Awana Garden Hot Pot in Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is home to many attractions. Anyone who has ever travelled to the resort city for a weekend trip to check them out knows what it’s like to crave a hearty meal, after hours of queuing up for roller coaster rides and running around for photo ops.

Enter Awana Garden Hot Pot. Whether you are planning to jalan jalan cari makan, or looking for a spot to fuel up on food, this restaurant lets you feast on hotpot with fresh produce sourced from its own greenhouse.

Farm-to-table hotpot in a nature-filled space

Image credit: Awana Garden Hot Pot

Awana Garden Hot Pot offers patrons a comfortable, farm-to-table hotpot experience. Here, you can have flavourful soups with fresh ingredients, in a nature-filled dining space with live plants and touches of wood and bamboo – just what we need after a long day spent at Genting Highlands.

Awana Hot Pot Genting Highlands - view
Awana Garden Hot Pot’s semi-al fresco dining space
Image credit: Nisha Kamilla Sundra Rajoo / Google Maps

Coupled with a stunning view of the surrounding nature and mountains, city-dwellers will be treated to a sumptuous feast for both the taste buds and eyes.

Image credit: Awana Garden Hot Pot

Its dazzling overhead decorations, comprising plants and bamboo light fixtures, exude clean and calm Scandinavian vibes – totally Instagram-friendly.

Awana Hot Pot Genting Highlands - interior
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There are a variety of seating arrangements at Awana Garden Hot Pot to accommodate different group sizes, including round tables that seat up to six and cosier tables for those dining in pairs.

If you prefer extra privacy, they also have two private dining rooms.

Sustainably sourced ingredients and eight broth options

Image credit: Nisha Kamilla Sundra Rajoo / Google Maps

Before we dip our chopsticks into a hotpot, it’s a must to select our hotpot soup base. Over at Awana Garden Hot Pot, you’ll find eight choices of broths, each with its own distinct flavour.

If you’re looking for a herbal and nourishing soup base, go for their Aroma Malaysia broth, which boasts rich, aromatic flavours from cloves, cardamom, and star anise. Their Tongkat Ali Herbal Soup, comprising wild Tongkat Ali sourced from Genting Highlands, is another hearty choice.

For those who prefer a thicker soup base, try the Nyonya Secrets Broth – the restaurant’s take on Peranakan curry – or The Indonesian Connection, a Javanese shrimp-based soup.

If you feel overwhelmed by the options available, don’t worry – choose to have a single (from RM50/pot) hotpot, or twin (from RM26/pot) and quarter (from RM25/pot) hotpot that lets you try several different broths in one go.

Image credit: Awana Garden Hot Pot

Awana Garden Hot Pot takes pride in their sustainably sourced ingredients, with vegetables on the menu grown at their Atrium Greenhouse. So while most hotpot places we know of have proteins as the star of the menu, a highlight here is fresh veggies that are grown at the restaurant.

Image credit: Resorts World Genting

Patrons can also purchase boxes of fresh leafy vegetables or mushrooms from their greenhouse to bring home after finishing their meals. Or opt to have vegetables (RM8/each) such as red butterhead, green romaine, and fan pak choy while dining at the restaurant. 

Image credit: ZhenXing Wei / Google Maps

While this pork-free steamboat restaurant highly values their vegetables, they also serve premium proteins such as different cuts of beef – from beef lung (from RM8) to Australian Lamb Striploin (from RM28).

If not, there are sliced chicken breast (from RM8) and chicken thigh (from RM8), as well as seafood options that include white prawn (from RM30), scallops (from RM28), and baby octopus (from RM20). 

Their speciality homemade pastes are also recommended – options include fish paste (RM18), squid paste (RM10), and prawn paste (RM28).

Image credit: Awana Garden Hot Pot

Although this is an ala carte hotpot restaurant – you’ll have to place an order for your ingredients – patrons will have free-flow condiments at a bar for an additional RM3/pax. Find over 20 condiments, including soya sauce and kung pao, as well as aromatics such as coriander, fried shallots, and garlic.

Awana Garden Hot Pot in Genting Highlands

Take your hotpot experience to the next level at Awana Garden Hot Pot, which has breathtaking views of surrounding mountains, cool highland air, and a unique farm-to-table concept.

So, if you’re in the mood for something hearty and soupy after a long day exploring Genting Highlands, we recommend dropping by this restaurant.

Address:  Lobby Floor, Resorts World Awana, 69000 Genting Highlands
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-3PM (Lunch) | 6PM-9.30PM (Dinner)
Telephone: 03-6101 1118 ext. 7879
Awana Garden Hotpot’s website | Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Awana Garden Hot Pot, Awana Garden Hot Pot, and Google Maps

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