Best vegetarian burgers in KL

Vegetarian burgers in KL
Vegan and vegetarian burgers in KL
Image adapted from: Real Food Mont Kiara & KGB

Burgers may traditionally be associated with juicy beef patties, but in recent years meat-free burgers have started turning heads. Brands like Impossible and Beyond Burgers have plant-based patties that taste exactly like the carnivorous option. However, restaurants continue to innovate and create patties that can rival them. 

Made from a wide variety of alternative ingredients like beetroot and avocado, these vegan and vegetarian burgers in Kuala Lumpur are healthy and yummy alternatives to regular burgers. 

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1. The Daily Grind – Portobello Mozza Stack (RM28)

Portobello Mozza Stack Vegetarian burger
Image credit: @surayasulatin

The Daily Grind is a haven for burger-lovers. Their menu boasts 14 different options if you’re craving for a juicy patty that’s sandwiched between two buns. They even have an option for you to customise your own burger.

Vegetarians needn’t be left out of the equation thanks to the Portobello Mozza Stack (RM28). The patty is a portobello mushroom filled with grilled tomato, sauteed onions, mozzarella cheese, and pesto topped with baked cheese. Portion sizes are huge which is why you should only come here on an empty stomach.

The Daily Grind
Image credit: The Daily Grind

The other vegetarian option is Green With Envy (RM29), with a patty made from tempeh, chickpea, and mushroom.

Banoffle waffle from The Daily Grind
Their Banoffle waffle (RM20) is worth a try
Image credit: @littlehappinessmy

A gourmet burger joint wouldn’t be complete without rich milkshakes to pair with your burger. The Baileys and Coffee Milkshake (RM25) is a popular drink people order in the evenings. There are also non liquor milkshakes like Peanut Butterscotch and Banoffle Pie available for RM15 each.

Address: 26, Persiaran Ampang, Desa Pahlawan, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM – 10.30PM | Sat – Sun 9AM – 10.30PM
Telephone: 03 4265 7600

2. Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) – Chloe Earth Burger (RM16.90)

Chloe's Earth Burger KGBChloe’s Earth Burger is a “secret” vegan item on the menu – just ask the staff for it!
Image credit: Spirit of Diyana

Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) cater for both meat-eaters and vegetarians with their wide range of burgers. But Chloe’s Earth Burger is the most interesting choice out of the vegetarian options.

For RM16.90, you get a blackbean and pistachio patty that’s served between two brioche buns, along with chipotle mayo and guacamole sauces, served with a side of sweet potato crisps.

Sunshine Bella from KGBSunshine Bella
Image credit: KGB

If you’re a fan of mushrooms, indulge in their other vegetarian options on the menu like the Portobello Bomb (RM16.90) or the Sunshine Bella (RM15.90) that also has a portobello mushroom patty with a sunny side up egg.

You can wash it all down with the crowd-favourite Nutella S’mores (RM13). It’s a tall glass of hazelnut chocolate milkshake with toasted marshmallows on top, a perfect sweet treat to end the meal on.

KGB The Gardens MallKGB’s outlet at The Gardens Mall
Image credit: KGB

The restaurant is modelled after an American fast-food diner joint.. You can get your vegetarian burger fix at their other outlets in The Gardens Midvalley and TTDI.

Address: 23, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 12PM – 10.30PM | Fri – Sun 12PM – 11PM
Telephone: 03 2201 1220
Full list of outlets here.

3. Real Food Mont Kiara – Beetroot Millet Burger (RM30)

Those who want to get into healthy eating and a meat-free diet will love Real Food Mont Kiara. Aside from being a restaurant, the space doubles as a store where you’ll find a wide selection of organic and meat-free ingredients if you want to whip up your own vegetarian or vegan meals at home.

Beetroot Millet vegetarian burger from Real Food Mont KiaraBeetroot Millet Burger
Image credit: Real Food Mont Kiara

While their range of premium ingredients is quite large, people love coming here for their food. One of the most popular items on their menu is the vegan Beetroot Millet Burger (RM30). The patty is made from a medley of beetroot, millet, carrots, and potatoes, and served with a side of sweet potato fries.

You can also try vegan-friendly Crispy Portobello Burger (RM35) and the vegetarian Lentil Quinoa Croquette Burger (RM33) which has a walnut, mushroom, quinoa, and potato patty.

Real Food Mont KiaraImage credit: Real Food Mont Kiara

Aside from that, you’ll be able to find a range of Asian dishes, brunch food, vegan desserts and organic juices, teas and coffees to pair it all with.

Address: G-11, Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10AM – 9PM | Fri-Sun 10AM – 9.30PM
Telephone: 03 6211 9078

4. Sala – Bagel Burger (RM25)

This Latin-inspired vegan restaurant serves tex mex food with a healthy twist. Sala’s local delicacies and dishes are reimagined to bring familiar flavours to the table.

Bagel Burger from The Sala - Vegetarian RestaurantImage: Sala KL Restaurant

The highlight of the menu that’s filled with tacos, burritos, and nourish bowls, is the Bagel Burger (RM25). It’s packed with a medley of mushrooms, salsa, vegan sour cream and nacho cheese in between a toasted bagel. A side of coleslaw is served.

Sala KL Vegetarian restaurantImage: Sala KL Restaurant

In addition to the Bagel Burger, you can order from their range of vegan burritos, tacos, classic local dishes like Nasi Lemak, drinks, and desserts.

The restaurant has 2 levels, where the lower ground is designed like a cafe. The upper floor is a versatile area that people can book to hold birthday parties, events, and yoga sessions.

