foodpanda rider cooks in a restaurant

Ordering food online can be a matter of convenience for many of us as consumers because we just have to wait for the items to be delivered to our doorsteps. But the actual process of getting our foods prepped and delivered is the responsibility of restaurant owners and delivery riders.

We all know the struggles of delivery riders who work tirelessly in harsh weather conditions to ensure we get our food on time. But this foodpanda rider has caught people’s attention on social media as he was spotted cooking food in a restaurant after allegedly waiting too long for an order to be prepared.

Delivery rider seen cooking at restaurant in viral video

Foodpanda rider cooks in a restaurant
Video credit: Hafifi Hisham

Yesterday, netizen Hafifi Hisham reposted a video of a foodpanda rider preparing food in a restaurant on the Facebook page FoodPanda Rider Malaysia, which has now been widely shared among group members and netizens.

The original video, posted by a TikTok user named Muhd Ariff, showed a foodpanda delivery rider making roti canai in a restaurant in Selayang, Selangor. In the short video, the man behind the camera can be heard saying that the delivery rider had allegedly waited too long to pick up an order. So he decided to help the restaurant prepare the food himself.

The video hilariously zoomed into the rider who was indeed seen making the food. However, it is unclear if he waited for the order or not before taking on the task himself.

The original video posted on TikTok five days ago has over 320,000 views and more than 50,000 likes at the time of writing. Malaysians were amused by the short video, with many reacting to the video with laughing emojis. Several also complimented the rider for his extra effort to ensure that food was being prepared and delivered on time.

Netizens react to rider cooking

Image credit: Hafifi Hisham

One netizen wrote, “Your rider is preparing the food” – presumably to reference the notification that customers receive when they place an order on the foodpanda app.

Meanwhile, others said that the rider is capable of doing just about anything, from food preparation to delivery. Another netizen, on the other hand, stated that the rider has a hidden talent that he finally managed to show off.

foodpanda rider turns into chef after waiting too long for order

It’s indeed amusing to watch this rare footage of a delivery rider cooking in a restaurant. As netizens say, delivery riders in Malaysia are capable of doing a lot of things, such as helping a woman fix a punctured vehicle tyre or completing a PhD degree while working.

But all jokes aside, we hope local eateries would be more considerate towards riders so situations such as this one could be avoided.

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Cover image adapted from: Hafifi Hisham and Hafifi Hisham

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