Seksyen 31 Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opening hours: Daily 11AM-9PM
Telephone: 03-5131 4604
Gula Cakery Facebook | Instagram

Cafes in Shah Alam

From scrumptious sugary goodness to lip-smacking savoury dishes, these cafes in Shah Alam offer the same class and comfort one might only expect to get from eateries in bigger cities like KL and PJ. 

They are also proof that there’s more to Shah Alam than just industrial sites and residential areas. So if you’re planning for a place to eat in the future, consider Shah Alam a viable option.

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Cover image adapted from: Abdus Fauzi, Khairulnizam Bakeri, One Serambi Cafe and Scrumptious Sugar

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