Kuching cafes and restaurants

The cafe scene has taken root and blossomed in Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor, but for other states in Malaysia, the options may not be as abundant. 

If you’re travelling in Kuching and have tried all the kolo mee and Sarawak laksa that the city has to offer, it’s understandable that you might want to switch things up during mealtimes. For those looking for a nice restaurant or cafe where you get to dress up a little, these 13 places are worth the visit for their food, ambience, and novelty. 

–   Cafes   – 

1. Wonderboom – healthy, creative dishes

wonderboom interior
Image credit: Wonderboom

Wonderboom is a spacious and airy space with floor-to-ceiling windows, plush cushions, and long tables suitable for group dining. They also have a private room that can fit up to 20 people.

wonderbowls - rocket manImage credit: @tam10me

The restaurant is widely known for their healthy Wonderbowls – bowls that feature an assortment of healthy ingredients put together with creative combinations. You can expect to try unique dishes such as The CGC (RM19.90) – chimichurri grilled chicken with onsen egg rice; Rocket Man (RM20.90) – spicy Korean chicken with mango cubes rice, and more.

Their menu is also extensive – from handcrafted pastries to coffee, smoothies to breakfast platters, and desserts to main courses, you’ll be spoilt for food choices here.

Address: Level 1, 129, Lorong Lapangan Terbang 2, Green Heights, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 9.30AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 082-571 396

2. COMMONS – huge assortment of cakes 

COMMONS interiorImage credit: Commons

Located in the Kuching Old Court House, COMMONS has beautiful exteriors and interiors, as the cafe is housed in a well-maintained historical building.

cakes at COMMONSImage credit: Commons

COMMONS’ main attraction is their wide variety of cakes – all displayed enticingly in glass domes on a long counter and in a glass-door fridge. Some regular favourites include the Lemon Meringue Pie, Tiramisu, and Basque Burnt Cheesecake (all around RM14 for a slice).

Besides cakes, their menu consists of the usual run-of-the-mill cafe food, offering local and Western dishes such as nasi lemak (RM13), Hainanese chicken chop (RM28), kampung fried rice (RM18), carbonara (RM32), beef burger (RM25), and more.

Address: The Old Court House, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Kuching, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 11AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 08-241 7601

3. The Coffee Factory – aromatic, freshly brewed coffee

the coffee factory interiorImage credit: @eleenahols

The Coffee Factory occupies a big loft space and has plenty of seats and natural sunlight spilling in from their floor-to-ceiling windows. The ambience is inviting, comfortable, and cosy, perfect for long catch-ups with friends.

coffee at the coffee factory
Image credit: @sharonjy4201

Regular patrons have commented that their freshly brewed coffee is aromatic and rich, and it hits all the right spots for your daily pick-me-up.

Aside from the coffee, they do offer the usual Western meals such as chicken chop, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, and the like (all around RM15 each).

Address: No. 1573, JT Building Jalan Perissen Batu 7 1/2, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 11.30AM-8.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 082-627 050

4. Feast & Furious Cafe – motorsports-themed cafe 

feast & furious interiorImage credit: @faizul_eats

Feast & Furious Cafe looks like it’s built and designed specially for car enthusiasts as the cafe has a very distinct motorsports theme.

You’ll be greeted by real cars and bikes, including a classic Ferrari, vintage scooters, and even a Formula 1 race car once you enter the cafe.

steak at feast & furiousImage credit: @faizul_eats

The menu is pretty standard for cafes, offering local and Western choices. Diners can expect the familiar pasta, fish and chips, chicken chop, fried rice, and more, priced at around RM20 per dish.

Feast & Furious also opens late into the night – great for hungry Kuchingites who are on the lookout for a spot that serves supper till late.

