Spider-Man gets stopped at roadblock

Spider-Man at police roadblock
Spider-Man at a roadblock in PJ
Image credit: Polis Diraja Malaysia

Unless you have important errands to run, it’s never a good idea to head out during Movement Control Order (MCO) because there’s a high chance that’ll you run into authorities. With MCO in phase 2, there are even more roadblocks now than ever and police officers have been told to take stricter measures, so it’s probably wise not to test your luck by stubbornly insisting on leaving the house.

After all, if PDRM officers are already stopping big shot superheroes like Spider-Man, average Malaysians like us don’t stand a chance of slipping past the authorities.

Even Spider-Man is not excused from MCO

The photo of Spider-Man held up by police officers and military personnel at a roadblock in Petaling Jaya has been making rounds around the internet. It was originally shared in an update on PDRM’s official Facebook page today, 2nd April 2020. The post quickly blew up with 845 reactions and 153 shares in just 2 hours, which just shows how amusing Malaysians found the situation to be.

Spider-man stopped at roadblock
Even superheroes have to answer to the cops in charge during this MCO period
Image credit: Polis Diraja Malaysia

The caption that was posted alongside the photo translates to “Even if you think yourself as a hero, you still need to follow the rules and regulations set by the government. Take this opportunity to spend time with your loved ones at home instead!”

We can’t imagine the officer’s reaction upon seeing Spider-Man in the middle of PJ and although he may have sneaked in a chuckle, we can understand how exasperating it may be to constantly deal with errant Malaysians.

Malaysians geek out over the rare superhero sighting

Malaysians are big fans of superhero movies, as seen from the time when KL lit up the sky with an Avengers-themed light show that was made possible with 300 drones. Upon stumbling across this photo of a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, a flood of Marvel fans emerged from behind their screens with jokes aplenty.

Facebook user Nicky Ma made a reference to Spider-Man: Far From Home and said, “PDRM: Ask you stay home, you far from home…”

FB comment (1)
Image adapted from: Polis Diraja Malaysia

Facebook user Audrey Leong told Spider-Man to just stay at home as curbing the COVID-19 outbreak is not a job cut out for “Spidey” and that only the police would be able to handle it.

FB comment (2)
Image adapted from: Polis Diraja Malaysia

In a Reddit thread, 3 netizens started a chain fueled by Marvel puns, referencing Iron Man, Marvel and Captain America: Reddit comment
Image adapted from: Reddit

Superhero or not, #StayAtHome

At this period of time, Malaysians are all in the same boat as we’re subjected to the same MCO rules. “Hiding” your identity with a Spider-Man costume – no matter how well-made – will not work against our hardworking police officers.

Funnily enough, Malaysians seem to have grown fond of dressing up in funny costumes during this MCO period, and it’s not just superheroes either. We’ve seen a couple of dinosaurs on the loose, a Gandalf-like ghost, and even a giant Rilakkuma roaming the streets. One can only imagine what’s next to emerge on our streets these next few days.

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