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After a long day of frolicking around Penang, feasting on the best hawker food and mingling in charming cafes, you’ll want to return to a comfortable hotel to put up your feet at. Bonus points if the hotel is gorgeous. Enter The Prestige Hotel, a Victorian-style hotel in the heart of George Town that oozes luxury and elegance.

Exuding a unique blend of modern and timeless designs, the hotel is a classy enclave with whimsical architecture and luxe amenities – think a levitated bed and an infinity pool – that will all have you feeling like kings and queens for a day.

A luxurious colonial hotel in George Town

The Prestige Hotel - building
Image credit: The Prestige

Along the goldmine of cultural richness of George Town stands a pristinely white establishment that’s classy, elegant and anything but plain and predictable. This is the enchanting The Prestige Hotel in Penang.

Paying homage to the art of illusion from the film The Prestige (2006), set in the 19th century Victorian Age, the hotel brings to life elements of magic and visual trickery throughout the space.

The Prestige Hotel - reception
Image credit: The Prestige

Its reception area is especially bewitching, with a front desk that seems to be balancing on chrome orbs. There are interior gold wall fittings that look eerily similar to Houdini’s infamous escape box, and hypnotic lattice lacing the floors along the corridors.

The Prestige Hotel - lobby
Image adapted from: ArchDaily & The Prestige

The hotel takes inspiration from its location: the heritage district of old downtown Penang. It fuses colonial features from the Victorian era etched into the magical elements that decked the interior, making the boutique hotel the first of its kind in Penang.

While the main lobby itself will awe you to no ends, go ahead and explore their modern and luxurious amenities. You’ll find a rooftop infinity pool where you can lounge at gazebos by the pool with a cool drink, while soaking in the picturesque views of the island’s iconic quayside, and a well-equipped gym that you can head to for a sweat sesh.

The Prestige Hotel - glasshouse
Image adapted from: The Prestige

The hotel’s concept restaurant, The Glasshouse, is a spirited space filled with the buzz of patrons and lush botanics.

Settle into the plush velvet seats for a feast of local and international delicacies within this Victorian conservatory that’s illuminated with tons of natural lighting spilling in through the wrought metal lattice windows. For a more intimate setting, the Borden & Angier rooftop pavilion and terrace makes for a perfect venue to have private events under the starry night sky.

Modernised Victorian rooms

The Prestige Hotel - room
Image credit: The Prestige

The rooms in The Prestige are no less extravagant. At each of their 160 elegant suites, you can expect to take a step back into refined elegance and colonial opulence of the golden age of Penang.

The Prestige Hotel - shower
Image adapted from: The Prestige

Upon first glance, its decor is sleek, crisp and oozing fanciness. But look a little closer into the notions of magic and illusions that scatter the room – the beds look as if they’re subtly floating above the ground, the shower and wardrobe enclosures are confined within a huge, golden glass cage that resembles a magician cage, and “hidden doors” that reveal concealed bar area. Truly a wizard of a hotel.

The Prestige Hotel - bed
Image credit: The Prestige

There are several types of rooms and suites you can choose from to suit your comfortability and preferences:

  • Originals (from RM569/night)
  • Deluxe (RM619/night)
  • Executive Deluxe (from RM679/night)
  • Deluxe Trio (from RM899/night)
  • Loft Suite (from RM989/night)

Spend a night at The Prestige Hotel in Penang

The Prestige Hotel in Penang is a timeless abode that radiates Victorian glamour with modern sensibilities and the charm of George Town’s heritage shining through. A night here will leave you feeling happily spoiled, thanks to its luxe amenities and rooms. 

Whether you’re a curious looking to be in awe of some jaw-dropping designs or a guest craving for the comfiest of all comforts, this enchanting abode will guarantee you a delightful stay through and through.

Address: 8, Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 George Town, Penang
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Contact: 04-217 5888 | The Prestige Hotel’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: The Prestige

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