Address: Lot 244, Ground Floor, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 4PM-2.30AM (Closed on Sundays)
Telephone: 014-397 7153

5. Clans One Cafe – Clash of Clans-themed cafe

clans one cafe interiorImage credit: @tony_8870_

Fans of Clash of Clans, the popular mobile game, will definitely want to put Clans One Cafe on your to-visit list if you’re ever in Kuching. 

The cafe is a one-of-a-kind themed eatery that is decorated to make you feel like you’ve stepped into a CoC game – from its stone and brick wallpaper to fake grass, and wooden picket fence to the little CoC figurines scattered around it.

There’s literally no better place than here to gather with your friends and battle each other on CoC as you dig into Western cuisine, including pizza, chicken chop, pasta, burger, and salad (around RM20 each). 

shrimp pasta at clans one cafeImage credit: @tony_8870_

Address: 381, Jalan Seng Goon Garden, Taman Seng Goon, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 12PM-11PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 017-220 1811

6. The Coffee Clinic – work-friendly cafe

the coffee clinic interiorImage credit: @thecoffeeclinic

The Coffee Clinic is one of the most work-friendly cafes in Kuching as it has plenty of power outlets and fast WiFi.

The interiors look like a simple, rustic cottage with brick walls, wooden chairs and tables, and medieval-looking lights and chandeliers, so you can work comfortably in a cosy environment too.

coffee and croissant at the coffee clinicImage credit: @thecoffeeclinic

And if you need to recharge, there’s iced latte, Americano, flat white, cappuccino, and more for around RM10 a glass prepared by The Coffee Clinic’s certified baristas. Food-wise, they don’t serve main meals, but they have a variety of light bites including sandwiches, wraps, and waffles with prices ranging around RM15 per dish.

Address: Lot 184, Ground Floor, Jalan Song, Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 10.30AM-9.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 082-451 514

–   Restaurants   –  

7. Kyushigai – Japanese yakitori and bar

kyushigai interiorImage credit: @kyushigai_bar

Kyushigai is designed and modelled after an old-school Japanese street bar with lots of high wooden benches, bamboo plants, tanglungs, and dim lighting.

The ambience goes hand-in-hand with their menu as they only serve authentic Japanese yakitori. Their skewers of meat, seafood, and vegetables are grilled to perfection, and marinated with flavourful sauces (around RM12 per stick).

yakitori at kyushigaiImage credit: @kyushigai_bar

You will find the bar packed with young Kuchingites, especially during the weekends and on Fridays nights, as they wind down after work with friends while enjoying Kyushigai’s sake, beer, and delicious yakitori.

Address: 106, Ewe Hai St, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 6PM-1AM, Daily
Telephone: 012-842 8188

8. Zinc – Mediterranean cuisine 

zinc interiorImage credit: ZINC

Zinc is perfect for special dinners with bae as the restaurant is adorned with candlelit tables and chandeliers, and has soft tunes playing on speakers in the background throughout the night.

Mediterranean cuisine lovers will get to dig into dishes such as Steak Tartare, Moroccan Lamb Shank, Spanish Beef Meatballs, and more (all around RM30).

food at zincImage credit: @nelson_pui

Their bar also serves unique Sarawakian cocktails incorporating spirits such as tuak – a traditional rice wine – so you can get a taste of some local alcoholic specialities for around RM35 a glass.

Address: 38, Tabuan Rd, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 6PM-12AM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 019-467 4868

9. ROOTS Bistronomy – contemporary European cuisine in a fine-dining setting

roots interiorImage credit: TripAdvisor

Also located in the Kuching Old Court House, ROOTS Bistronomy is another romantic and alluring dinner joint that will give diners a reason to dress up. 

It’s more ideal for really special occasions as the prices here are on the high end, ranging from around RM40 to RM180 for mains. They serve contemporary European cuisine, fine dining-style.

food at rootsImage credit: TripAdvisor

Dishes on their menu include Lobster & Calamari Paella (RM185), Beef Striploin (around RM90), Wild Spanish Mackerel (RM45), Seafood Pasta (RM42), Salmon Tartare (RM48), and the like.

