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Zoo Teruntum: Family-Friendly Attraction With 30 Life-sized Dinosaurs & A Hobbit House In Pahang

Zoo Teruntum in Kuantan, Pahang

Zoos are beloved attractions that bring out our inner child. Now that we can stretch our legs and freely traipse from one place to another again, you can relive your childhood days at places like Zoo Teruntum in Kuantan, Pahang.  

This mini zoo is a family-friendly attraction in town. Here, you can find various animals for the kiddos to interact with, as well as a dinosaur exhibition with over 30 life-sized dinosaur replicas. For additional fun with the fam, there’s even a Hobbit House at the zoo.

A dinosaur park with animatronic prehistoric creatures

Image credit: @sungjekyo88

Most zoos are filled with just live animals. But dubbed the first hybrid zoo in Malaysia, Zoo Teruntum does not only house living, breathing creatures, but also over 30 life-sized dinosaur replicas in an exhibit called Dinosaur Encounter.

Whether you’re a Jurassic Park fan, or have little ones obsessed with these prehistoric animals, a trip to this zoo will be a fun-filled event. 

Zoo Teruntum - dino famImage credit: @boyfareedsharif

The Dinosaur Encounter experience can be found at Pusat Sains Negara KL and Zoo Melaka – now it’s also at Zoo Teruntum, albeit on a smaller scale. But it’s by no means any less exciting.

Zoo Teruntum - dinoImage adapted from: @dinosaur_encounter & @dinosaur_encounter

The whole fam will be able to experience up-close encounters with these massive creatures from the past. Some are even animatronic, and will move and ‘roar’ when you walk past them in the exhibit. 

Image credit: @ronrivaldy

Needless to say, posing for pictures with the life-sized dinosaurs is a must-do while you’re here. 

Zoo Teruntum - fossilImage credit: JuVin See

You’ll be stoked to know that the attractions within Dinosaur Encounter are not just limited to photography sessions with the replicas. At an indoor area, there are games to take part in and also a fossil of a T-Rex.

Learn more about the mighty prehistoric behemoth, or just marvel at the fossil which looks just like the one from Night At The Museum.

Pahang’s very own Hobbit House

The adventure doesn’t end at the Dinosaur Encounter. If visiting the Hobbit House from The Lord Of The Rings has always been on your bucket list, no need to fly all the way to New Zealand – just check out Pahang’s very own ‘Hobbit House’.

Zoo Teruntum - hobbitImage credit:@mommy_eelbee_feafael

The petite Shire-style home in the zoo – hidden beneath a mossy roof and flower bushes, with a grassy stairway leading to its porthole-like front door – mimics the original Hobbit House in the famed film series. Visitors will have a blast taking pictures with this unique backdrop, imagining that they’ve stepped into the fantasy world.

Also has a variety of live animals for animal lovers

Zoo Teruntum - ostrichImage credit: Zoo Teruntum

Though its smaller in size compared to other state zoos, Zoo Teruntum has a decent variety of live animals, such as monkeys, snakes, paddy horses, ostrich, and crocodiles. Young animal lovers can learn more about these animals by visiting their exhibits, or opt for a ride on the ponies – a service that the zoo also provides.

Zoo Teruntum - zebraImage credit: Zoo Teruntum

Zoo Teruntum has a dinosaur park in Kuantan, Pahang

Zoo Teruntum - parkImage credit: Muhammad Hamdi

Located across Royal Pahang Golf Club, and at the right exit before Teluk Cempedak, you’ll find Zoo Teruntum. With the recent addition of its fun-filled Dinosaur Encounter exhibit, this family-friendly attraction lets visitors of all ages interact with live animals and extinct species.

To explore the dinosaur-filled wilderness here, just purchase tickets at the entrance. Prices are as follows:

  • Adults and senior citizens (RM25/pax)
  • Children (RM22/pax)
  • OKU (RM15/pax)

Address: Mini Zoo Taman Teruntum, Jalan Padang Golf 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
Opening hours: 9AM-6PM, Daily
Telephone: 09-567 3333
Zoo Teruntum website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @ahmadhusnizam, @sungjekyo88 & @seejayon