Malay wedding reception on GTA V

Malay wedding reception on GTA V
A realistic wedding reception is hosted on GTA V by a Malaysian streamer
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GTA 5 Malaysia

Things have been tough for Malaysians during the Movement Control Order (MCO), with many having to put their celebrations like weddings and festivities on hold due to social distancing.

But showing that Malaysians are no stranger to thinking out of the box during this time, a Malaysian game streamer hosted a Malay wedding reception on Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). And Malaysians are shook by how accurate the whole thing looks. 

Wedding bells on GTA V

While most know the Grand Theft Auto series for it’s action-packed open-world, it’s also famous for the out-of-script things you can do on it. Showing just how far you can get creative with it, GTA 5 Malaysia – a game streamer channel on YouTube known for localising the game with modifications – hosted a kenduri kahwin, or Malay wedding reception, on it. 

And seriously nothing is left out in it. 

The 16-minute long video, which now has 110,000 views, begins with the families of the bride and groom dressed in Malay traditional wear and greeting each other with pantuns in the parking lot. 

Families greeting each other
Snazzy cars parked next to the virtual guests are the only dead-giveaways that this is still part of the game
Image adapted from: GTA 5 Malaysia

The guests can then be seen flocking into a well-decorated tent and taking their seats while traditional Malay music plays in the background. There’s even a wedding dais, or stage, for the married couple at the head of the tent where they receive blessings from their guests, and a buffet spread. 

Guests enter venue
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GTA 5 Malaysia

Not leaving out anything, a wedding silat is performed by the guests for the happy couple. Wedding photographers can also be seen taking shots of the whole affair, while a caterer can be spotted talking to the host and asking him if the food is good and if there’s anything that he needs. 

Silat performance
Image adapted from:
GTA 5 Malaysia

Localising the game even further, a GrabFood delivery rider even shows up to the affair. 

Grab Food Driver pops in
Image adapted from:
GTA 5 Malaysia

Netizens shocked by how realistic the event looks

Malaysians were quick to catch steam of the hilariously realistic affair. A share of the video on Twitter by user @Mrskvsk also racked up impressive numbers, with 40,000 likes and 40,000 retweets at the time of writing. Comments it garnered shows just how humoured netizens were.

Twitter user, @fadsdirnur, pointed out how real the whole thing looked, saying, “I swear his details are hilarious”, while screencapping the wedding photographer at the online event. 

Camera photographer
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The fun event also rubbed off on moms, with Twitter user @tinienzm sharing, “After my mom saw me playing the game with my friends, now she wants to play too and even Google it”. A photo of a conversation between the two on Whatsapp can also be translated into English as: 

Mom: What game is that, I want to play
Tinie: GTA 5
Mom: I’ll Google GTA 5

Mothers also want to play GTA V
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Malaysian streamer hosts wedding reception on GTA V

We’ve seen our share of viral gaming hacks to cool down smartphones and MCO trends inspiring ways to spruce up old sneakers – and now this is another thing to add to the list of creative Malaysians. 

So while gatherings of more than 20 people remain restricted during CMCO, GTA 5 Malaysia shows us all how we can still find humour in these tough times and have fun in safe, social-distancing ways.

Watch the entire video here.  

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