Address: The Old Court House, Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg, Kuching, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 6PM-11PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 012-588 7366

10. James Brooke Bistro & Cafe – alfresco dining by the river

james brooke cafe interiorImage credit: @jamesbrookebistrocafe

James Brooke Bistro & Cafe is located by the river and right on the Kuching Waterfront, so you’ll be guaranteed great views when you dine here.

james brooke cafe exteriorImage credit: @mackkyyy_

You’ll be in for an alfresco dining experience here, as the tables are set in the open air but shaded. The bistro is also built in the middle of a green field adorned with neatly trimmed bushes and plants, which gives the place a nice clubhouse vibe.

sarawak laksa at james brooke cafeImage credit: @daymanabada

Though the place looks fancy, the food is actually reasonably priced. You can expect local dishes such as Sarawak laksa, butter chicken rice, fried rice, and more going for around RM15 each.

Address: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: 9AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 082-412 210

11. Bla Bla Bla – Chinese restaurant with Balinese-inspired decor 

bla bla bla interiorImage credit: @eeddielaw

Though the name may raise some eyebrows, Bla Bla Bla is actually a plush Chinese restaurant that’s decorated like a Balinese spa centre.

You’ll spot koi ponds, a giant Buddha head, and lots of greens around the restaurant that are designed to give you the ultimate zen dining experience.

dishes at bla bla bla
Image credit: @markvice86

Diners can look forward to Chinese dishes such as stir-fry vegetables, roasted duck, sweet and sour fish, tofu, pandan chicken, and many more.

Expect to pay around RM40 per person for a casual dai chow meal.

Address: 27, Jalan Tabuan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Wed – Mon 6PM-11.30PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Telephone: 082-233 944

12. Peridot – contemporary and experimental menu

peridot interiorImage credit: Peridot Kuching

Peridot’s setting is casual, with simple tables and chairs. There’s no opulent or over-the-top decor, but the food is thoughtfully crafted with lots of class and taste.

They pride themselves on serving unpretentious, but creative and unique dishes. The menu also constantly changes as the chefs experiment with new creations and food trends as they crop up. From Italian, Western, to East Asian cuisine, you can expect a blend of all flavours in their dishes.

food at peridotImage credit: Peridot Kuching

They currently have the likes of Pan-Seared Norwegian Salmon With Pear & Pecan Salad (RM45), Grilled Rosemary & Garlic Lamb Shoulder (RM52), Thai Basil Pesto Pasta (RM30), and more on their menu at the time of writing.

Address: No 80, Ewe Hai St, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 2.30PM-6PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 013-882 0113

13. The Junk – quirky and eccentric decor

the junk interiorImage credit: @ryan.123ab

The Junk’s “theme” is an amalgamation of various knick-knacks and trinkets scattered around the restaurant. The ceiling is adorned with tanglungs and disco balls, the walls have quirky art, and there seems to be a corner where old-school appliances stand – hence the apt name of the establishment.

food at the junkImage credit: @nathaniel_danz

Though one can’t make out what theme The Junk is exactly going for, their menu is pretty clear-cut. They serve the standard Western cuisine with dishes such as Lamb Shank (RM38), Seafood Risotto (RM39), Pepperoni Pizza (RM36), Ribeye Steak (RM70), and more as main courses.

Address: 80, Wayang St, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
Opening hours: Wed – Mon 6PM-1AM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Telephone: 082-259 450

Cafes and restaurants to check out in Kuching 

Whether you’re looking for a casual cafe to catch up with friends, a romantic dinner joint to surprise your SO with, or a fun eatery to explore with your family, this list will take care of all your gastronomy needs when you’re in Kuching. 

Keep reading for more noteworthy cafes and restaurants in other parts of Malaysia:

Cover image adapted from: Wonderboom, @kyushigai_bar, and @faizul_eats

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