Subscription boxes that are #WorthIt

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Working millennials can all agree that adulting is tough. Between getting stuck in peak hour traffic and doing chores, we barely have any free time to schedule in some much-needed self-care. That’s where subscription boxes can come in handy. 

This also means that we constantly find our vanities and kitchen shelves understocked on essentials. For those looking to nail adult life with minimal effort, it’s time to consider these subscription boxes:

If you’re looking for more self-care ideas, pamper yourself after a long week with these:

1. Boxsome – different imported snacks each month

The kitchen cabinet of anyone who doesn’t cook comprises chips and packets of instant noodles. Now imagine having the cabinet constantly stocked with enough snacks that you’ll never have to go on a Netflix binge session without them ever again. With Boxsome, you don’t need to drop by the supermarket to get your stash of snacks. They’ll deliver them right to your door. 

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They source their snacks from all over the world, so you can get a Hello Kitty-themed snack from Japan and Reese’s Pieces eggs from the States in the same package. 

Boxsome (2)
Boxsome also does customised snack boxes for couples looking to celebrate a special occasion
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These are the kind of snacks that you won’t see on the shelves of our local supermarkets, which makes it a whole lot more fun when you receive the package not knowing what yummy surprises are packed inside. 

Boxsome (3)
Look forward to festive snack boxes like this Christmas-themed one
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Boxsome’s subscription boxes go from RM48/box and are delivered monthly.

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2. Bean Shipper – for coffee connoisseurs who appreciate fresh brews

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Coffee drinkers who just can’t start their mornings without a cuppa will want to go for Bean Shipper’s subscription box. If you’re feeling iffy about receiving beans that you’re not even sure you would like, well, you can actually personalise them according to your preference – just like with your Starbucks order.

Bean Shipper ordering process
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You can choose from 3 coffee types: Single Origin, Espresso, and Blaq Coffee. After selecting one, you’ll be asked to narrow down your preferences even more. If you’re going for Single Origin, choose whether you like to have your coffee light, medium, or bold. This is great for those who’ve just started drinking coffee as you get to try lighter blends that are easier on the taste buds.

Coffee subscription box (2)
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This subscription box will come in handy for days when those 3-in-1 coffee packets just don’t cut it. It’s also more economical for those who make regular runs to the coffee shop, especially since some places will easily charge more than RM10 for a single cup.

Bean Shipper’s coffee subscription boxes start from RM17/month for a 250g bag of coffee. And you can customise your delivery every 1-4 weeks. You can also get coffee brewing equipment from the store. 

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3. Pets My Heart – regularly pamper your fur babies with new treats and toys

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If you’re a proud parent of a fur baby, you wouldn’t mind splurging on the occasional treat or toy. While money isn’t a problem when it comes to keeping your pet happy, walking into a pet store can be overwhelming with all the choices you have to make. If you’d like to save yourself from all that hassle, these pet boxes from Pets My Heart will be a lifesaver. 

The toys and treats from each box are imported from the likes of Europe and Japan, so you can expect to see some interesting treats that you wouldn’t find in your local pet store. 

Pets My Heart subscription box
Homemade mooncakes for doggos
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They can be catered for either dogs or cats, and you’ll be asked to select your pet’s size when making the order. Pets My Heart will then hand-pick the most suitable snacks and toys for your 4-legged friends. If your pet requires special requests, be it dietary-related or any other, owners can mention them when ordering – with no extra charge!

These subscription boxes from Pets My Heart go from RM59 to RM69/box and are delivered monthly.

Get them here.

4. Happy Hopscotch – curated subscription boxes to cheer you up

Happy Hopscotch subscription boxes
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There’s no theme to these subscription boxes from Happy Hopscotch, and that’s the brand’s charm. The goodies in each package are meant as pick-me-ups, so you can expect to find everything from yummy snacks to scented candles. They also throw in a bunch of other quirky themed items, depending on the occasion, like a CNY-inspired calender deck. 

Eco-friendly items
An eco-friendly gift box to get you started on your journey to sustainable living
Image credit: @happyhopscotchmy

LDR couples in different states can surprise their other half with one of these gift boxes, especially if you celebrate monthsaries. It’s a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Happy Hopscotch subscription boxes (2)
Image credit: @happyhopscotchmy

And for those single pringles who want to indulge in much-need self-care, don’t shy away from clicking that “order” button. 