Address: A-G-03A Galeria Hartamas, No. 21, Jalan 26a/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 9AM – 7PM, Daily
Telephone: 012 391 8430

5. WTF (What Tasty Food) – Vada Pav (RM10)

One of the perks of vegetarian food is that it tends to avoid the usage of “unhealthy” ingredients. That’s what you’ll get when you eat at What Tasty Food (WTF), as the owners avoid cooking with MSG or additives.

WTF Vada Pav
Vada Pav, a burger-like dish with a vada patty.
Image credit: WTF – What Tasty Food

WTF offers a range of authentic North Indian vegetarian dishes that taste as good as their meat counterparts. The chefs show you don’t need these ingredients to create food that keeps customers coming back, demonstrated in their Indian snacks like jalebi and palak chaat.

Aside from the eye catching and tongue-in-cheek restaurant name, the Mumbai Vada Pav (RM10) is an Indian-style “burger” worth trying. Customers have raved about this dish because it tastes authentic. The patty is made from spiced mashed potato with a chilli topping, spicy garlic chutney, and coriander.

What Tasty Food KL
Image credit: WTF – What Tasty Food

You’ll also find a wide variety of dishes from different cuisines (Western, Indian, Malaysian) on their menu, such as pizzas, or a nasi lemak wrap.

Address: 98, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59000
Opening hours: 11AM – 11PM, Daily
Telephone: 019 261 7070

6. myBurgerLab – Vivien’s Husband (RM19.90)

myBurgerLab Vivien's Husband vegetarian burger
Image credit: myBurgerLab

myBurgerLab’s popular Vivien’s Husband (RM19.90) has an interesting backstory to it. The burger was deemed so tasty by a customer called Vivien, that she openly and publicly declared her love for the then-named Vege Beta Burger. She allegedly admitted she would even marry it.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, the burger comes with a deep-fried whole portobello mushroom with a pineapple ring, cheddar cheese, and mango mayo. 

myBurgerLab shroom shroom shroom
Shroom Shroom Shroom
Image credit: myBurgerLab

Another vegetarian burger on the menu is the Shroom Shroom Shroom (RM19.90) which is packed with enoki and shiitake mushrooms. It’s doused with their housemade sauce and cheddar cheese too.

Image credit: @kowa_lab_okinawa

Address: No. 19, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11AM-10.15PM, Daily
Telephone: 010 369 5275
Full list of outlets here.

7. Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant – Charcoal Burger (RM14.90)

Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant’s humble beginnings can be traced back to 1992. The owner began selling organic products but realised there was an opportunity to start a restaurant when patrons asked the owner how to cook healthier food using these ingredients. 

Charcoal burger from Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Image credit: Simple Life Restaurant

Keeping in line with making vegetarian food interesting, the Charcoal Burger (RM14.90) is a dish worth trying. The patty is made from scrambled eggs and it’s mashed between a layer of mixed greens, with a side serving of tempura mushrooms to replace traditional french fries.

Simple LLife Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Image credit: Simple Life Restaurant

You’ll find an eclectic range of dishes from different cuisines, like noodles and rice dishes, as well as pizzas and club sandwiches.

Address: S12 & S31, 2nd Floor, Lot10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 03 2110 5201

8. Burger on 16 – Spinach Sandwich (RM18.90)

Burger on 16 is known for its juicy and large homemade burgers. Patrons will enjoy the open space and ample seating so you’re not rubbing shoulders with other diners.

The restaurant is situated only 10 minutes away from Berjaya Times Square, ideal for a quick getaway to get your burger fix. You can order from any of the 20 meat and vegetarian options available. 

Spinach Sandwich Burger on 16
Image credit: @burgeron16

The Spinach Sandwich (RM18.90) is the most popular vegetarian burger on the menu. The patty, made from a variety of spices and veggies, has a similar look and crunch of black pudding. Order a side of French Fries (RM4.50) or Sweet Potato Fries ( RM5.50) to go with it.

Burger on 16
Image credit: @burgeron16

Patrons can also choose the Black Bean Burger or Chickpeas Burger (both RM18.90) as tasty alternatives. Whichever burger you order, you can top it off with the restaurant’s homemade spicy and basil pesto sauces for additional flavour. 

Burger on 16Image credit: @burgeron16

Address: 16, Lorong 1/77a, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11AM – 1AM, Daily
Telephone: 03 9224 2117

9. RGB Coffee at The Bean Hive – Beetroot Burger (RM25)

Customers love frequenting RGB Coffee at The Bean Hive for its quaint ambience and wide selection of brunch food. 

RGB Coffee at The Bean Hive Beetroot Burger
Image credit: @rgbcoffee

They have an all-day breakfast menu for lighter snacks, or a heartier choice of food from the breakfast selection that’s available until 2pm. People often order their signature Beetroot Burger (RM25). The patty is made from a unique blend of beetroot, oats, brown rice, onions, garlic, and spices. Each burger is served with fries or salad. The Piccolo latte for RM10 is particularly popular. 

RGB Coffee at The Bean Hive
It’s a popular venue if you want some R&R in the midst of your busy schedule – they even have a cosy corner with books for you to read.
Image credit: RatherGoodBeans

RGB Coffee at The Bean Hive
Image credit: @rgbcoffee

Address: 35, Jalan Damai, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon – Thurs 8.30AM – 5.30PM | Fri – Sat 8.30AM – 11.30PM | Sun 9AM – 9PM
Telephone: 03 2181 1329

Where to find vegetarian burgers in KL

Burgers are a staple that’s easy to eat for every meal of the day, but Kuala Lumpur is inundated with choices of meat burgers. If you want to try something different, there are some creative takes on vegetarian burgers and vegan options that are not just all greens.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, these restaurants provide burgers that are just as tasty as their meaty counterparts. 

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