Cat asks man for fresh cow’s milk

Many of us have unconditional love for animals, particularly cats, which are, perhaps the second-most adored pets in the world. These furry creatures are just too cute and they can be pretty funny at times, like this cat who got mistaken for a shadow by netizens. Most recently, feline lovers in Malaysia are rejoicing over this recent video posted on Facebook in which a cat asks a man for fresh cow’s milk on a farm.

Cats drinks fresh cow’s milk 

Farmer's cat
Image credit: Din Cincin

On 14th June 2021, a 1-minute video titled “Susu segar lemak manis” or fresh full cream milk was posted by the Facebook page Din Cincin. The video which has now gone viral with over 2.6 million views, 79,000 reactions and 4,600 comments, captures an adorable moment of an orange cat tapping a man who was busy milking a cow.

When the cat taps on his leg twice, the man points one of the cow’s teats towards the feline and sprays a stream of fresh milk into its mouth.

The cute little cat casually feeds on the milk before going for a second round, tapping on the man’s leg again for more milk.

Orange cat taps man
Video credit: Din Cincin

Man feeds orange cat
Video credit: Din Cincin

Netizens rejoice over cat’s cuteness

Malaysians are generally happy to see the cat in action and cat lovers found the video to be funny and lovable at the same time. Many left comments complimenting the cat’s cuteness and the way it asked for milk from the man.

Cat video - comment
Image credit: Din Cincin

Facebook user Adyka Azry said the cat is smart at flattering its owner and that it would become chubby if it drinks fresh milk every day.

Cat video - comment
Image credit: Din Cincin

Meanwhile, Musliyani, among those who referred to the cat with the Malay-language slang “si oyen” or orange cat, said that the way the cat tapped on its owner was very cute.

Feeding cat with fresh cow’s milk 

It’s easy to see why netizens find the video cute and adorable. After all, how often do you see a cat asking a man milking a cow for milk, and getting fed straight from the source.

However, it is important to note that feeding fresh cow’s milk to cats might not be ideal. This is because experts on pet care sites claim that most cats can be lactose-intolerant and feeding them with cow’s milk can lead to symptoms such as stomach cramps, indigestion or diarrhoea. So, if you are planning to feed cow’s milk to your cat or other pet animals, remember to always consult a veterinarian for the best advice. 

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Cover image adapted from: Din Cincin

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