These subscription boxes from Happy Hopscotch go for RM80/box.

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5. Pandorabox – Mini beauty products to sample 

We tend to stick to our skincare regime once we find a combo that works, and it’s also partly because we’re always anxious about trying new products. Even after reading every product review there is, there’s still a good chance that our new RM200 moisturiser might cause our skin to breakout. 

If you have the same worries but are still tempted to pick up a new product or 2 each time you’re browsing through the aisles of Sephora, then Pandorabox is for you.

Pandorabox subscription boxes
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You’ll get a monthly subscription to a whole range of beauty products for you to try out. This is especially great for those who spend big bucks on skincare items, only to throw them out after waking up to skin irritation the next morning.

Pandorabox Christmas-themed subscription boxes
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The products all come in sample sizes, from cleanser to toner, which is enough to last you 2 to 3 weeks. This gives you plenty of time to see if these products suit your skin. And when you come across a miracle-worker of a product, you’ll now know what to buy the next time you’re out shopping.

Pandorabox’s monthly sampling boxes go from RM49.90/box and are delivered every month.

Get it here.

6. Bloom This – beautifully arranged flowers for your home

Bloom This subscription boxes
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Unless you’ve just graduated or are in a loving relationship, it’s probably been a while since you’ve received a bouquet of flowers. If you ever want to recreate these happy moments for yourself, then you may be interested in a monthly flower subscription from Bloom This

Bloom This (2)
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Whether to spruce up your office desk or keep your home constantly decorated, these fresh flowers make a good addition to any space. Call it indulgent or self-care, the feeling of receiving a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers is still heartwarming nevertheless. 

Bloom This (3)
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Bloom This’ subscription boxes go from RM80/box and can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. 

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7. BoxGreen – healthy snacks for your #fitspo goals 

BoxGreen subscription boxes
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BoxGreen hails from Singapore, but they’ll deliver their low-calorie snacks to your homes and offices in Malaysia as well. And if you’re thinking that the high exchange rate will leave you broke after a single order, you’ll be surprised to know that you’ll only have to pay RM59.90 for their snack box.

BoxGreen (2)
Image credit: @konranting

Although you’ll be allocating a slightly bigger budget to get these snacks, their price tags actually tally with the healthy snacks sold at supermarkets – you know, ones like brown rice crackers or fruit granola bars.

BoxGreen’s snack package comes with 12 snacks for you to munch on guilt-free, as they’re all below 200 calories per serving. The range of snacks they carry also appears to be on the more premium side, like the Cranberry Biscotti, Almond Brittle, and Peri Peri Lime Soya Crisps

BoxGreen (3)
A peek at some of the treats included in their Christmas-themed snack box
Image credit: @boxgreenco

BoxGreen’s gift boxes can be bought anytime you want as there’s no schedule, which means that they make great gifts for loved ones as well.

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8. BoxBee – quick and easy gifts for loved ones

BoxBee subscription boxes
Image credit: BoxBee

In line with Malaysians’ habit of doing things at the last minute, we often end up hunting for gifts  right before a celebration. But when you’re absolutely swamped with work, it’s almost impossible to find the time to pop by the mall. For those who need an easy solution to their gift giving woes, try out BoxBee

BoxBee Christmas-themed subscription boxes
Sweet treats in adorable Christmas-themed packaging to usher in the merry season
Image credit: BoxBee

They don’t offer a monthly delivery service, but they do have gift boxes for almost any occasion you can think of. Whether your friends are having a bridal shower or they’re taking off to a faraway country soon, BoxBee has appropriate gift boxes for any of these situations. Being a thoughtful friend just got a whole lot easier – and convenient too. 

BoxBee’s subscription boxes go from RM53/box.

Get it here.

Monthly subscription boxes in Malaysia

We sometimes tend to be more generous with our loved ones than we are to ourselves. While it feels good to be the one gifting, nothing beats receiving a thoughtful present – even if it is from yourself. These subscription boxes are something to look forward to each time you head into a new month, which is something we can all appreciate as overworked Malaysians. 

Besides gifting your loved ones presents like any one of these subscription boxes, nothing beats spending time with them:

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